Refuse Harem

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Prius

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Chapter 018 – Dear Tenma, I Am Now Eight Years Old III

In the carriage, Al spoke to Rio with his usual smile.

“Well~ You were rejected wonderfully. Looking at how refreshed you looked while being rejected, this Al couldn’t help but keep his mouth shut.”

“Don’t go too far with your words!”

Even as Rio shouted at him to tell him to be a bit considerate to a person who’d just received a huge blow, Al merely kept smiling.

“Well, but aren’t you glad you were rejected! You have a proper fiancée, after all. That isn’t something you can work around with just your feelings.”1

“It really pisses me off that you are telling me a sound argument!”

Even as Rio glared at him, Al merely treated it as if it was a passing breeze.

But after Al showed a smile, he then erased the expression and told Rio indifferently.

“It is an important marriage that will solidify your position. It is your responsibility and role to marry the woman that is approved by everyone. Trying to marry someone with a great difference in pedigree would only cause unhappiness for both parties.”

The usually sloppy man told this to Rio with a serious expression. It was a face he never showed to Sophie.

Rio was well aware that his escort was actually amazing and horrifyingly capable. That was why he didn’t deny Al’s words.

“I know that…”

Indeed, he knew it well.

Even as Rio confessed his love toward Sophie, telling her to come along with him, it was only because he was aware Sophie would reject him.

Rio felt it was cowardly of him. He hated it. To think he only dared to confess his feelings when he was sure to be rejected…

Even if Sophie actually took his hand, Rio had no power to actually pull her with him. Yet he still blurted out for her to come along with him…

What a coward!

He was disgusted by his own despicableness and foolishness.

Despite the fact that he had no power. Despite the fact that he couldn’t protect anyone. He actually dared to reach out his hand. He cursed at his own shamelessness.


Even as he bit down on his teeth strongly, he couldn’t prevent his sobs from leaking out.

Even the escort, who usually talked a lot, didn’t try to joke with him this time, and merely turned to look outside the window.

“The weather sure is nice today.”

Al muttered that while pretending to see nothing, including the drop of water that fell to Rio’s lower limb.

Sophie saw off the carriage moving away from the mansion until she couldn’t see it anymore.

“We can’t meet… huh…”

As she saw her leaving friend, the loneliness made her feel a small stab of pain in her chest.

To say he would take me along if I was willing to be his bride. What was that?

It was a cute remark to cover the pain of farewell, fitting of that boy.

Sophie laughed as she was happy that Rio was that reluctant to separate with her.

“Even if it’s not as your bride, we will meet again, Rio.”

We will meet again. As long as both of us are still alive, we will eventually meet again. It was a feeling that was similar to a conviction.

At the same time, Sophie thought of her past life best friend that she couldn’t meet anymore.

“What should I do if I want to meet a person I long to meet, yet can’t…?”

After muttering so, Sophie shook her head to shake off the idea.

Her feelings as Tasuku ended up leaking out.

“Okay! Since I already told Rio that, I will do my best to keep my word!”

As Sophie quickly turned around, she ran back to the mansion.

All while vowing to make the name of Sophie Linier be known all over, to the that point it would surprise Rio.

However, Sophie would never think that they, a pair of friends who separated beautifully, would be reunited as hateful enemies a few years later—

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1 year ago

Anata-sama, isn’t that “my lord”? Thanks for the chapter.

2 years ago

T/N: the “you” used by Al to refer to Rio is “anata-sama.” A very respectful form of you, but I have no way to translate. if anyone can, please tell me

Hmm what about “your grace”?

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka

that would be blatant clue to his identity, so nope.

11 months ago
Reply to  tsukii

My liege?

I love Good Plots
2 years ago

wait what- why enemies..

2 years ago

more of comedic, one sided from Sophie side

2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

After I read the latest chapter been translate, I agree with this. Lol

2 years ago
Reply to  Airzpool

Nice to see someone who agree XD