Refuse Harem

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 019 – Dear Tenma, I Started Running for My Future!

Many things happened, and I said goodbye to my friend I got along with.

No, it wasn’t that he got sick of me. It was more of the so-called adult circumstances. Maybe?

If I were to make my conjecture, I think a Baron pedigree was just that low among the aristocratic society, after all. He must be a son of at least a Count. Those higher pedigree aristocrats have their own way of life.

Despite my appearance, I have the knowledge and observational skills of more than thirty years, if I include my past life’s experience. I am aware of such adult circumstances.

Of course, I do feel lonely about that. However, rather than look back to the past, I choose to walk forward to the future in my current life.

Although I boasted a lot to Rio as I said things, I finally realized what I wanted to do.

All I did until now was improve the quality of life for my future self. But now, it is no longer for my future self alone.

You see, I’m rumored to be a philanthropic young lady for some reason.

Actually, I’m just a demonic girl who used people without paying them wages. I’m aware I’m just a powerless girl, so it sure made me laugh to be known as philanthropic. 

But for some reason, many people have expectations of this demonic girl.

Whether it was the friend who told me I am capable of anything before we parted or everyone from the orphanage who relied on me as much as I relied on them.

The shopkeeper who worked at the market became friends with me when I told him how to eat unfamiliar ingredients while shopping. He gave me an extra ingredient as a bonus as he told me to teach him the better way to eat some ingredients.

I can feel a big world open up in front of Sophie Linier.

I don’t know how much I could do, and the things I can do are maybe just minor things. However, if there is anyone who is suffering as they endured something in front of me, I will try to become a person who could extend my hand toward them.

After all, isn’t that what being an aristocratic young lady was all about?

I will build up what I can do one by one.

Then, I think the name Sophie Linier would eventually reach Rio someday.

Tenma too, please look forward to it!

As Sophie inspected the cultivated land she borrowed from her father, she told Bart about Rio.

Then Bart’s eyes went wide in surprise, but he soon narrowed his eyes.

“So he isn’t coming anymore…”

“Yes. He also asked me to tell you.”

“I see…”

Bart murmured with a slightly disappointed voice.

“It’s getting lonely, right?”

“Not really.”

He gave a cold reply, but his expression showed his loneliness.

“After all, Sophie will also do the same someday. Isn’t it too late to say it…”

“What do you mean I will do the same?”

“I mean we will part someday. You are a young lady of an aristocrat, while we are just orphans. The world we live in is different. There’s no way we can be together forever.”

“Well, Bart. You sure said a sad thing.”

“Isn’t it a fact?!”

As Bart shouted, Eric and Sunny, who were previously confirming the soil in the cultivated land, sat up in surprise.

“What’s wrong?”

Eric asked in Sunny’s stead, who was in panic.

Although both his expression and voice were candid, his elder brother, Bart’s, strong words shook Eric’s maroon eyes.

Although Bart and Eric weren’t blood related, both of them had maroon hair and eyes. Bart’s little sister Sunny was also the same. It was the most common color among commoners.

Of course there were many aristocrats who had maroon-colored features, but the clothing they wore was different from a commoner. Because of that, a person with maroon hair and eyes who wore simple clothes would immediately be recognized as a commoner. For such people to stand together with Sophie, who had black hair and green eyes and wore a simple, yet good quality dress, was considered bizarre. Bart knew that better than anyone.

“You are an aristocratic woman. You will someday return to the capital. In fact, none of us orphans were ever supposed to meet and talk to you or Rio!”

At Bart’s words, the smart Eric probably understood why Bart was so agitated. He looked down painfully. The soil he was holding on his hand fell down.

Sophie laughed lightly, as if she didn’t notice the anger in front of her.

“Well, Bart. You sure are stupid.”

“Who did you call stupid—!”

The word that was supposed to come out slipped back into his throat. Sophie’s white finger gently restrained Bart’s cheek so he wouldn’t look away. Sophie’s big eyes, which they were all familiar with, seemed seductive, like that of an adult woman.

“Do you think any of you could leave me? How foolish.”


“How much do you think it costs to teach you how to read, write, worldly wisdom, etiquette, and propriety? Teaching people is very costly. There’s no way I would let go of people with appropriate qualities, you know? When I go to the capital, I will also bring you all along. Of course, the cultivated land needs people to man them, but you all have no such talent.”

For the three of them, who were not previously aware of continuous cropping, had neither the knowledge nor the skills to grow crops.

Since Eric liked to experiment, he seemed to be interested in selective breeding, but he had none of the necessary physical strength. Regarding the cultivated land, Sophie intended to either develop appropriate human resources or search for them. The talent of these three belonged elsewhere.

“Bart will be in charge of sales, Eric will be in charge of product development, and I want Sunny to be my personal maid. Of course, I will bring you along to the capital.”

Unlike her earlier seductive smile, Sophie told them this with a childlike smile. Eric and Sunny were delighted as their eyes shone. Sunny even happily declared to Sophie that “I will work hard to learn more!” 

However, only Bart, the oldest among them, noticed.

This terrifyingly smart aristocratic young lady was definitely not normal. He’d never seen an aristocratic young lady before he met Sophie, but Bart was sure she couldn’t be categorized as one.

It seems I am fascinated by this unusual woman, he thought.

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for fellow age group, maybe it look seductive.

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second harem member… hooked!

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Tsukii translates liker

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