Refuse Harem

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Prius

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Chapter 021 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ a Certain Tea Party in the Afternoon

—At a certain noble salon in the royal capital.

“Hey, have you all heard? The daughter of Baron Linier who has been away from the royal capital for a long time is returning to her main residence.”

“Oh, Baron Linier actually has a daughter?”

“It’s natural that most people didn’t know, since she has been in the health resort up until now and hasn’t attended tea parties. If I am not wrong, I heard the daughter is 13 years old now.”

“Oh my! She has spent her life in a health resort until that age?”

“Yes, she lived in the Talis health resort for a long time. You see, Baroness Linier who stays there has a weak body.”

“But, hasn’t Baroness Linier returned to their main residence a few years ago? Why has their daughter stayed in the health resort alone? Also, according to what I heard, Baroness Linier gave birth to another daughter recently.”

“Then that means the Linier Family has two children who are both young ladies?”

“No, there are three children. There is a boy between the two.”

“Oh my! That person managed to give birth to three children? If I am not mistaken, she barely shows herself in noble society due to her poor health, right?”

“I also heard that is the case. Baron Linier was worried about that and built a villa in a health resort.”

“To manage to build a villa in Talis, it shows how rich he actually is.”

“Speaking of Talis, I heard that it is now known as ‘Talis of Food’ because there are many shops that sell delicious foods.”

“Rumor says that the reason Talis became famous as ‘Talis of Food’ is because of the young lady we are talking about.”

“No way, it can’t be!”

“Perhaps Baron Linier spread such a rumor for his poor daughter that spent most of her life in the countryside? If we talk about the Linier family, they are a merchant group who are famous in the royal capital to the point there aren’t any commoners who don’t know their name. It is said they are skillful enough to trade with other nations as well. They are such wealthy merchants. Maybe he spread such a rumor for the sake of his cute daughter.”

“But isn’t it a weird rumor to spread?”

“I also heard that she contributed to the development of agricultural products and seasonings.”

“Isn’t that a strange story? There’s no way a young lady of a noble family would do that. I wonder if the Linier family is really alright? To think they spread such weird rumors.”

The gossiping of the giggling ladies didn’t end, even after the afternoon tea time passed.

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10 months ago

I hate timeskips, and they are even worse when they are several years. This time we lost a full five years of story that could have happened.

2 years ago

Noooo~~~~~ It was too short. My appetite wants Moar!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Oyashiro

be patient.

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapters!

1 year ago
Reply to  derrick

thx for the comment!