Refuse Harem

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 023 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~The Story of a Boy who Fell into Hell II~

“Bart, your tone returned to that of your old days.”

“…Please excuse me.”

The young man fixed his expression and tone.

“Well then, what’s your name?”


“I see. Then Camiro, I think you already know, but stealing is not good. If you have a criminal record, you might get imprisoned.”

“Like I’ll listen to a noble preach!”

“Is there no one who would be in trouble if you get imprisoned?”


The boy looked down and his lips trembled.

“…Hey, Camiro. Are you ready to sell your soul to this witch?”


“If you have enough resolve to do so, I’ll prepare a place for you to belong, both you and the person that awaits you. You won’t be troubled with food, and there will be warm clothing for you to wear, and a place to sleep that covers you from wind and rain. Hey — do you have the resolve to sell your soul to this witch?”

Her white finger touched the boy’s dirty cheek. Why did the girl in front of me touch my dirty self? Why does she allow herself to be touched? I don’t understand. There was a breathtakingly bewitching atmosphere that seemed to pull at his soul. It was hard to believe it came from this girl.


The boy naturally spilled his tears. It was neither due to fear or relief; it just spilled out.


The boy felt his throat sticky and unable to open properly. The fist he clenched was trembling. However, the boy still desperately released his words.

“Help… please… help her. If you do, then, I’ll even sell my soul for it!”

The boy was willing to resort to anything for help, whether it was a devil or a witch. But if he had a choice, he would prefer a person like her.

The boy desperately shouted as he cried. He sought help. He was well aware nobody would have helped a pair of street children without parents. However, he still wished for her help. Regardless of what price he had to pay, he wished at least his little sister to be saved.


“Lead the way.”

As the young man heard the girl’s words, he ordered briefly. The boy nodded and opened his mouth.

In a narrow valley, the boy’s little sister lay hiding.

As the girl saw the little sister’s state, who had collapsed in fever and struggled to breath, she spoke in exasperation.

“What a fool, there’s no way she could eat bread in her present state. The things you ought to steal are medicine, or at least soup. You already made a mistake in what you should steal.”


“I’m sorry, I spoke too much.”

The girl put her hand to her mouth and laughed.

The young man picked up the boy’s little sister. Then the girl took the moss green shawl that she wore and gently put it over the little sister. Looking at how the girl put her shawl with a beautiful luster onto his little sister, who was dirtied by mud and grime, without hesitation, the boy was shocked.

“We’ll bring her to the doctor’s place. Sophie-sama, please ride the carriage that the Sunny group is in. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Please tell Creto that I’m sorry I broke my promise again.”

“You just said an apology without meaning it.”

“Well, that’s harsh of you to say that.”

The girl who replied so, looked at the boy and whispered in his ear with her red lips before dashingly boarding the other carriage. The carriage began to drive lightly.

“—You sold your soul to me. From now on, do your best as an employee of the Linier merchant group.”

The pretty girl certainly said so.


The boy repeated the word that he had never heard before.

“Welcome to hell, Camiro. If you get fascinated by that witch, it’ll be hard for you to be happy. You’ll find other women lacking, after all.”


The young man’s tone turned into that of a thug again once the girl was no longer there.

The young man rushed toward the carriage while carrying the boy’s little sister, leaving the boy confused by those words. While the boy chased after him, he still didn’t understand what the young man meant.

However, it didn’t take long before the boy understood the meaning of that statement.

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