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Chapter 026 – Dear Tenma, I Am Already Thirteen Years Old. I Have Become a Fine Lady III

As Sophie quickly returned to her home to prepare for the dinner party, a small gentleman offered a rose to her.

“Welcome back, Aneue! Here is a flower that I plucked from the garden today!”

“Michal, thank you for the wonderful flower today as well.”

Sophie’s face relaxed in front of her younger brother, who never failed to deliver the largest and most beautiful flower to her every day.

Michal, Sophie’s younger brother who returned to the royal capital earlier than her, was now five years old.

When Michal returned to the royal capital, he, who was raised with his onee-chan since he was a baby, cried so much as he whined to not be separated from Sophie, who remained in Talis. He was happier than anyone else now that they were living together once again.

Just like his father, Michal loved his mother and elder sister very much. So much so that he didn’t want to be separated from her at the main residence and was often seen sticking to Sophie with a smile on his face.

Half a year ago, their cute little sister Monica was born, and Sophie was very happy to be surrounded by cuteness.

However, as she saw Michal’s childlike behavior persisting at the age of five, it made her reflect sometimes. Sophie’s remarks she had spouted since she was six years old were unusual when she looked at Michal now, after all.

Even if girls mature quicker, maybe the adult-like remarks I spouted then really don’t match a six-year-old girl? It made her think like that, but it was too late to think about it and there was nothing she could do about it anyway.

Fuh, I shouldn’t be trapped in the past. I have to look straight ahead!

As she made such a convenient excuse, Sophie sniffed the rose given by Michal. As Sophie smiled when she smelled the sweet scent, Michal looked very happy.

Sophie wore the rose-shaped hair ornament she got from Rio every day. She also made a bookmark out of the flowers she first got from Bart, and perhaps because she used that when she read books all the time, her cute little brother seemed to think his elder sister loved flowers. This was the reason why he gave her a flower that bloomed in the garden every day.

It wasn’t like Sophie liked flowers that much, but she chose to not to rob her little brother of his daily routine and happily received his present.

“I have protected Hahaue and Monica today as well!”

He reported it like a gentleman, but basically he was looking to be praised for that. Of course, Sophie praised him for it, as she also considered it as an important daily routine for herself as his elder sister.

Both the little brother, who happily clung to his elder sister, and the cute, baby little sister, had soft yellow-green hair inherited from their mother, but their eyes had the same color as Sophie’s. Most importantly, the three siblings all had cute faces similar to their mother. Their mother’s body was weak, but it seemed her genes were strong. On the other hand, the father who had a physique good enough to go through his day energetically, even after three consecutive all-nighters, and the appearance of a demonic sergeant, his genes seemed to be completely defeated.

Seeing the children, everyone praised the mother. That weak mother managed to give birth to three cute children. Recently, there were many invitations piled up every day specifically addressed to their mother, wishing for some of her luck to rub off on them.

However, since their mother had a weak body, until Sophie regained her past life memories, and barely participated in social circles, she only visited people with whom she had been interacting for a long time.

It could be said that upper class society was made up of social circles. If a married couple didn’t participate in one, it would easily produce rumors and make them disrespected. However, considering she originally had a weak body and the Linier family was now known as a wealthy merchant family, slighting them was no different than strangling their own necks, so they tolerated such things.

Even so, their mother still intended to visit the noble families she was familiar with, and one of them was the Viscount Harris family that they would visit today. Their mother, who was a part of the Viscount family prior to her marriage, had a precious person who was like her elder sister whose husband was the Viscount Harris, who also happened to be an important person who gave Sophie many accommodations. Her father also benefited from it, and he was as grateful as she was. 

Since they would visit that Viscount Harris family, her dress for today must be of a high quality, although not necessarily glamorous.

I guess I could arrange my hair into a Margaret style and put pearls as hair decorations to be safe? 1

“Aneue, I want you to read a book for me today!”

Michal urged her with glittering eyes. It seemed he misunderstood why she had returned early and thought she was done for the day.

As Sophie explained the circumstances to her cute little brother and told him that she couldn’t play with him today, Michal nodded with teary eyes. The tears were on the verge of spilling, but it looked so cute that he was still trying to endure it.

Aah, really! Al, it’s hard for me to not be able to talk about how cute my little brother is with you!

When she remembered the eccentric escort she met during her childhood, there were times she wanted to meet him. Yes, it was mainly when the cuteness of her little brother made her heart almost explode.

As she reluctantly returned to her own room, she examined her dress options with Sunny. They couldn’t take it too slowly, since she needed time to take a bath, decide the hairstyle, and put on her dress.

“Women sure have it hard…”

As she confirmed that her appearance was finally in order with a big mirror, she inadvertently muttered so with a sidelong glance. She thought that was a bad slip up, but Sunny seemed to be fascinated with Sophie’s beautiful appearance and didn’t hear her earlier sentence.

Sophie thought of it recently, but it seemed other people she knew from her childhood, like Sunny, Bart, Eric, and Creto, were considerably overprotective and acted like doting parents comparable to her actual parents.

Just like when she was dressed beautifully like this, they would say, “Our ojou-sama is, as expected, the cutest person in the world.” Even though two of them considered her as a heresy of a young lady, it seemed they still considered her as the cutest in the world. Although Sophie was aware she inherited a cute face from her mother, she wouldn’t consider herself the cutest in the world. She did think that her current appearance, compared to her mediocre, past-life, male self, was like comparing the moon to a sponge, though.


“Eh? Ah, yes! My apologies!”

Sunny apologized for her mistake, but her parents, little brother, as well as Bart and Creto, who accompanied her as servants, also gave her a similar reaction.

Sophie thought that she wanted to be praised as a lady when she was her usual self as well.

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Mr Dennis
Mr Dennis
1 year ago

I’ve read the raw novel up to 192 chapters. But unfortunately the interaction between MC and her family is still limited. I hope that the interaction scenes between the MC and her family are reproduced, especially the MC’s interactions with her father, mother and two younger siblings. Because I like a warm family.

2 years ago

“Sophie thought that she wanted to be praised as a lady when she was her usual self as well.” WELL too bad Sophie I don’t think it’s gonna happened anytime soon KEKW

1 year ago
Reply to  NateVG

she might be praised, not as lady, though.