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Chapter 027 – Dear Tenma, I Am Already Thirteen Years Old. I Have Become a Fine Lady IV

At the Viscount’s abode, they were welcomed by the Harris couple. Since Viscountess Harris and Sophie’s mother were originally close, they immediately began to chat with each other.

Unlike escorts, Bart and Creto couldn’t enter the same room, so they were guided to a different room. Since Sophie also borrowed cultivated land from Viscount Harris, she thought they would ask for details regarding that matter, but it was small talk from beginning to the end.

But as time passed, Viscount Harris looked straight at Sophie and opened his mouth.

It was a strange sight, since the Viscountess sitting beside him was still smiling happily. The smile of the Viscountess was, for some reason, similar to the face Sophie’s younger brother made when he hid a flower behind his back and tried to please his sister with it.

“Miss Sophie, are you aware of ‘Rose Selectors’?”


Although it hadn’t been long since Sophie began to live at the capital, she had heard about “Rose Selectors.” There was a girl’s academy in the Orlando Kingdom which only accepted young aristocratic ladies as students, known as “The Queen’s Rose.” A “Rose Selector” referred to people who were given the right to recommend a person to be admitted to that academy. 

Not all aristocrats were allowed to be admitted into “The Queen’s Rose.” Only people with excellent status, dignity, prestige, and knowledge who were recommended by a “Rose Selector” were allowed to be admitted.

“Then, are you aware that I am one of the nobles who has the right of a ‘Rose Selector’?”

“No, my apologies. I wasn’t aware of that.”

An aristocrat granted the right as a “Rose Selector” was synonymous to saying the noble was more superior than other nobles. It proved they were superior even among viscount houses.

“Aristocrats who were given the right as a ‘Rose Selector’ are obligated to recommend one young lady, but I couldn’t find anyone more worthy than you.”

“…Me, you say?”

Sophie finally understood the reason for the Viscountess’ smile, and at the same time, the purpose of this sudden banquet.

Nononono, a normal noble young lady might be happy with that, but I have no time to study at such an academy!

Sophie still had many things she wanted to do and things she had to accomplish. 1

She was in the process of conducting a field survey under the guise of shopping to research people’s lives in the royal capital and what they lacked, and among what she had found out, the unsanitary condition of the areas other than aristocratic districts was beyond the degree of what she could ignore.

Since they flushed their filth into the river, the water pollution was severe, which made it clear diseases would eventually spread someday. The agricultural lands in the suburbs were also using that same water. To be honest, she felt nothing but horror about that.

This was the same in other nations as well, where the ability to purify the water was severely lacking, given the number of people who lived there.

The aristocrats could just buy drinking water and the aristocratic district was also equipped with facilities that kept it looking beautiful, but commoners had none of that. Clean water supply and sewerage maintenance must be done as soon as possible.

Being involved with water wasn’t only because she was Sophie, but it was also a desired future for Tasuku back then. Even the reason he quit his job in sales was because he wanted to continue his research on water at the university.

Tasuku was abandoned by his real mother in the mountains at the age of six. Perhaps his mother wished for Tasuku to die there. However, she couldn’t bring herself to taint her own hands, thus chose to abandon him in the wilderness instead.

As he was abandoned in the depths of an empty mountain, the six-year-old child could only sit and wait. Since he was told he shouldn’t move, he didn’t move around either. As foolish as it was, he was desperately trying to follow the words that his mother, who abandoned him, told him. All while hoping that his mother might eventually come and pick him up…

In the end, his mother didn’t pick him up even after a day had passed. Since the season then was summer, he didn’t freeze in the cold, but it did make him thirsty and hungry.

He thought to move just a little and walked around with an uncertain gait, eventually finding water spilling out from the mountain. He desperately scooped it up and drank it. After he took a sip, Tasuku burst into tears.

Water was the source of life.

As that source entered his body, it made Tasuku want to live on.

He knew for a fact that he was abandoned by his own mother and that she wished for his death. Tasuku was much smarter compared to the other children his age. He was raised in an environment that wouldn’t let him survive otherwise, thus he couldn’t keep being innocent. Therefore, it made him understand that if he wished to fulfill his mother’s wish, then he shouldn’t cling to life. 

Even so, he kept drinking the mountain water and wished to live on. He desperately drank water while his face was soaked with tears. Even when his stomach became bloated with water, he kept drinking earnestly.

—I want to live. I want to live. I don’t want to die!

As if God saw his desperate wish, the owner of the mountain region came to visit and found him a few hours later, allowing Tasuku to survive. The owner of the mountain region, who hadn’t returned to the mountain in years, was visiting to see its boundaries in the presence of nearby landowners.

Humans couldn’t survive without food. However, they would die even quicker without water. His life was saved by drinking the mountain water. As such, he wished to devote his life to the water that let him survive.

He managed to find a professor he could respect and used the money he saved to go to the university to study. His wish didn’t come true though…

His life, which was saved by water, ironically ended from a maritime accident in the end.

The horror of her life being dissipated by water made Sophie suffer before she regained her memories, but she no longer felt scared the moment she got her memories back.

It was strange that, despite her memory drowning to death getting even clearer, her fear of water completely disappeared.

Perhaps her resolve to not drown again, which spurred her to practice swimming alone in the water of aristocratic purveyor, helped her to overcome her fear.

I still have a lot of things I want to do. I have no time to go to an aristocratic girl’s academy!

The academic term of “The Queen’s Rose” was set for three years from the age of fourteen to seventeen. Moreover, unlike “The King’s Sword” in the royal capital, where many aristocratic sons went to, “The Queen’s Rose” was built in the suburbs of the mountain. In other words, she would live in a dorm. Although students in “The King’s Sword” also lived in dorms, the distance between the royal capital and the suburb of the mountain was just too great.

Even though I came to the royal capital with so many things prepared, to think I might end up being away for three years…

In this case, she had no choice but to swallow her shame and refuse Viscount Harris’ recommendation, who was willing to recommend her.

Although Tasuku barely had anyone he could call a friend during his days in school, other than Tenma, it was different once he began to work. To raise the bonus and gain achievements from the job he chose based on its high wage, he prepared himself by reading dozens of books on self-development and imitating the skills of Tenma’s elder sister, Suzuka, who was known as a people person. Tasuku managed to develop his smiles and conversational skills at a level that made people who knew him during their school days do a double take and wonder, “Who was that?” 

It was time for her to fully demonstrate the sales talk that even made Tenma comment, “It sounds disgusting…” 2

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