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Chapter 030 – Dear Tenma, I Am Already Thirteen Years Old. I Have Become a Fine Lady VII

After a while, the door was opened by the coachman who was sent to bring Eric to the mansion. Eric, who came in through the opened door, looked happy despite being suddenly called late at night.

If it was Sophie who called for him, he would be happy, regardless of the place or time.

Sophie thanked the coachman, who ran his carriage late at night to pick up Eric, and gave him a bottle of wine. Although the value was completely different compared to the fruit wine that the others drank here earlier, it was still a wine that commoners couldn’t easily have a chance to taste, so the coachman seemed very pleased with it.

Since he was a man with a wife, he would enjoy it during his days off with her. The young lady was also very astute to not forget giving him expensive snacks to accompany the wine as well. She made sure to give such consideration toward the coachman, who had an early schedule tomorrow, for detaining him until late at night.

The four ex-orphans, who were picked up by the young lady, were exuding happiness for being picked up by her as they waited to hear the words of the girl they respect more than anyone. 

Sophie adjusted her sitting posture and talked about the series of events that happened that night.

“A terrible problem occurred. I’ll have to go to the girl’s academy after a few months!”

As Sophie explained the course of events that led her into enrolling into “The Queen’s Rose,” she thought they would be surprised, but the four didn’t show any confusion or anxiety on their faces.

“…None of you seem surprised about that?”

“Because it is within expectation.”


Bart’s reply made Sophie surprised instead.

“Why do you ask? ‘The Queen’s Rose’ is an academy where an excellent young lady would attend, right? Then wouldn’t it be strange if our ojou-sama didn’t enroll there?”

Sophie’s mouth was hanging open to such affirmation. Sophie never expected they were this much of doting-parents-like people.

“Bart… didn’t you say I am a heresy of a young lady before!”

“Sophie-sama may be a heresy of a young lady, but there is no doubt that you are a wonderful young lady.” 

What’s with his cheesy remark…

Unintentionally, she was reminded how her past-life self as Tasuku couldn’t even say such words and was told to “please don’t say such cheesy lines!” and it made her feel envious.

“But, it would be for three years! Three years is a long time!”

In this world, all school enrollments begin in autumn. Once autumn came, Sophie would be fourteen years old and would spend three years there until she graduated. Even as she emphasized the long period of time, the expression of the four didn’t change. 

“Actually, as long as Sophie-sama gives instructions, the current human resources are enough. If all you wanted is to maintain the status quo, we don’t even need any instruction to keep things running. It might be hard if you want to start a completely new business, but can’t you just do that three years later? We will just make the preparation for that during the time you are away.”

Bart said that without hesitation.

“Yes, yes. We can already mass produce ‘amane’ and other agricultural products on our own, and the sugars we produce are also of acceptable quality. The distributors for that are also already established, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Creto, who had jurisdiction over Talis, also said so without difficulty and took a sip of his tea.

“Sophie-sama’s long cherished ‘black beads’ and ‘black drops’ also have a convincing taste now. The tastes are also acclaimed in Talis. Even in the royal capital, as long as we present free samples, I think we can expect sufficient profits.”

Even Eric, who usually didn’t speak much, was more talkative when it came to product development. The “black bead” and “black drops” were referring to miso and soy sauce, and the reason miso was named “bead” was because it was sold in bead form. They weren’t used for miso soup, but only as an ingredient to establish a hidden taste, and the strategy was to develop miso soup once the people got used to that taste.

“You guys…”

Sophie’s eyes moistened, as if she was moved, and looked at the three men, then she raised her voice.

“I want you to console meeeeee!!! You idiooooottttsss!”

Bart gave a sloppy reply of “yes yes” to their young lady, who acted like a drunkard, despite her not drinking any alcohol.

We also have it hard, since we can’t meet you during those times, was their true thought, but they wouldn’t say it. There was no way they could have said it.

“Sophie-sama, this Sunny will always be with Sophie-sama!”

The three men’s gaze shifted toward Sunny, who declared so with a smile.

“The Queen’s Rose” allowed students to bring a few of their maids with them. Sunny would merely change the location where she did her job, as she would still stand beside Sophie all the time. The three men weren’t amused and were envious of her. Bart opened his mouth, ignoring Sophie, who was moved by Sunny’s words.

“Rather than that, Sophie-sama, please act properly at ‘The Queen’s Rose’. We don’t want to see turmoil like what happened at Daksha Kingdom.”

As she heard the name of the scorching Kingdom of Daksha, Sophie was reminded of the days she visited there and felt nostalgic. Even though Sophie found it to be a good memory, she didn’t understand why she was warned about that. She merely thought those were trivial things.

“Really, I don’t want it to happen again. I thought I would be dead back then.”

“‘The Queen’s Rose’ is a girl’s academy, okay? There’s no way I would do such a thing in a girl’s academy, you know?”

“I can’t trust your word regarding that matter.”

“Well, Bart. You must have misunderstood me about something. Let us talk about it properly for once. I’m sure you’ll understand. Yes, definitely.”

“I’d like to be spared from being brainwashed.”

To Bart, who declared her attempt as brainwashing, Sophie said, “How sad,” as she cried to Sunny for consolation. Sunny, who had her young lady as number one priority, glared at her elder brother, but said elder brother treated her glare as a breeze and drank the tea brewed by his little sister. Just like that, the night passed.

Author’s Note:

Next chapter will begin with the episode of the girl’s academy.

The protagonist’s personality as Tasuku (manliness?) will be more apparent, but please continue to read without being disgusted.

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1 year ago

I wonder what happened in Darksha kingdom? I hope it will be explained in later chapter… Pretty sure it would be hilarious.