Refuse Harem

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Chapter 031 – Dear Tenma, I Am Enrolled at the Girls’ Academy

It’s the girls’ academy. A girls’ academy!

It’s the woman’s garden. A secret flower garden!

Yes, I was sure you would be surprised about that as well. After all, I, who never talked decently to any woman besides Suzuka nee-san ended up enrolling at the girls’ academy. On top of that, the place I enrolled at was “The Queen’s Rose”, where many famous aristocratic young ladies gathered… 1

Is it really alright for me to enroll there? To be honest, I am worried my cover will be blown. Well, I did spend fourteen years in this life as a young lady and behaved cleanly and properly, as a lady would. 2

However, I also spent twenty-five years as a middle-aged man! From the perspective of fourteen-year-old girls, twenty-five is pretty much a middle-aged man, right?!

If such a person who was a middle-aged man in her past life were to enroll in such a secret flower garden, wouldn’t I end up arrested?! Although it might be late to say this, this makes me more anxious!

Aah, but I can’t tell anyone about this. Tenma, why aren’t you here?!

—Ah, just forget about that. Because even if you were here, I think you would only laugh at me for that.


A carriage passed through a large gate and it revealed the scenery inside. Yes, it was inside the girls’ academy, “The Queen’s Rose.”

“As expected of ‘The Queen’s Rose.’  It sure has a big and magnificent building.”

Sunny was impressed as she looked outside the carriage’s window.

The building that resembled a citadel towering above the mountain gave a different impression once they entered it. Although the outside gave off a heavy and strict atmosphere, its contents resembled a white castle. The walls were all white and they could see spires with different heights there. It sure resembles that famous white castle I saw with Tenma before the maritime accident in my past life, thought Sophie.

The difference would be the clock tower that could be seen from a distance. That big clock tower gave the building the impression of an academy and made it look suitable for students to live in.

To think that I will live here from now on. It sure feels like a lie.

Sophie was grateful for Sunny, who sat in front of her and was brimming with excitement. In the end, Sunny was the only maid Sophie brought with her. Sophie was worried that Sunny might feel lonely living separately from her elder brother and other childhood friends, but the person in question looked unconcerned about that.

As expected, girls are strong… Perhaps because I was a man in my past life, it made the adaptability -that girls are supposed to is have- not so strong in me…? No, anyone would feel uneasy for the first time, right! I could still adapt like a girl should, yes I could!

Sophie switched her thoughts and shifted her gaze toward the white castle.

For the next three years, she would face a different type of challenge. 

Once they entered the academy, Sophie was summoned by the teachers. It seemed Sophie was selected as the top seat representative and had to give her fellow students the opening speech. Even when Sophie argued back that it didn’t seem right for a daughter of a baron to make such a speech, it seemed it was customary for the top seat among new students to deliver the opening speech.

If only she knew of that beforehand, she wouldn’t have gone all out on her exams.

The exam itself was more of a formality, but since Sophie was told that it was to see how high of a score the people selected to enter “The Queen’s Rose” could get, Sophie took the exam seriously so as to not shame Viscount Harris, who recommended her to enroll.

The contents of the exam were extremely simple, so much so that Sophie thought everyone could easily earn a perfect score. For her, who had the memory of Tasuku who studied desperately and successfully earned a full scholarship in her previous life, the exam was comparable to the exam given to test the academic level of early elementary school students.

That’s right… didn’t I learn that being tactless was bad in my past life?

In her past life as Tasuku, he always ended up with such a role and ended up indirectly making enemies without meaning to.

He was the top seat representative during his high school days, but it only made him the target of gossip, saying he was being cheeky despite having no parents. As for Tenma, who also enrolled in the same high school, he was more tactful and chose to not go all out on the exam, despite actually being smarter than Tasuku.


Unlike Tasuku, who always went all out since he had no leisure to cut corners for his high school exam, Tenma answered enough questions to aim for just a passing grade. It seemed that Tenma wanted to avoid becoming the top seat representative at all costs since he felt it was too troublesome.

Aah, to think I didn’t learn from my failure in my past life!

Sophie ended up making the same mistake in this lifetime as well.

Since she got hated by her classmates for doing so in her past life, would Sophie also end up becoming the enemies of the young ladies here as well?


She involuntarily leaked out a big sigh.

To be honest, it was annoying.

Now that she managed to do the selective breeding on “amane,” she thought she could proceed with large-scale sugar production by expanding the cultivation as much as possible. But what she did caused a big miscalculation.

She thought she was only one step away before she could ask for help from other merchant groups to increase sugar production and turn the sugar into not just daily commodities for the nobles of Orlando Kingdom, but also affordable luxury goods for the commoners. 3

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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! What would happen if a disappointingly high spec young lady enters an all-girls school filled with sheltered noble girls?

Yes, chaos ensues

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of course its all about such chaos

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thanks for the chapter 😀

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