Refuse Harem

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 032 – Dear Tenma, I Am Enrolled at the Girls’ Academy II

Even so, Sophie hid her depression and spent her days calmly and quietly until the day of the entrance ceremony. She also did the opening speech as the top seat representative without a problem. Since every student there was an aristocratic young lady, none of them said their complaints upfront.

Sophie had no choice but to live and spend her days quietly. She would try to spend the next three years inconspicuously and quietly as if she were invisible, and she would make detailed plans every day to be executed immediately upon returning to society. 1

But in front of Sophie, who had such a desire, there was a young lady.

The first thing she saw as she dejectedly looked at the ground while walking was a beautiful red dress. Sophie could tell at a glance that the fabric used for that glossy red dress was of the highest quality. The gold embroidery on the dress was spectacular, and one could feel the soul of the craftsman had been poured into it. The high volume of frills also added to the luster, making the cuteness behind the elegance shine through.

As Sophie looked up, there was a beautiful woman she had never met before.

“Nice to meet you, Sophie-sama. I am Christina Wellin. I’ve always wanted to meet you.” 2

As the dazzling woman greeted Sophie, she tilted her head and showed off her glittering golden hair. That curly, golden hair was entwined with pearl hair ornaments that complimented her beautiful hair. Her eyes were the color of the sky that soothed one’s heart. She was the perfect example of a blonde, blue-eyed beauty.

“That opening speech as the top-seat representative from earlier was magnificent, just as I had expected of you.”

Every time her red lips opened, it revealed her soft tongue.


As Christina noticed that Sophie was stunned, she called out to her once again. Sophie seemed to come to her senses with that. It seemed Sophie was entranced by Christina’s beauty.

“I’m terribly sorry, Wellin-sama! I am Sophie Linier, the daughter of Edgar Linier. I am honored that you remember the name of this young one.”

Sophie panicked as she returned Christina’s greetings.

“Well, you don’t have to be so formal; just call me Christina.”

“I wouldn’t dare to.”

They weren’t even familiar with each other, and since Christina was clearly older than Sophie, it would be rude of her to call her by her first name directly.

“I also want to call you by name.”

Sophie tried to politely decline, but Christina responded with a smile, and that beauty made Sophie wonder if her eyes would melt if she stared too long.


“Please, call me Christina.”

Christina smiled at Sophie and urged her with a bewitching voice.

“Yes… Christina onee-sama.”

Sophie had heard that senior students were to be referred to as onee-sama at “The Queen’s Rose” from Viscountess Harris. Following that, Sophie called her onee-sama.

Then, Christina smiled with such joy that made her look like a sweet flower in full bloom.

It made Sophie once again feel like her eyes would melt at any moment.

“I’ll give this to you who will become my cute, little sister from today onward.”

Christina took out a golden ring and gently put it on the little finger of Sophie’s right hand.

“I wish you to be blessed with fortune and that fortune won’t leave you.”

Sophie was given a ring, though she wondered if it was really okay for her to get something like this, but Christina smiled again.

“Sophie, see you again.”

Christina gave Sophie a graceful greeting and left.

The sudden change from being called with “–sama” to casual speech made Sophie feel like her soul might escape her body.

Sophie looked at the leaving figure of Christina until she was no longer visible then thought,

Eh? Was that a dream? Did I just daydream?

The moment Sophie tried to conclude that the appearance of the beautiful girl who made her doubt reality was the product of a dream, the young ladies around Sophie began to chatter all at once. 

“She was granted a ring by Christina Wellin-sama!”

“No… no way…”

“It must be a lie. Why did she form a bond of sisterhood with that girl?”

“Isn’t that girl from a baron house…?”

Their shrill voices were loud, and several people even passed out from shock, which made Sophie panic. She didn’t understand what just happened.

“Uhm… is it wrong for me to receive this ring?”

However, Sophie had no way to refuse it when it happened.

When Sophie asked one of the young ladies around,

“You don’t know what it means for the daughter of the duke family, Christina Wellin, to grant someone a ring?! It’s a bond of sisterhood!”


Bond of sisterhood? What was that?

No, rather than that, Sophie thought she just heard the ridiculous pedigree Christina belonged to. Now that she thought about it, she remembered that Christina never spoke of her family’s pedigree.

“Duke family…?”

“That’s right, she is the daughter of the duke family: Christina Wellin-sama, who is also the fiancée of the first prince!”

“Daughter of… duke family?”

Sophie wanted someone to praise her that she hadn’t fainted out of surprise yet.

Why?! Why did such a person grant me her ring???

For the first time in this lifetime, Sophie internally screamed. She was now stuck in a situation she couldn’t understand.

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2 years ago

Damn I wonder if the fiance of Christina is that guy who want to take sophie as a bride before when they still smol…. yeah I dont remember that guy name.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ezku

‘Rio’, I guess….

1 year ago
Reply to  ayumi

yeah, though by cliche, it might not the real name

1 year ago
Reply to  Ezku

Most likely, according to cliche.

2 years ago

Thank you

1 year ago
Reply to  Tkstks