Refuse Harem

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Chapter 033 – Dear Tenma, Paradise is Here!

Tenma, how are you spending your days?

Are you arguing with Suzuka nee-san about your favorite hairstyle?

When we were high school students and casually watching TV, that did happen.

I remember that when Suzuka nee-san was boasting that her fluffy perm hairstyle was the prettiest, you said, “Fuhn, I have no interest in anything other than short, black haircuts,” without reading the room, and she ended up angry at you. I keep remembering that event around this time for some reason.

Despite both of you being similar-looking siblings, your tastes are completely different after all.

By the way, I couldn’t say anything at the time since I didn’t want to pick sides, but if I had to say, I agree with Suzuka nee-san’s opinion.

I used to think that if I could find a lot of pretty girls with fluffy perms in front of me, then that place would be heaven.

It seems I have found that paradise.

Tenma — the paradise is here.


It took place in a garden full of beautiful flowers.

Cute and colorful snacks were placed on the white tablecloth. The freshly brewed black tea had a fragrant rose scent. A large rose was drawn on the teacup, which made it suitable for the tea party in the garden.

“Oh, it is my first time seeing this kind of snack.”

The one-year-older onee-sama with reddish-yellow hair, orange eyes, and a lovely face was the young lady of the count family, Lana Barack, and she picked up the baked snack with her white fingers. 1

There was candied fruit in the center of the flower-shaped, baked snack, which was known as a rose snack.

“Really, it is a snack with a very nice color. It makes me think that I’m eating a real rose.”

The girl with dark gray hair and eyes, whose temperament rivaled her beauty, was the young lady of a marquis family, Celine Benesh, who agreed with Lana’s words. Celine was the same age as Christina, which made her a two-year-older onee-sama. 

“It’s something Sophie prepared. When I told her I love roses, she prepared both rose-shaped snacks and teacups with a rose motif.”

The person who seemed to be a goddess who loved beauty and was the young lady of the duke family, Christina Wellen, said this so proudly. 

As usual, her golden hair glittered and looked beautiful. Its beauty could make people forget about time just by staring at it.

At Christina’s words, Celine’s dark gray eyes turned sharp.

“I don’t like that. Blatantly showing off right after exchanging bonds of sisterhood. Your nickname as the ‘Ice Beauty’ will suffer, Christina.”

When Sophie first enrolled in the academy, she didn’t understand what the bond of sisterhood meant, but she understood a bit about it now. The bond of sisterhood was a promise exchanged between seniors and juniors in “The Queen’s Rose.”

The senior would be their “elder sister” while said junior would be their “little sister.”

It was like a marriage vow, where they promised lifetime love, with the “elder sister” caring for her “little sister”, and the “little sister” yearning for her “elder sister.”

It was a strange promise for Sophie, who had been a man in her past life, but at the same time, it made Sophie excited by such a beautiful bond.

Even more so when the person who chose Sophie as her little sister was the beautiful goddess Christina.

Even with Celine’s sarcasm, Christina smiled brilliantly without compromising her beauty.

“Oh my, if you find it regrettable, you can just find a ‘little sister’ of your own, Celine.”

Silent sparks of electricity flew between the two’s smiling faces. However, being young ladies meant they didn’t cause unnecessary conflict. They merely smiled at each other without exchanging outright insults.

“That’s right. Lana, why don’t you exchange the bond of sisterhood with Celine?”

“I don’t want to. Lana often does not listen to me.”

Celine showed reluctance to Christina’s suggestion.

“I’ll also refrain from doing so. I prefer having a ‘little sister’ than becoming one myself. I have become older, after all, so I want a ‘little sister’ who agrees to whatever I tell her to.”

“I think the only people who agree to whatever selfish desire you speak of would be the poor men who have been deceived by you.”

“Oh my, Celine onee-sama sure is terrible! Also, I don’t go and deceive men. They merely support my ideal on their own!”

Unlike with Christina earlier, the words they exchanged were more obvious insults.

Even if it was a so-called exchange, Lana’s expression with her puffing her cheeks looked very cute, so much so that looking at it felt like sugar was saturating one’s mouth.

Looking at the three beautiful and cute young ladies across the table, Sophie was intoxicated with happiness. As Sophie didn’t talk at all because she was desperately trying to prevent her soul from escaping her body, Christina frowned in worry.

“Sophie, please tell me if you find this boring. We can have a tea party with just the two of us next time.”

“Hey, Christina. Don’t say it like we are boring. Don’t you think Sophie is silent because you look scary?”

“Oh my, I wonder which part of me is scary?”

“You have a piercing atmosphere. Your blue eyes seem to look down on people.”

“You sure said something interesting, Celine. Do you still hold a grudge for losing against me on the exam earlier? To think you cared that much for such a thing. It shows how small you are as a person… Oops, please pardon me for that.”

“Look at that. Christina has such a nasty personality! Sophie, you must be careful about that.”

Even as Celine warned her, Sophie only found it soothing.

A goddess, a heavenly maiden, and an angel all look beautiful even when they argue. What a divine sight…

She totally abandoned her thoughts as the young lady Sophie Linier and adopted Nakamura Tasuku’s mindset instead.

“Oh my, this sugar sure is fine and uniform. And it seems completely free of impurities. It is of very good quality.”

As Lana tried to add sugar to her tea, she spoke of what she observed.

“That is the sugar that the Linier merchant group deals with. Sophie prepared it for my sake.”

“And why are you the one proud of that?!”

The tea party continued even as Sophie stayed silent until their maids came to pick them up.

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Livon Saffron
11 months ago

Lmao if Rio is the first prince this will become such a funny love triangle. Rio loves Sophie, Sophie loves Christine and I guess Christina loves Rio maybe.

1 year ago

Can’t believe I’ve already caught up!
Thank you for the chapters!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

welcome to the waiting group!
i hope you enjoyed what you read so far

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!!! I halfway expected Christina to slap Sophie (when they first met), but I am both surprised and delighted about this development too. Lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Oyashiro

perhaps author want to get away from villainess cliche?

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter :v. I wonder if the first Prince would happen to be Rio

1 year ago
Reply to  Kinichi210

and what might happen if he really is?

1 year ago
Reply to  Kinichi210

I am glad that I am not the only to think about that. Honestly, if he is and didn’t give up on Sophie, I think that could have been an interesting development.

I mean, it is Sophie after all. I can see her leaving everyone stumped in how to react or think. Lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Oyashiro

if we assume that he is the prince, then he could take sophie as concubine, but i doubt sophie would like that