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Chapter 034 – The Young Lady, Sophie Linier ~the Free time of Onee-samas~

There were three famous young ladies at the girls’ academy “The Queen’s Rose.”

Lana Barack, a young lady of a count family.

Celine Benesh, a young lady of a marquis family.

And Christina Wellin, a young lady of a duke family, who was also the fiancée of the first prince.

Due to their beauty and high family pedigrees, these three people were unmatched in the social circle among young ladies. If they were to participate in a party, their shining gorgeousness would captivate everyone regardless of gender.

That was also the case for the young ladies at “The Queen’s Rose.” Everyone longed to be selected as their “little sisters.”

However, the higher their house pedigrees were, the higher the chance for a young lady to graduate without exchanging the bond of sisterhood with anyone.

Everyone thought that Christina Wellin, being a young lady of a duke family, wouldn’t be able to find anyone with a worthy pedigree to be her “little sister” and end up graduating just like that.

Who would have thought that she would exchange a bond of sisterhood with a young lady of a baron family, and one who just enrolled in the academy, of all people?

Because Christina exchanged a bond of sisterhood with Sophie Linier, a young lady of a baron family, tremors ensued within the academy.

The people who were surprised were not only the common students, but even the two friends of Christina were also surprised by that.

That day, Celine and Lana were gracefully reading in Christina’s room with her. After dinner, the three often spent their free time like this. That showed their relationship wasn’t limited to just the connection of their family pedigrees.

That was why Celine couldn’t help but wonder why Christina exchanged the bond of sisterhood with someone without consulting them beforehand.

Celine talked to Christina, who was writing in front of her across the table.

“Sophie didn’t talk at all today, but is she that kind of person? Is she merely a cute doll?”

But the question Celine raised wasn’t responded to by Christina but by Lana instead.

“Sophie is indeed quiet, but she seems different when she talks. Last time, we talked about the Daksha Kingdom, but did all that knowledge truly come from a mere book? She seemed very familiar with it.”

“You’re right. I also thought the same. She said she learned it from a book, but that depth of knowledge is only possible if she actually visited the Daksha Kingdom personally.”

Celine, who read a lot of books, nodded. It was something she could affirm exactly because she read a huge amount.

“That girl is an interesting person.”

Christina smiled quietly as she stopped the quill pen that had been moving smoothly.

“…I don’t understand. Where did you learn about Sophie? I doubt you ever participated in a party held by a young lady of a baron family. According to what I’ve heard, she spent her early years in Talis’ resort.”

“By ‘Talis’, you mean the ‘Talis of Food’?”

Lana’s eyes shone. She loved delicious food.

“Yes, that Talis. I am really wondering where Christina, who never left the royal capital, could have ever learned of Sophie. I don’t like having something I don’t know.”

“Oh Celine, are you curious about me that much? Don’t worry, you’re still my friend despite that.”

“Gh, I’m not worried about that!”

Even as Celine replied curtly, Christina merely responded with laughter. Then, as if nothing happened, she filled the white paper black with her brush.

Even though Celine had known Christina for a long time, she still had a hard time comprehending her friend’s thoughts sometimes. This was one of those times. To exchange a bond of sisterhood with a young lady of a baron family who just enrolled in the academy wasn’t exactly something one could call a rational action.

Not only were there huge differences in their family pedigrees, but the bond of sisterhood was also normally exchanged after they carefully got to know each other for some time.

The bond of sisterhood wasn’t something they could do multiple times; once they exchanged the bond, it would last until they died. That bond would still continue even after they graduated from “The Queen’s Rose.”

The elder sister would care for her little sister, while the little sister would long for her elder sister.

That relationship would last forever. That was why a person with a high house pedigree would have to choose the other party carefully.

“Because you exchanged the bond of sisterhood so early, that girl is now being bullied.”

Christina’s finger stopped at Celine’s word.

“Oh my! In that case, she could always consult with us. Because she always smiled, I never noticed.”

“Lana, you sure are quite dull. Why didn’t you think about that? She is someone who exchanged a bond of sisterhood with Christina Wellin, the young lady of the duke family. Isn’t it natural for her to become the target of everyone’s envy?”

“I am not that vile of a woman that I didn’t even think of it!”

As Lana turned sideways, Celine began to preach to her by saying, “That is why you are such a child.”

Christina smiled as she saw the usual exchange between the pair.

“It’s okay. Just leave her as is.”


“Oh my! Christina onee-sama, are you not worried about Sophie?”

“If Sophie Linier is merely that much of a young lady, I wouldn’t have bothered to exchange the bond of sisterhood with her. Exactly because I don’t think so, I exchanged it with her.”

Christina laughed coldly as she looked at them slowly. That icy smile was the reason she was known as the “Ice Beauty.”

“…If she is merely that much of a young lady, what would you do, Christina?”

“Let’s see. If that happens…”

—The free time passed quietly as their conversation melted into the darkness.

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4 months ago

Their conversation melted into the darkness?

Christina the Duke’s daughter, is giving off some serious vibes of being a classical villainess from an otome game.

8 months ago

Thanks so much for the chapter!

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