Refuse Harem

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Chapter 037 – Dear Tenma, I Was a Fool

Tenma, I finally realized how foolish I was. 

Indeed, I was very stupid. To be attached to trivial things, obsessed with it, and miss out on what was truly important.

As I mentioned before, my bosom is small… or rather, it’s nonexistent! That is something I’ve always thought about. Even though my secondary sexual growth period is ongoing, my chest is as flat as it always was.

Yes, so much so that it might make me think that my chest size will be the same as my past life self. (LOL)

And yet, this poor self somehow managed to feel the softness of a woman today! No, I didn’t grope a person forcefully! An accident happened, and I felt the softness when I was in the process of saving the other person, I definitely had no ulterior motive about it! Really!

It made me think that was a blessing granted to me for living a crime-free life during my past life.

That softness, which was the fruit of the divine mystery, allowed me to achieve such enlightenment.

I no longer care about how flat my chest is. Women have their blessing of fertility. With that alone, I accepted everything. They come in all shapes and sizes, and how wonderful it is!

It was foolish of me wishing to rob away that splendor.

I was granted a blessing of the gods, known as good fortune, which allowed me to realize that.

But at the same time, it also made me realize another fact. It is a very important fact!

Tenma, you were like a brother to me, a precious best friend of mine.

But it made me think now. You’ve already learned of women’s softness since way back. When I think of that, a rift appears between us which is akin to the distance between heaven and earth.

Indeed, you and I were originally incompatible existences!

To think it took me this long to notice it…!

I was really a fool.

As I learned the preciousness of it, I realized that you already walked far ahead of me… it makes me frustrated to think so, therefore I won’t write a letter to you for a while.

—Die you Riajuu!!!1

The incident, which was dubbed by Sophie as “the blessing known as good fortune which allowed her to touch the blessing of fertility,” occurred after school that day. 

“Let’s go horse riding today.”

The season was nearing winter on the cold windy day, but Sophie immediately agreed, as she would go anywhere if Christina invited her.

Since they intended to do horse riding, they wore riding clothes instead of dresses.

In the past, women couldn’t straddle on a horse, as they had to sit sideways on horseback, and their riding clothes included skirts, but the recent riding gear for women included trousers instead.

Sophie was grateful for her father, who had prepared all the necessary attire for the girl’s academy, and as she hurried to the designated location, she found that not only Christina was there, but Lilina and other people were as well.

Everyone wore their riding clothes and, to prevent their hair from hindering them, they had their hair tied up and were wearing hats to cover it. 

Christina’s sublime beauty, which was a bit different from her beauty in a dress, was the very image of a beautiful person crossdressing as a man.

As for the two other onee-samas, Celine and Lana, their beauties were also sharper than usual. Since every one of them had a good appearance, once their body lines, which were usually covered by their dress, were apparent, it gave them the impression of a youthful bamboo shoot, both strong and supple.

As Sophie glanced to the side, she could see Lilina’s figure in her riding clothes.

Her blessing of fertility was plentiful today as well.

Lilina’s fresh appearance was different from when she wore a dress. However, regardless of what she wore, her symbol of femininity couldn’t be hidden. As it drew people’s eyes in, Sophie nodded with a dignified expression as if she learned the law of the world.

After all, if one is graced by such abundance, then humans are creatures who can only be grateful for it, thought Sophie.

Lilina couldn’t have imagined that Sophie, who possessed loveliness like a flower fairy, was looking at her like that, and she looked away once she met eyes with Sophie.

Her gestures are so lovely…!

As Sophie endured the impulse in her mind, Christina explained the purpose of today’s activity.

To be healthy both physically and mentally. That was something necessary for women in Orlando Kingdom, as they shouldn’t just sit and do poetry and embroidery all day. Horse riding would bring mental healing as they interact with their horse, and riding with it would give their bodies the stimulation they needed. Only people with a well-trained mind and body were capable of riding on the back of an unstable horse and still be able to ride gracefully.

As they heard Christina’s words while she gently touched her beloved horse, Sophie heard Lilina’s muttering as she was enchanted. 

“As expected of Christina onee-sama! It is a wonderful thought, worthy of a person who would be the queen!”

Lilina’s compliment weighed heavily on Sophie’s chest.

Queen-sama, huh…

At that moment, Sophie realized the beautiful person in front of her was originally a very distant existence.

Christina was the daughter of a duke family, the fiancée of the first prince, and the person who would become the queen in the future.

Even Sophie had heard about the royal family of the Orlando Kingdom, although only to the extent of the rumors.

Currently, the king has two princes.

The first prince was born from the concubine, who was the young lady of a count family.

The second prince was born from the current queen, who was originally the young lady of a duke family.

It was customary for the next king to be the prince who was born earlier.

That’s why a king isn’t supposed to have a child with a concubine before the queen has birthed him a prince, or at least that’s what I heard…

However, the current king ignored that custom and took a concubine. Then said concubine gave birth to a prince of all things. On top of that, that said concubine was originally the maid of the queen. The current king reached out to the queen’s maid and made her his concubine.

The social pedigree of a maid of the queen, who was originally a duke’s daughter, had to also be high. They would only hire people with clear identities.

The concubine, who was the youngest daughter of a count family, was accused of smearing the dignity of the queen, so the count family cut off their relationship with her. She gave birth to the first prince at the royal palace in a situation where practically nobody would help her, and passed away a few years later.

She became known as the woman who stole away the king from the queen and gave birth to the first prince. That was the impression everyone had about her.

The situation wouldn’t have been as bad if the queen was unable to give birth to a boy, but one year after the first prince was born, the queen gave birth to the second prince.

Customarily, the first prince should have succeeded the throne. But originally, the one with the right to succeed the throne was the second prince.

Although it was carried out quietly, there were battles among aristocrats over the succession of the throne.

The thing that put an end to those battles was the beautiful Christina Wellin, who became the fiancée of the first prince.

With the first prince engaged to the daughter of the Wellin family, one of the most prestigious families in the kingdom, the first prince ensured his succession over the throne.

T/N: So, was the king just horny and attacked the maid or was it the maid who seduced the king to make him commit adultery? I vote for the former. How about you? Let me know.

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3 months ago

Horny king

Maxwell's Demon
Maxwell's Demon
3 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

Horny maid.

3 months ago

quite possible too, considering how weak woman status in that world, perhaps she sought security

3 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

mine horny king

3 months ago

Probably just the usual trope of the King does not really love the queen and marry her due to politic. Hence he actually love the maid more.

Maxwell's Demon
Maxwell's Demon
3 months ago
Reply to  qetu

Kings do not marry for love.

3 months ago

well, they could seek concubine for that

3 months ago
Reply to  qetu

marry for love is rarity among high court

3 months ago

Since this is Sophia’s point of view, the story about king and the concubine is probably a false rumor made by other nobles. I think the king fell in love with the count’s daughter when they were young, but he wasn’t allowed to make her a queen because of her nobility rank. Most people in the castle probably hated her and treated her poorly behind the king’s back. The count’s daughter never told the king about her poor treatment since she didn’t want to trouble him, and the king was probably too busy to notice until it was too late. It sounds like a certain boy from Sophia’s past almost took the same path as the current king.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kagamin
3 months ago
Reply to  Kagamin

but that didn’t justify why son of concubine inherited the crown instead. at the very least, the queen could object, but she seem support the decision instead. that mean the queen quite aware of the king tryst yet didn’t mind(personally at least, but not as queen)