Refuse Harem

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Chapter 039 – Dear Tenma, I Was a Fool III

“The bond of sisterhood isn’t something to be performed right on the day of enrollment. You should have noticed it by now, right?”

Christina’s eyes, which had the same color as the sky, were overlooking Sophie. It was an expression and voice that lacked feeling in it. It was the first time Sophie saw Christina like that.

“It’s been two months since you entered the academy. To be honest, I thought you would whine about your situation at least once, but you never did.”

“Christina onee-sama, what do you mean?”

Sophie ended up asking that since she didn’t understand what there was to whine about.

“I was aware that you were harassed all this time. I was already aware it would end up like that from the beginning.”

Ah, so that’s what she meant…

Sophie finally understood what she meant by whining.

However, Sophie felt it would be weird to whine about that. After all, while Sophie indeed felt her heart throb from those young ladies’ harassment, never once did she think it was painful.

If I told her as it is, she’d likely be disgusted with me. This troubles me…

“Are you not angry about that, Sophie?”


“I already knew beforehand that if I made you my ‘little sister,’ you would be forced into trouble.”

Her golden eyelashes shadowed her sky-colored eyes. Her current expression was the reason why Celine referred to her as the “Ice Beauty.”

Her emotionless beauty would make those who saw it anxious. However, Sophie’s heart was calm.

“Why should I get angry about that?”

As Sophie asked back, Christina’s eyes shook in surprise.

“I don’t know the reasons or feelings that made Christina onee-sama name me as your ‘little sister,’ but I am happy to be Christina onee-sama’s ‘little sister.’ While I have younger siblings, I have no older siblings, so I am really happy to get an onee-sama.”

Sophie answered without stagnation and with a smile on her face.

It was a straight voice without any hint of boasting1 or bluffing in it.

“In the past, I had a friend who never told me anything about himself. His social pedigree, where he lived, numbers of siblings he had, what kind of future he envisioned… I knew nothing of it. I never thought to find out about it. I thought it might be something he was reluctant to talk about, and perhaps, one day, he would be ready to tell me about it. Even if my friend never told me about himself, I could immediately tell that he was a kind person when I was together with him. That was enough for me.”

He was a kind friend who sincerely listened to Sophie’s words. That was enough for her. Therefore, there was no need to ask anything else of him.

Sophie held a similar feeling toward Christina. Sophie deeply adored the young lady called Christina.

Christina Wellin was mellow, beautiful, and possessed strength that made Sophie feel the brilliance of life. So much so that Sophie thought there was practically nobody who didn’t adore Christina.

Christina’s beauty wasn’t limited to her appearance. Sophie was also a person who was educated as a lady. She was taught courtesy and table manners by a tutor. Every minute movement was strictly pointed out. For Sophie, whose mannerisms were limited to postures and how to hold chopsticks in her previous life, it was honestly tough to follow.

Sophie practiced her mannerisms not only during her lesson time, but also during her free time every day, until she finally learned it all. That was why she could understand Christina’s mannerisms were exceptional. Sophie couldn’t guess how much effort Christina put into achieving that.

“As for the reason why Christina onee-sama made me your ‘little sister,’ I don’t really care. Even if you did that out of malice, I’m still happy that you made me your ‘little sister.’ Also, anyone could see that I am unworthy of being your ‘little sister.’ I also understand that very well.”

Christina’s expression didn’t change. Even so, Sophie continued her words.

“That’s why, I will put effort into becoming a worthy person to be Christina onee-sama’s ‘little sister.’ I want to be a person that you can be proud to call your ‘little sister.’ I will dedicate myself to that. That’s why, please give me more time to achieve that.”

Sophie’s difference in social stature and family pedigree was distance that would never disappear. However, Sophie still wished to become closer. She committed to putting effort into reducing said distance.

Sophie didn’t wish for Christina to pull her along with her. What Sophie wished for was to run up to her with her own power.

Giving up in the situation, waiting for the situation to improve, or wishing for somebody to help her, none of those matched Sophie’s personality.

Just like the promise she told her friend in her younger days.

She would walk straight to the destination her heart chose with her own feet.

Christina looked ahead after hearing Sophie’s words. Her lips quivered slightly, but then quickly steadied. As the person who was more beautiful than anyone else replied to Sophie with “I see…” the silence continued with neither of them talking.

Sophie didn’t find the silence between them awkward.

On the contrary, she felt it would be a precious page of her life that she could never experience again.

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1 year ago

Oh yeah, she might have done it out of malice. She felt like a good person, so I didn’t think about that, except that one time.

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

there is no outright villain(technically) in this novel i read so far. everyone has their circumstances. well few people are “normal” though. they all quirky

1 year ago

Friendship is so beautiful

1 year ago
Reply to  anon

is this count as friendship? not some sort of worship from sophie part?

1 year ago

I just finish read from chapter 1 to this chapter and I can’t only say it’s amazing. I want more!!! And thank for the all chapter!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Airzpool

thx for the read! i hope you enjoyed it!