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Chapter 041 – Dear Tenma, I Was a Fool V

So it’s no good after all!

When Sophie was cornered, her thought process couldn’t help but become that of Tasuku’s. She looked around as she inwardly reflected that she ought to stay as Sophie Linier regardless the situation she was in, though it wasn’t an appropriate circumstance to do so.

Even if it was winter right now, there were still many cold-resistant plants and weeds around. The softness of the soil was apparent even as the Nooga ran.

It should be okay. Well, it’s just a maybe though…

However, Sophie had no time to hesitate. The cliff was just ahead.

“Lilina-sama, I will definitely protect you, so please endure it for a moment!”

Lilina was on the verge of fainting and unable to reply in the situation she was in. But that was better for Sophie. Sophie embraced Lilina, who had gone limp from fear, and threw herself to the ground.

The impact caused them to roll a few meters down the meadow, but Sophie protected Lilina’s body and her own face. The damage mostly concentrated on Sophie’s back, shoulders, and leg. Fortunately, the impact was mostly alleviated by weeds and soft soil, which cushioned their fall. Had the ground been cobblestone instead, they would have been seriously injured.

As Sophie looked up toward the blue sky, she let out a big sigh of relief.

“Is your body okay, Lilina-sama? Do you feel pain anywhere?”

Lilina, who’d completely stiffened on top of Sophie’s body, didn’t respond even as Sophie called her out.

She experienced such a scare, so this might make her no longer respond to me from the moment…

With Tasuku’s line of thought, which still did not leave Sophie even when she was already out of danger, Sophie tried to lift Lilina’s body off of her, but Lilina clung to her body as if to refuse.

“Li-Lilina-sama, there’s no more danger, okay?”

So please let me go. Please don’t cling to me like that.

After all,

Wai…! Your chest! Your chest is touching me!”

Lilina’s bountiful chest was touching Sophie. Considering how bountiful it was, such a chest might touch others just by her approaching them, yet now she clung to Sophie, forcibly pushing her chest into Sophie’s body. 

Wow, it’s soft! It feels very soft! What are these?! What are these made of?! What made it possible for them to become this soft?!

“It’s already okay, Lilina-sama. Everything’s already alright!”

As Sophie desperately tried to convince her, Lilina finally lifted her face from Sophie’s chest and began to cry like a child.

Seriously, seriously… give me a break. Pushing your chest into me like this and showing me a crying face on top of that, I don’t think I can keep an expression befitting that of a young ladyyyy!”

It was not long ago since Sophie declared that she would become a person worthy to be Christina’s “little sister,” so Sophie absolutely didn’t want to be seen as a perverted young lady.

As Sophie mentally scolded herself, she desperately tried to calm her own heart.

As she calmed down, she did the thing Sophie’s mother did to her: used her right hand to caress Lilina’s back while her left hand patted Lilina’s head to calm her down.

There’s nothing to be scared of. As Sophie told such kind words to Lilina, her sobs gradually became quieter.

Just as Sophie was starting to calm down as well, Christina and Celine rushed toward them on horseback. 

“Sophie! Are both of you alright?!”

Christina and Celine on horseback looked beautiful, and Sophie, who was looking at them from below, felt the scene looked divine.

I want to be wrecked by this divinity.

As Sophie considered what she just did, she wanted to take back her earlier words, declare she wasn’t a worthy person to be Christina’s “little sister”, and say she regretted it.1

However, once Christina rushed in front of them, Sophie hid her negative emotions and replied with, “Yes, I am alright,” despite tumbling to the ground just a moment ago.

It seemed that Sophie didn’t want to remove the façade of the cute “little sister” in front of Christina. Even if it was fake, Sophie wished to show Christina she could be good.

Even as Sophie pulled Lilina, who was still crying even now, by her hand, Sophie was a little disappointed at her own attitude.

There was a room called the infirmary within the academy, and a doctor was always stationed there. They were there just in case a major incident occurred.

Leaving Lilina aside, Sophie refused once, since she didn’t feel any pain for a while, but Christina insisted, so Sophie couldn’t refuse anymore.

Once the doctor said there was no problem with Sophie’s bones, Christina finally exhaled in relief.

Sophie felt bad to see Christina worry for her that much. Since Christina’s expression didn’t show any anger or sadness until the doctor said there wasn’t a big problem with Sophie, she failed to notice that.

When Sophie returned to her room, she looked at Sunny’s face before finally relaxing, all of her exhaustion revealing itself.

“I’m tired… yes, I’m really exhausted.”

It was mainly the result of her mental combat against that bountiful object.

Since Sophie was exhausted, she had Sunny help her change and bathe before taking a short nap. Then Sophie ate her dinner and ruminated about her actions that day once she regained some vitality.

Now that I think about it, we are both women, so it wasn’t unnatural even if they got touched for a bit. Perhaps it would’ve been better if I touched it more? No, that’s no good, Sophie. That is an act that would invade the absolute inviolable area. What happened today was a blessing. It was a blessing that god granted to me!

Sophie thought so on top of her bed, before moving to her desk after a while, then taking up her quill. She then opened the diary on her desk and began to write out “Dear Tenma.”

There was something she really wished to tell her dear friend about.

It was mainly about her anger over a certain matter.

And so, Sophie’s “blessing known as good fortune, which allowed her to touch the blessing of fertility” case was closed.

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11 months ago

my real question is how no one warned lilina about how noogas can be and advised her not to mount one suddenly… aren’t there like female stable workers or whatever (since this is a place for just women)? that was really reckless and could’ve ended in lilina’s DEATH if sophie hadn’t been there. i hope lilina will be more cautious in the future around mounts and such. even horses can be dangerous if they’re surprised suddenly like lilina did to the nooga, altho i suppose ladies like them would only get the tamed and gentle ones.

1 year ago

Are those guys nuts who let these girls go on such an animal with a cliff nearby?

1 year ago
Reply to  araragi

it’s all women there, men couldn’t enter the place unless it is emergency, and they couldn’t go against their employer, so…

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Thanks for the chappy!
i think i can guess how lilina will interact with Sophie in the future

1 year ago
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thx for the comment!
see next week for ur answer

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Nice chapters, thanks

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