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Chapter 042 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ Night of the Onee-samas ~

Seeing Lana enter her room, Celine froze in the middle of opening the door to her own room.

She glanced in the direction of the room of her other friend. Christina was already in her room.

After thinking for a moment, Celine released her hand from the door and walked toward Christina’s room. She knocked lightly, but there was no reply. Still, Celine spoke out that it was her, then the door opened.

There was the figure of her friend standing expressionless in front of the door.

Seeing Christina, who looked pale as she bit her lips and furrowed her beautiful brows, Celine once again confirmed that this friend of hers was still terribly beautiful. 

“Oh my, that’s quite an expression you have there, Christina Wellin.”

Celine looked at the current expression of her friend. Even though Christina’s beauty didn’t change, the expression on her face was one Celine had never seen before, and she couldn’t help but speak sarcastically as usual.

Her friend, who usually brushed off such comments lightly, raised her voice as she released the flood of emotions she was feeling at that moment.

“That girl…! She’s a fool! Why… why did she do such a dangerous thing?!”

As Celine watched Christina, who started shouting out the feelings she couldn’t suppress, she told her in exasperation,

“Tell that to her directly then.”

“I am her ‘elder sister’! There’s no way an ‘elder sister’ could show her ‘little sister’ such a shameful figure!”

So the pride you are protecting right now is not that of Christina Wellin, the young lady of the duke’s family, but that of Sophie Linier’s “elder sister” huh…

Celine’s friend usually carried herself with the perfect elegance worthy of being the young lady of the duke’s family and the first prince’s fiancée. Every movement she took was beautiful. Even when someone behaved rudely to her, Christina wouldn’t change her complexion and elegance; it was as if she was a doll.

She was a prime example of a perfect young lady who was born and raised to be the queen of this nation.

And that Christina revealed her turbulent emotions of anger because of her “little sister’s” action.

Even Celine never dreamed that Sophie would resort to such a dangerous action.

Although Celine was already quite surprised by the fact Sophie was well informed about an animal originating from a foreign nation, Celine was even more astonished when Sophie reacted faster than anyone and rode her horse to chase after the animal that carried Lilina away. Additionally, she was able to do this when everyone else was baffled by the sudden turn of events.

Sophie’s appearance when she mounted her horse like a knight and galloped after the rampaged animal totally did not belong to a normal young lady. Even Lilina’s followers were dumbfounded by the situation and could only watch it unfold.

The horses gifted by Christina’s fiancé to Christina, who loved horses, were that pair of black and white horses. Those horses were beautiful and of an excellent breed.

However, the people who rode on them were young ladies of aristocratic families in the end. Neither the person who had been gifted the horses nor Celine were aware of how fast those two horses could possibly run.

“I never imagined that horse could run that fast…”

Celine’s surprise leaked out of her mouth.

Even Christina was stunned when she saw Sophie ride her horse away.

Seeing Sophie ride her black horse like the wind, Celine immediately composed herself and chased after her along with Christina. However, even for the pair who were already used to horses, they couldn’t catch up with Sophie.

Just when they finally spotted Sophie’s figure, she’d jumped from the black horse toward the animal from a foreign nation right at the next moment. To be honest, Celine’s breath seemed to cease at that moment.

Celine was so surprised that she couldn’t even scream; her eyes widened even further, and her heart beat violently. When she looked at Christina at that moment, her friend who usually never strayed from her correct posture swayed unsteadily in her seat.

Realizing Christina was dizzy by the situation, Celine fiercely called out her friend’s name. Christina reacted to her voice and immediately corrected her posture, but Celine couldn’t feel relieved just yet. Because until then, never once did Christine lose her posture when she was riding her horse. 

“Christina, get off for a moment!”

Celine shouted at her, but Christina continued to ride her horse instead.


Regardless of how many times Celine called for her, Christina continued to spur her horse toward Sophie without stopping. Eventually, Celine got her horse closer to her friend’s horse to stop Christina.


When the white horse finally stopped after running to exhaustion, Christina finally looked at Celine.

“Celine, you’re in the way!”

“Calm down! Are you trying to fall down from your horse?”

“There’s no way I will do such a…!!”

Christina stopped speaking and let out a voiceless scream as she saw what was unfolding.

Looking at Christina’s pale face, Celine hurriedly looked in Sophie’s direction. As the animal from the foreign nation leisurely climbed up the cliff, the figures of its two riders were missing.

“Did they fall down?!”

Once Celine shouted, Christina’s shoulders dropped as if she had lost all strength in her body. Celine immediately supported her friend’s body to prevent her from falling off the horse.

While Celine didn’t have much power as a woman, she still desperately supported her friend to prevent her from falling down. She could hear the sound of her persistent, rough breathing. Christina was desperately trying to calm herself down.


It was the first time Celine had seen Christina this agitated. After Christina took a deep breath, she slowly pushed away the hand that supported her.

“…I’m alright. Celine, I’m sorry for that.”

Right at the next moment, Christina had already perfectly put on her façade as the young lady of the duke family, Christina Wellin. 

Celine felt relieved when she saw her friend’s usual expression, then they hurried toward Sophie and Lilina.

Although both Sophie and Lilina were fine, it seemed Lilina was still very scared since she was still crying while clinging to Sophie. Even though Lilina knew she was already safe and Christina was in front of them, Lilina was still crying while grasping onto Sophie’s clothes. After that, Sophie pulled Lilina by the hand as they went to the infirmary.

As for Sophie, she was nonchalant about it and wasn’t even badly hurt.

It made Celine wonder if Sophie was even scared at all despite doing that kind of dangerous action. Even when Christina called out to her, Sophie replied in the same tone as when they talked during the tea party.

To be honest, Celine was terrified.

How could she put on the same smile she had when they met during the tea party right after what happened?

It made Celine swallow her breath and thought that the cute girl in front of her was an unknown creature she had never seen before. At the same time, Celine thought,

Indeed, she is a worthy person to be Christina Wellin’s “little sister.”

Sophie never forgot to be herself no matter the situation. Even her actions, which was unbefitting of a young lady, would be treated as something that was improbable and mistakenly witnessed. This was because, even after all that, she still put out the same smiling expression as a lady that was just holding down on her dress while playing in a breeze.

Sophie also possessed the power to move people’s hearts. The thing Sophie had might be a little different from what Christina had. However, even though their appearances were different, Sophie was indeed quite similar to Christina.

After all, Sophie even managed to move the heart of Christina Wellin, the young lady of the duke’s family. I’m just no match for that…

Celine realized this as she embraced her friend, whose beautiful face was distorted in anguish.

Celine didn’t know where Christina learned about Sophie, nor why she exchanged the bond of sisterhood with her even now. Celine wasn’t privy to Christina’s thought process that made her do so.

Celine also didn’t know what the pair had talked about as they rode their horses before the incident.

Celine saw that both of them got off their horses to look at the foreign animal. That was why Celine didn’t miss how Christina’s eyes were looking at Sophie as if she was looking at something dazzling.

Celine didn’t know what her beautiful friend wanted to achieve for all her actions.

However, Celine knew one thing:

That the young lady, Sophie Linier, had become a “precious little sister” for Christina Wellin. It turned out that way before she knew it.

Perhaps Christina herself wasn’t aware of it when it happened as well.

Celine had a wry laugh at the feeling of her long-time friend being taken away by somebody else.

Even so, Celine was still able to soothe her friend, who exposed her emotions in front of her right now. That was her privilege as Christina’s “friend”, something that Sophie didn’t have as Christina’s “little sister”.

Celine gently embraced her friend, who couldn’t expose her current appearance to her “little sister.”

The moonlight softly illuminated the room through the window.

It was quiet that night as the big moon hung in the sky.

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