Refuse Harem

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Chapter 043 – Dear Tenma…

“Oops! Didn’t I decide to not write anything for a while?!”

Sophie almost tried to write in the diary out of habit, which she then closed in a hurry.

Since Sophie had gotten into the habit of writing whenever she felt like it, it made her forget what she had just written yesterday, and she was about to write something this morning.

No good, no good. I shouldn’t forget how Tenma was a traitor.

Leaving aside how Sophie’s past life best friend was demoted to a traitor inside her mind before she even realized it, her fatigue had completely vanished thanks to a good night’s sleep.

“I didn’t feel any pain even after a night passed, so it should be okay. As expected of me, I sure am quite sturdy!”1

Sophie was very grateful for the sturdiness she’d inherited from her father.

As Sophie cheerfully went to the academy, Lilina was standing in front of her classroom. She was there alone and had none of her followers around her today.

“Good morning, Lilina-sama. Is your body alright?”

Sophie briefly hesitated for a moment before calling out to Lilina, but she was still worried about Lilina’s body. Even if she was fine yesterday, there were times when pain could only be felt long after it was inflicted. Unlike Sophie, who was quite sturdy despite being an aristocratic young lady, Lilina was a proper young lady, so they were very different.

When Sophie called out, Lilina stared hard at Sophie before opening her mouth to speak.

“I was mean to you all this time, so why did you help me?!”


Sophie was troubled by the question that came out of Lilina’s mouth.

Why? …Even if you ask me why…

Sophie didn’t have a particular reason for doing so. Sophie merely saved Lilina because she thought Lilina was in danger. Did she really need a particular reason to do that?

Sophie thought a little and then smiled as usual.

“I’ve always thought that Lilina-sama is a very cute and wonderful young lady. I never thought of you as a mean person.”

“Tha-that’s a lie!”

“I’m not lying. Otherwise, why would you try to lend me your textbook back then?”

“I thought you would be in trouble without it… Though you actually weren’t in trouble at all…”

Lilina puffed her cheek as she recalled the previous interaction.

As expected, she’s cute. I can only think that white, puffed cheek is cute no matter how many times I see it.

Lilina looked down and shook her head uncomfortably. She furrowed her brows, as if hesitating about something, before finally taking Sophie’s hand after her heart had settled.

“You are my benefactor! I’m aware this is a selfish request, but I hope you can forgive me for what I’ve done to you until now! I want you… Sophie, to be my friend!”

Sophie was speechless after hearing a sentence she’d heard for the first time after living twenty-five years as Nakamura Tasuku and fourteen years as Sophie Linier.

Even Tenma, whom Tasuku’d met during first grade elementary school back then, didn’t say he wanted to be Tasuku’s friend. Tenma just accompanied Tasuku and, before he knew it, they’d ended up becoming friends just like that. It wasn’t like they tried to befriend each other; it just turned out that way before they knew it. Because Tasuku thought that was how people make friends, Sophie was surprised by this progression.

To think there is a timeline where a pretty girl with a loli face and big tits wants to be my friend!

Sophie was so surprised that her expression froze.

“As expected… you don’t want to…?”

And in said timeline, that pretty girl with a loli face and big tits said that with upturned eyes and a face that looks like it might start spilling tears!

Sophie desperately repressed Tasuku’s thoughts from leaking out and put on her façade as an aristocratic young lady.

“No, I’m very happy about that! It’s my honor that Lilina-sama is willing to become my friend.”


“Yes. Please take care of me from now on.”

When Sophie reached out with her right hand and put it over Lilina’s hand and squeezed it back, Lilina showed a smile that was reminiscent of a blooming flower.

Wow… precious…

Sophie no longer understood whether it was her negligence or Lilina’s fault for being too cute that Tasuku’s thoughts kept creeping into her mind despite her best efforts to suppress it.

“But is it really alright? I have made Lilina-sama go through a scary experience.”

“That was my fault for being so stubborn! Also, when Sophie went to save me, it felt like you were Nicole-sama and it was very nice.”


As Sophie repeated the name she didn’t recognize, Lilina raised her voice in confusion.

“Are you not aware of ‘The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy’?”

“I am not.”

As Sophie replied honestly, Lilina once again raised her voice.

“To think there is a person who enrolled in this academy who has not yet read that wonderful thing…”

Looking at how Lilina’s eyes widened in surprise, Sophie traced back to her own memory. Perhaps it was mentioned somewhere in the textbook? However, Sophie had read the whole textbook. Even when it was ripped up, she didn’t prepare a new one since she thought she didn’t need it anymore, but perhaps she missed it somewhere?

As Sophie was thinking, Lilina suddenly started running.


“I’ll bring mine from my room! To think that you’ve never read that, you’ll be resented by other young ladies who didn’t manage to enroll in ‘The Queen’s Rose’!”


Was it that kind of important book?

However, as Lilina said that Sophie might be resented by other young ladies who didn’t manage to enroll in “The Queen’s Rose” for that, that meant it was something that couldn’t be read elsewhere.

In that case, is it really written somewhere among the textbooks?

It was still too early for the morning lesson. Since Lilina said she would bring it to her, Sophie felt bad entering the classroom by herself.

After waiting for a while, Lilina came back, though a little out of breath.

As Sophie opened the book, it turned out it wasn’t a printed book but a handwritten copy.

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Binged read after not being able to check this site after a while feel so good~
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hope you got your leisure now.

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It’s going to be BL isn’t it?

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so far in raw, Sophie not attracted to any specific man. well, there IS a man who possibly be Tenma though, though neither the man nor Sophie knew that

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Ah no, I ment the book Lilina went to get was going to be BL.

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the book itself is normal story. it just some people somehow interpreted it as BL, even though the author didn’t have such intention at all when she wrote it

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I doubt it is Tenma. My money is on Sophie’s brother being Tenma, and get little sister Monica being Tenma’s older sister.