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Chapter 044 – Dear Tenma… II

“This is something I copied from the original book. I’ll give this to you, Sophie.”

Since it is something Lilina copied, I suppose it isn’t a book that is published normally.

“Is it really alright?”

“Yes! Reading this is a privilege of ‘The Queen’s Rose’ students!”

A privilege of “The Queen’s Rose” students?

“…Is this perhaps something written by someone in this academy?”

“That’s right! Although the author is unknown, a new issue was published the other day, and there are three volumes now!”

The book certainly wasn’t something that could be read when they wanted. Considering the thickness of the book, it seemed to be a large production.

“The protagonist written in this book, Nicole-sama, is from a commoner family, but because he helped a young lady of a count family from a runaway horse, he was permitted to enroll in the academy where only aristocrats could enter! It’s a story about how he met Leold-sama there and grew up!”

Lilina talked with great joy.

Perhaps it was like a novel version of shounen manga?

“That seems to be an interesting book. I’m looking forward to reading it.”

Although Sophie didn’t read many comics or novels in her previous life, she didn’t hate reading stories. Also, Sophie could tell how much Lilina loved the book from her glittering expression. Sophie was very happy to read something that other people so openly enjoyed.

Sophie thanked her and parted, but Lilina returned after school. This time, she brought along her followers.

Even if she became Lilina’s friend Sophie thought they wouldn’t find her favorable since she made Lilina cry twice, but they accepted her quite smoothly.

Every one of them said that Sophie’s figure when she rushed to help Lilina was wonderful, like Nicole-sama’s.

Although the commoner Nicole had short hair, it seemed his hair and eye color were black, which happened to be the same as Sophie. On top of that, Sophie’s appearance back then, when she wore pants instead of a skirt and put her hair inside the hat, made her even more similar to Nicole.

In addition to being a similar person to the character that appeared in the story, the figure of Sophie rushing to save a young lady of a count family back then, just like what was depicted in the story, stimulated everyone’s fascination.

As expected, young ladies are cute…

As Sophie was surrounded by flowers who clamored around her, Tasuku’s thoughts ran wild inside her head again.

Since Sophie decided to not write to Tenma for some time, she wrote about it in a letter for Bart instead, but then packages containing several types of teas that were good for fatigue were mailed along with the reply letter she got. 

He sent more of them than last time…

It made Sophie reflect on her own actions a little bit.

A few hours had passed since Sophie read the book she borrowed from Lilina.

Since the next day happened to be a holiday, Sophie took her time to read it.

In the story titled “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy”, the protagonist was Nicole, a boy who happened to have the same color of hair and eyes as Sophie.

He was smart and raised with love by his family. Just like what Lilina told Sophie, by helping a young lady of a count family, he gained special permission to enroll in a noble-only academy. This was something suggested by said young lady’s father, who believed the promising youth should be treasured by the nation, of which the king approved.

The “Golden Knight” in the title referred to Leold, the man who would eventually become Nicole’s best friend, a beautiful young man with golden hair and eyes.

Although the title was “The Knight and the Boy”, the pair was of the same age so there wasn’t any difference in generation. It was referring to the difference in physiques between the two. Leold, as a noble, had no trouble with food and grew up to have a muscular physique, while Nicole, as a commoner, wasn’t as blessed with food, which made him grow lean and not as tall as Leold. Indeed, the story depicted the differences between a noble and a commoner, the difference between rich and poor. That was implicitly stated by the difference in their physiques.

At first, the pair didn’t get along well.

Nicole trembled before Leold, who was a high-ranking aristocrat, while Leold also learned of the peculiar arrogance of aristocrats and grew confused by that. Since Leold was raised by an arrogant father, he thought he did not want to not grow into someone like him. But despite that, he was surprised he actually had similar discriminatory thoughts.

The story was about the starring pair deepening their relationship in the wake of a certain incident.

In addition to the well-designed characters, the author incorporated class discrimination into the story, which made it seem to be based on real life rather than fiction.

Sophie sighed after she finished reading it.

Sophie had read many books to learn about this nation that was so different from how she lived in her previous life, but even compared to what she had read, “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy” was by far the most well-crafted story.

First of all, the author depicted the psychology of the characters very well, like how Nicole felt constricted day by day as he lived in an environment filled with aristocrats, which made the reader sympathize with him. Even Leold, who tried to not grow into an arrogant aristocrat, still showed such arrogance through his actions and words without him noticing it, and the subtleties of his anguished heart because of that were written in detail. The story also contained a little element of mystery, which made sure the reader wouldn’t get bored reading it.

“The scene description is wonderful, and the person who wrote it is amazing as well…”

According to Lilina, there were plenty of these kinds of stories with anonymous authors in “The Queen’s Rose.” The reason why the authors didn’t name themselves was to allow them to write as they liked without being bound by anything, and if readers were to learn the author’s family pedigree, they would also be unable to enjoy the story as purely, so it was quite a consideration. 

It seemed that these kinds of stories with anonymous authors were common in “The Queen’s Rose” even way back in the past.

It seemed the reason they were spread through handwritten copies was to make it impossible for the author to be distinguished.

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2 years ago

Wait wait wait. Sophie has green eyes and Black hair, not black hair and black eyes… right?

Last edited 2 years ago by Spirit
1 year ago
Reply to  Spirit

it is, but did i mention she has black eyes? if i did, perhaps i meant dark green

2 years ago

I thought it would turn out to be some novel plagiarized from novels back on earth and then she would get a clue that there is another reincarnator. Doesn’t seem like that true though!

2 years ago
Reply to  araragi

there seem tenma reincarnation somewhere in that world, but both sophie and person in question didn’t notice that

2 years ago

I’m still not convinced that it isn’t a BL story that someone at the academy wrote.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tadferd

at least the author had no intention for it to be BL, it just many reader interpret it as one