Refuse Harem

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Prius

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Chapter 045 – Dear Tenma… III1

“‘The Queen’s Rose’ is actually more amazing than I thought.”

Since it was an academy for aristocratic young ladies, Sophie thought all they would learn was poetry, embroidery, dance, and etiquette.

Sophie never knew they actually could freely write stories for fun.

Sophie thought that an aristocratic young lady ought to live in a fixed world in an orderly manner, but she came to learn that they found what they enjoyed and lived their lives brightly.

To be honest, when she was born as Sophie Linier in this world, she often thought she was glad to be born a woman, but she also often thought how hard it would be for a woman to live in this world.

Perhaps she thought of that even more as she was from an aristocratic family, because cooking was considered a shame, revealing legs was considered obscene, and running around was out of the question. The corset felt tough, and having long hair was considered a major proof of beauty here. Even for marriage, they supposedly could only marry the person their parents chose for them, it was considered common sense to serve their husband, and giving birth to children was considered a duty, which made women’s lives practically devoid of freedom and personal will.

A young lady like Sophie, who could live as she liked, was considered bizarre. Bart’s remark of referring to Sophie as a “heresy of a young lady” was considered cute compared to the actual fact. 

Aristocratic women were tied to their fathers during their childhood and then tied to their husbands once they were married. Although they didn’t have to worry about money or living as long as their noble house didn’t fall, their lives were very restricted and lacked personal freedom.

However, within that cramped world, women led their everyday lives, created their own secret enjoyment, and lived their lives brightly.

“The Queen’s Rose” was the best example of that.

Sophie felt like she finally understood why “The Queen’s Rose” was held in a place of adoration for the aristocratic young ladies.

She gently stroked the book she got from Lilina with her finger.

Sophie no longer thought her three years in “The Queen’s Rose” were going to be a waste of time. 

Regardless of where they were and what they did, people could learn and gain something.

Sophie was very grateful for Viscount Harris, Viscountess Harris, and her own parents who gave her the opportunity to enroll in this place.

The next morning, Sophie thanked and told Lilina it was a wonderful book she gave her. Lilina was happy and proceeded to say she would bring Sophie the next volume.

“I knew Sophie would love it too!”

“Yes, I had a very pleasant time.”

“It feels wonderful, right?! Especially the scene when they communicate with each other heart to heart, reading the same book together, and asking the impression they had about it with each other, it makes me feel the depth of their love!”

“Yes! …hm?”

Sophie blinked when she heard the word “love.”

The depth of their love? Perhaps she meant the depth of their friendship?

“The depiction of this scene is very wonderful, right?! When Nicole-sama held the book and turned the pages, Leold-sama, who is taller than him, looked at his side profile with compassion from above him. Leold-sama is looking at Nicole-sama in that scene, not the book! Every time Leold-sama sees Nicole-sama’s luscious, long eyelashes blinking, he gets confused by his own strong heartthrob!”


Was there such a scene?

There was indeed a scene where both of them asked each other’s impression of the book. Sophie remembered that part. However, she couldn’t remember anything resembling the description Lilina just gave during such a scene.

Both of them read a script for a play and shared their thoughts. The pair, composed of an aristocrat and a commoner, shared their different impressions, reflecting their social standing, but sometimes their opinion matched. This was supposed to be a comical scene. Sophie remembered this scene because it made her remember Tenma and she felt a bit lonely about it.

Err… Is there such a depiction in that scene?

Sophie thought she read every single line, but perhaps she skipped some parts without noticing it?

As she racked her brain, the bell rang.

“Ah, it’s already time…”

Lilina murmured her disappointment as she heard the bell that informed the lesson was about to begin. But she quickly put on a smile for Sophie.

“I’ll lend you the next volume after school! Please look forward to it, Sophie!”

“Thank you very much, Lilina-sama.”

After seeing off Lilina, Sophie immediately turned the book pages vigorously as soon as she entered an empty classroom. She totally intended to be absent for the next lesson with an excuse of poor health.2

“Where was it?! Where was such a scene written?!”

She found the page of the scene and read it carefully. Although she read it again, she couldn’t find the scene that Lilina just described.

What does this mean? Leold, do you look at Nicole that way?!

What do you do in the next volume?!

Depth of love? You didn’t even care about Nicole at first. Since when does that turn into love?!

Then Sophie read it once again with all her focus, but she still couldn’t find it.

Sophie was dumbfounded.

“Was the book I read and the book Lilina-sama read really the same book?”

It didn’t take long for Sophie to find the answer to that mystery.

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3 months ago

One time when I’m still an Ignorant Sapling, I was invited into YAOI group on FB , not knowing what it was , yes Like MC here…
I thought YAOI is a brotherhood like story…

But after Google Grandpa tell me the truth… I deleted that FB account from my memory forever..
And now , i like healthy ecchi instead

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Somehow I can relate to fujoshis.
After all, I’ve been doing almost the same thing for the past few chapters.

10 months ago
Reply to  Freigus

it’s great you found your enjoyment in this story

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Thanks for the chapter~
Lmao I got the same expression as Sophie when Lilina said that XD

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me too

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not so loli. she indeed a fujoshi though

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Fujoshi warning

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i tried to make a warning at least. fellow translator thought it sounds weird but i persist.

Whale's Corn Field
Whale's Corn Field
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technically, many read it as bl. sophie didn’t though