Refuse Harem

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Chapter 047 – Dear Tenma, This is Sudden, But Do You Know Fujoshi? II

“Uhm… Christina onee-sama can read between the lines too?”

“I can only read what is written there. But I won’t deny how Lilina and others interpret it. After all, it is all love, right? It is either pure love or love as a friend. Although the shape of love differs, since both of them are love, I will accept it as they are. Regardless of how they are shaped, if it is love, I won’t question how they look.”

Although Christina answered nicely, looking at her lonely expression as she said that, Sophie became worried.

This person is the fiancée of the first prince…

Their relationship was made because of political marriage. Although Sophie didn’t know the prince as a person, she wondered how much love was involved in such a marriage.

“Is his highness…”


“If I may ask, how is his highness as a person?”

“…Oh my. It’s the first time you asked me about his highness. That is usually the first thing everyone asks.” 

But they all asked in a roundabout way, nobody asked straightforwardly like you did, Christina laughed with those words, which made Sophie’s expression flushed red.

“I’m sorry for being disrespectful.”

“That’s okay. Sophie is my little sister after all. But please don’t tell other people what I’m going to tell you. Originally, referring to it is just that much disrespect.”

The higher one’s standing was, the more they needed to be careful of their attitude.

If they carelessly spoke of it, both the person who talked and those who heard of it would be guilty of crime.

Although Sophie had no intention to spread what she learned when she asked Christina, Sophie felt guilty if such action could become something Christina could be blamed about.

“Christina onee-sama, I’m sorry for probing so much. I won’t ask anymore, so…”

Sophie’s apology halted when Christina lifted a pale finger. Christina’s long and beautiful index finger rested on top of Sophie’s red lips. It was Christina’s sign to allow Sophie to continue her inquiry.

“His highness is a very intelligent and hardworking person. He is serious and always thinks to better the kingdom. I am proud to be his fiancée.”

Sophie was relieved to hear that. Christina’s lonely expression Sophie saw earlier should be just her imagination. Christina seemed filled with joy as she talked about his highness.

Sophie was sure that the feeling of a mischievous child who successfully pulled off her prank which Sophie felt from Christina’s words should also be Sophie’s imagination.

“I’m sure Christina onee-sama’s appearance as a bride would be very majestic and beautiful. I’m thrilled just by imagining it.”

“Oh my, you jumping ahead too quickly. It’s still a few years before we actually get married, you know.”

“You are not getting married right after graduation?”

“The marriage would take place when I hit eighteen at the earliest. There are many things to prepare, and above all, his highness is a busy person.”

Sophie was relieved to learn there were still few years. Although Sophie wanted to see Christina’s appearance when she was shining and most beautiful, that also meant she would become a member of the royal family after that.

Sophie couldn’t proudly say she was a worthy person to be Christina’s “younger sister” just yet. Sophie personally wanted to be a worthy person before Christina got married.

But if things stay this way, it means Christina onee-sama is likely to be married right after my graduation.

Sophie would need to grow to be a worthy person during her stay at “The Queen’s Rose.” Even if she grew more graceful, unless she could immediately make a move right after graduation, she would never have enough time.

“How about Sophie?”


As Sophie desperately made calculations and plans, she couldn’t understand the meaning of the sudden question as she blinked her eyes.

“Sophie doesn’t seem to have a fiancé, but do you already have anyone you love?”

It was very rare for an aristocrat to never have a fiancé like Sophie did. Unless it was a very special circumstance where their body was weak and would have a hard time giving birth, most aristocrats would have a fiancé during their childhood days.

As the time flowed, although there were people whose fiancé changed many times due to change happening to respective families and house pedigree, those who never had any fiancé at all within the academy was only Sophie. 

“I’m, err…”

“You must have received many requests for marriage right? I also heard of it.”


Sophie certainly received quite a few marriage requests. All of them were rejected by her father though.

Because Sophie pleaded to her father “To think I have to leave my father… Sophie might become sick out of the pain of loneliness…” While crying, Edgar, who considered his daughter as important as his own life, rejected all the marriage requests.

Recently, due to how she demonstrated her skill as manager of Linier Merchant Group, it seemed Edgar thought having a fiancé in such a situation might end up badly, any requests for marriage were practically gone.

“That, I…”

“I won’t force you to talk if you don’t want to.”

“No! That’s not what I meant… A wish… I was entrusted with a wish.”

Sophie didn’t want to deceive or lie to Christina. To prevent a little chip on their relationship which likely led them to ruin, Sophie just wanted to tell Christina the truth.

“I had a best friend. I wished for his safety and happiness. For that purpose, I want to pray for his happiness without getting married… Once my little brother grows into a proper adult, I am thinking of becoming a nun.”

Christina, who usually smiled, stared at Sophie with exasperation. Although that was a natural reaction to hear an aristocratic daughter wanting to be a nun, Sophie looked straight at Christina and told her clearly.

“…Is the best friend you talked about is the person you told me about before?”

Christina asked, perhaps thinking Sophie was referring to Rio who she mentioned during the time they were riding horses back then.

“No, I’m not referring to that person. I think that person could still live his life happily without me wishing for it.”

“So you mean the best friend you mentioned is not someone who could be happy every day?”

“…I don’t know. Regardless how strongly I wished for it, even if I spent the rest of my life searching for him, I will never be able to meet him again.”

“I thought you were the kind of person who would search every corner of the world just to meet him.”

“You’re right. I’m sure I’ll definitely do that if that would let me meet him again, though…”

If Tenma was somewhere in the world, Sophie would definitely go to meet him.

However, Tenma didn’t exist in this world.

The best friend whose safety and happiness she wished for above all was not in this world.

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6 months ago

So basically,Christina knows about the Prince being in love with Sophie. When she heard about the promise and Sophie becoming a nun, she definitely thinks that it is because of a promise made to the prince. In other words, poor Christina believes that she is stopping Sophie from being with the man she loves.

1 year ago

Thanks for da chapter~
Man, I can already imagine Christina’s thought lmao

1 year ago
Reply to  NateVG

i wonder what you imagine it to be?

1 year ago

I don’t know if this is where I should say this but the chapters 46 and 47 are switched in order at novel updates.

Good novel so far, though this cliffhanger is galling as I was really excited to see Christina react to this reveal. Honestly, I expect the part I’m going to like the most is how various characters react to Sophie’s ‘first love’.

1 year ago
Reply to  thatguy

well, you can just look forward to it. though i think her reaction wouldn’t something you expect

1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter!!
The chapters are posted in reverse on novelupdates

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

reported to novelupdate side. will be taken care of soon

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago
Reply to  anon

thx for comment too