Refuse Harem

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Chapter 049 – Dear Tenma, This is Sudden, But Do You Know Fujoshi? IV

“However, men won’t be happy with women’s advancement. They all think it’s best for women to keep quiet at home. All aristocratic women are birds in their cages. But Her Highness the Queen and a few others are trying to gradually loosen those constraints. I also want to be of help to Christina onee-sama and them in that!”

Sophie was fascinated as she looked at Lilina, who conveyed her heartfelt feelings and put her hands together as if praying.

The strong and noble ambitions in Lilina’s eyes were dazzling.

“If it is Lilina-sama, I’m sure you can make such a wish come true.”

Yes, surely. As Sophie spoke with such a thought in mind, Lilina laughed softly.

“Oh my, I also think Sophie is among people I talked of earlier. If it’s you, I’m sure you can achieve something comparable to Christina onee-sama and the others, as a woman in the Orlando Kingdom.”

“Am I?”


To think Lilina thought of me as that great of a person, thought Sophie as she was inwardly surprised.

Did this friend who got along with her forget that Sophie was merely a young lady of a baron family? If not for the fact that Sophie had enrolled into “The Queen’s Rose,” her social pedigree wouldn’t allow her to even exchange greetings with Lilina, the daughter of a count family, much less with Christina. As Sophie gently told Lilina about it, Lilina shook her head.

“Sophie is a smart and very brave person. When you rescued me that time, I thought you were the same kind of person as Nicole-sama! Just like how Nicole-sama managed to change Leold-sama’s beliefs as an aristocrat, I think you also possess the ability to achieve the same in this world! I’m sure you are a person who can bring wonderful things to the world, just like a blooming bundle of roses!”

“I think you overestimate me, Lilina-sama.”

“Be more confident in yourself, Sophie! You are the person chosen by Christina onee-sama to be her ‘little sister’. And just within two months, you’ve already proved yourself to the point nobody would complain about you standing beside Christina onee-sama anymore. Wasn’t it by your own ability that you achieved that?!”

Sophie was very happy about how Lilina thought of her.

But the very special person Lilina spoke about unfortunately didn’t exist in reality. Sophie never thought of herself as a special kind of person. It was undeniable she could achieve more because of the memories of her past life.

But other than that, she was a person who lacked something important.

Sophie didn’t understand what exactly she lacked and that made her feel anxious. Sophie felt she was that small of a person.

She was just a poor person who desperately tried to fill what Sophie Linier lacked by using what she had from her previous life even to this day.

After all, that’s what I wanted…

The first memory she had was of Sophie Linier, the day she was born.

That day, when Tasuku still didn’t fully realize he became Sophie Linier and worried about the crying child.

That day, Tasuku wished for it.

The baby was different from Tasuku, who was unloved by his parents.

He wished for the baby to be a child who could be loved and cherished by her friends and family.

Tasuku hoped and wished for it.

And he wished for it to come true.

Even Rio told her that Sophie Linier had the power to make whatever she wished come true.

If it was “Sophie Linier”…

Sophie Linier was herself without a doubt. It was her current self. However, she sometimes felt Sophie Linier was a completely different girl.

When she looked back on the path she had walked as she grew according to her wishes, she always felt she had left something behind.

She was sure it was because of the memories of her previous life.

That missing thing always casted a shadow on “Sophie Linier.”

The unforgettable memory as a flawed human known as Nakamura Tasuku and the feeling she couldn’t leave behind always left a shadow on her.

“Sophie? …Um, I’m sorry. I kept talking all I liked.”

Lilina hurriedly apologized. Perhaps she felt Sophie was suddenly feeling down.

“No, the words I received from Lilina-sama are my treasure. I always wished to become that kind of person. Although I still don’t know what I should do to become so, I wish that someday I can grow into someone who can answer such a wish.”

“I’ll also swear to you! I will become a wonderful person, as a woman of this kingdom!”

The number of promises Sophie had made had increased.

The declaration Sophie made to Rio, the vow she said to Christina, and the words Sophie exchanged with Lilina.

The words she could never take back. Now that she said it, it became her promise.

However, Sophie didn’t think that promises were compulsory.

She was indeed afraid whether she could truly make it come true.

Such fear was always with her.

However, there was nobody who had no fear.

I need to be strong. All I need to do is grow stronger.

She already decided to walk forward and not look back.

For the people who loved her, she decided to grow stronger.

The things she couldn’t achieve alone were accomplished with the help of Bart and the others.

That was the strength of “Sophie Linier.”

It was something she couldn’t do during her life as Tasuku. He lacked the courage to take the hands stretched out to him. If it was “Sophie Linier,” she could gracefully take those hands and say her gratitude with a smile. Sophie Linier was stronger than Nakamura Tasuku.

That strength was to be proud of, more than anyone else.

There would always be fluctuation in her heart. However, she tried to grow stronger every time it happened. She thought she had grown stronger yet again.

The more important people I have, the more I’m sure I can fill the thing I’m lacking.

Sophie exhaled softly so Lilina wouldn’t notice. Sophie exhaled her fear and inhaled her future. It was like a ritual for her to not be scared and move forward.

“Not good. I always end up talking on my own, even though I came to look for the story that Sophie might like today.”

Looking at the flushed cheeks of a beautiful girl with big breasts reflecting on herself, Sophie’s feelings from earlier scattered away and, it’s very cute of her to have flushed cheeks! Such a Tasuku-like thought emerged instead.

It seemed not only should Sophie fill the thing she lacked, but she also needed to disperse the unnecessary, evil thoughts. However, as Sophie’s gaze was stolen by Lilina, the beautiful girl with big breasts, Sophie totally dismissed such a thing.

“Ah, ‘It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds’ is also a wonderful story! I think this story appeared a little later than ‘The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy’, so I think it was written by a person who is still in the academy, just like the author of ‘The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy’.”

As she received the book in a red binder, Sophie turned the page.

After reading a few pages, Sophie turned silent.

“There are two volumes of this title now. The setting of the story is similar to ‘The Queen’s Rose’ academy. It’s the story about Rose-sama as onee-sama, Margaret-sama as her ‘little sister’, and their pledge of sisterhood.”


“Rose-sama is a daughter of a duke family, while Margaret-sama is a daughter of a count family, but the pair who exchanged their pledge of sisterhood look like wonderful sisters from anyone’s eyes… Sophie?”

Lilina called out to Sophie, who was reading seriously.

“Ah! …I’m sorry. Because it’s so interesting, I ended up focusing on it.”

“Do you want to borrow it?”


Lilina was slightly surprised by the strong response.

This was because it was rare for Sophie to express herself so strongly.

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1 year ago

Yuri , isn’t it?

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if going forward, woman equality becomes a main/major point (I haven’t read the rest yet), I don’t think it’s very fitting, since MC is a man inside… If MC is completely woman (aka pure woman protagonist), then fighting for equality is a good theme… But not for a gender bended character.

2 years ago

That book is Yuri isn’t it

1 year ago
Reply to  Gordo

I think author didn’t meant to write one

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Hooray! Thanks for the chapters

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thx for the comment too

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So, Christina is Yuri?

There’s a possibility, she might have even wrote that book.

Thank you for the chapter!!

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no, Christina just more tolerant than most. she still unable to handle vivid depiction(like hardcore stuff) though.

well, since the writer is anonymous, its possible

thx for the comment!