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Chapter 050 – Dear Tenma, I Got My Bible

Tenma, I’m painfully realizing now that my past life self was a man after all.

Regardless of how I tried to become a gentle maiden, it seems the remnants of the past do not disappear that easily.

Perhaps that was why I found that the story between young ladies felt more wonderful than stories between men!

The “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds” was a love story between young ladies, and I doubt that even an entire day would be enough to tell you the depth of their love.

I couldn’t read between the lines regarding the story of Nicole and Leoleo like Lilina-sama did, but I could see such a thing when it was between young ladies.

Ah, Leoleo is how I refer to Leold. Indeed, such a nickname is filled with my hatred toward handsome people. Well, let’s leave Leoleo aside for now.

I never thought there would be a day when I would be grateful that Tenma wasn’t beside me. If you happened to be in front of me right now, I would grab your wrist, drag you to a chair, and begin to talk passionately about “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds.”

Although I want to talk about it for a long time, I am also busy with various things, including my studies at the academy, my work at the merchant company, and the planning for sewerage.

But I will talk about Rose-sama, who happened to be both a beautiful and wonderful person like Christina onee-sama. You see, Rose-sama was…

“Ah… I ran out of pages.”

Sophie ended up writing passionately about Rose onee-sama from “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds” until she ran out of pages. As Sophie counted it, she wrote six pages about Rose-sama’s splendor, even though she intended to write only a little bit about it; it was a blunder on her part. 

When Sophie looked at the clock, it showed the time when she usually already finished her breakfast.

Since Sophie gave Sunny a break for that day, she lost track of time.

It seemed that Sophie had no leisure to eat breakfast. Since she already finished her preparation to go to the academy, Sophie took her bag and opened the door of her room.

Sophie felt she could now read between the lines, just like what Lilina loved to do.

Indeed, she could just convert everything to Rose and Margaret and everything seemed to make sense.

Sophie felt like she gained a new weapon, but rushed to the classroom without forgetting her elegance.

“How will you spend your vacation, Sophie?”

After school, Sophie only realized that their first long vacation was about to begin after Lilina mentioned it.

Although there was no Christmas in this world, there was the concept of an end-of-year holiday. The holiday began from the middle of the last month of the year and proceeded through the last days of the year. If it was converted into a number of days, it would be about twenty-five days. The students of the academy were obliged to return home during this period of time and they were looking forward to that.

Sophie was also looking forward to returning to her family in the capital. She also wanted to visit Talis and meet Creto and everyone who was in charge of cultivation.

Also, I have to visit Viscount Harris’ place as well. I wanted to deliver the stories requested by Viscountess Harris too.

When Sophie sent a letter to Viscountess Harris to ask what story she wanted to read, she very happily listed several titles in her reply. When Sophie looked them up, some of them had a continuation, so Sophie copied them all.

Not only that, but Sophie also planned to copy the most popular “The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy” and the title Sophie loved the most, “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds,” so Sophie was well prepared.

Since Sophie didn’t want to spend her vacation wastefully, she made a perfect plan for it.

That’s right, maybe I should bring Michal along when I go to Talis or he will bawl otherwise?

The person who was the most dissatisfied with the decision of her enrolling in “The Queen’s Rose” was her little brother Michal.

Even though they were finally able to live together in the capital, Sophie was then sent to enroll in the girl’s academy, and they had to live separately again, which made Michal protest to his dad while crying.

Sophie was happy that Michal was the only one who clearly missed her and she couldn’t help but break into a smile.

“I’m going back to the main mansion in the capital, but what about Sophie?”

“I am also returning to the capital, but I will also visit Talis at a later date.”

“Oh my, that ‘Talis of Food’?”

“Yes, because I lived there for a long time.”

“There are a lot of wonderful snacks and food, right? Lana onee-sama told me!”

“That’s right. There are many kinds of snacks specifically from there.”

Just the other day, Lilina exchanged the bond of sisterhood with Lana.

It seemed the biggest reason was how the pair shared the same hobby of reading between the lines.

Since Lilina worshiped Lana, Lilina was very happy to learn that one of onee-samas she respected shared the same hobby as her. Lana was also happy how Lilina agreed with her in everything and both became good sisters. 

The ring on Lilina’s little finger was shining. It was the ring she got from Lana. Sophie also had a ring on her little finger that she got from Christina.

Sophie thought the rings were the same, but it seemed they reflected the taste of the person who gifted them. Lilina’s ring that she got from Lana had a jewel of the same color as Lana’s eyes. Sophie’s ring that she got from Christina was studded with a blue jewel carved in the shape of a rose flower.

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