Refuse Harem

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Chapter 051 – Dear Tenma, I Got My Bible II

It was customary to prepare the ring intended for the bond of sisterhood before even choosing the person, not after they exchanged the bond of sisterhood to the other person.

It didn’t matter even if the ring prepared didn’t match the finger size of the person who received it. When that happened, they would just turn it into a necklace to be worn on their person. Although the ring given to Sophie and Lilina happened to match their fingers perfectly, most people didn’t get a ring that matched their finger size, and therefore, turned those rings into necklaces.

“Sophie… would it be a bother if I visit Talis when you are there?”


“I wanted to meet you during the holidays. If it’s Talis, I think there are a lot of snacks that Lana onee-sama would be happy to receive. Is it no good?”

Sophie wondered if there was anyone who could refuse such a request when they were asked by a girl who was looking at them with upturned eyes while cutely tilting their head.

It was something Lilina learned directly from Lana. According to Celine, it was an enchanting smile that charmed men to do her bidding. There was no way that Sophie, who had the memories of a man who was unpopular with women, could resist and she ended up happily obliging to it.

“I’m happy I can meet Sophie even during holidays!”

“I’m also happy about it. Ah, but I think my little brother will accompany me to Talis, is that okay?”

“Sophie’s little brother?!”


“Does he look similar to you?”

“He has a different hair color, but I think he is otherwise similar.”

“Oh my! I’m really looking forward to meeting him!”

Sophie felt relieved that Lilina was happy about Michal accompanying them. Since Michal was well-behaved, Sophie doubted he would trouble Lilina.

After that, the pair decided on the date, and they agreed to go from the royal capital to Talis together on the fourth day after the new year.

“By that time, I think the ring I requested would have arrived, so I’d like to have Sophie see it with me, and if it looks good, I’d like to give it to Lana onee-sama!”


“It’s about the return ring. I’m just requesting it. I made the color of the jewel similar to my eye color, but I’m worried it might not fit Lana onee-sama’s finger.”


“Is something wrong, Sophie?”

Lilina wondered and asked Sophie who let out an upset voice, despite Sophie usually giving a wise reply.

“That’s… don’t tell me, the ring for the bond of sisterhood is something that the other party also has to give in exchange?”

“You didn’t know that?!”

As Lilina replied with a startled expression, Sophie stiffened.

But at the next moment, her chair made a rattling noise as she hurriedly stood up.

“My apologies, Lilina-sama, I’ll have to leave my seat!”

Sophie started running after an apology. Of course, the place she was going to was to her beloved elder sister, Christina.

Although the other students were surprised to see Sophie running at a speed that was unlike a young lady of an aristocratic family, Sophie had no leisure to care about that at the moment.

I have to ask the size of Christina onee-sama’s little finger! Aah, but even if I request the ring now, can I make it before the holidays end?!

Sophie didn’t know how long was needed for a ring to be made since she had never given a ring to a woman during her previous life. On top of that, Sophie, who wasn’t interested in jewelry, didn’t know how to buy one since she never bought one for herself.

I’ll write a letter to Bart to immediately look it up. Is there a catalog for it? No, it would be better if I design it myself and make a custom order!

As Sophie ran while her thoughts were spinning inside, she saw Christina admiring the flowers at the greenhouse.

“Oh my, Sophie. Is something wrong? Why do you look so panicked?”

“My, my apologies, Christina onee-sama! Can you please tell me the size of your little finger?!”

As Sophie asked with a desperate expression, Christina, who was good at understanding circumstances, understood what happened and laughed lightly.

“So you heard it from Lilina.”


As expected of Christina, it seemed she knew it all.

“It’s alright. I know you were unaware of it, and I never told you as well.”

“Would it bother you if I give you a ring?”

“That’s not what I meant. It’s just, since I one-sidedly made you my ‘little sister,’ you don’t have to worry about that.”

“I don’t think it’s one-sided…”

“It is. I gave you the ring on the first day of your enrollment, when you knew nothing.”

As Christina closed her eyes as if confessing her fault, Sophie shook her head.

“I consider the ring I got from Christina onee-sama as my greatest fortune! Please tell me the size of your finger! I will definitely prepare a ring suitable for Christina onee-sama!”

“Oh my… then what would be your second greatest fortune?”


Sophie never thought she would get asked about her second greatest fortune in this situation. If she had to say it, it would be the thing Sophie referred to as “the blessing known as good fortune which allowed her to touch the blessing of fertility” she received from Lilina, but there was no way she could say that out loud, and Sophie couldn’t help but look away.

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