Refuse Harem

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Chapter 052 – Dear Tenma, I Got My Bible III

“Oh my, is it something you can’t tell me?”

“No! There’s absolutely nothing I can’t tell Christina onee-sama!”

That’s a lie! There is something I can’t tell you!

As expected, there was no way Sophie could tell Christina about “the blessing known as good fortune which allowed her to touch the blessing of fertility.”

Wha-what should I do…

As Sophie panicked, Christina stared at Sophie’s hair.

“That hair accessory…”


“Even though you could have as many new hair accessories as you wanted, you always wear the same one, right? Although it is taken care of properly, you must have used it for years. It seems you truly treasure it.”

“This hair accessory, is it?”

That hair accessory was something she got from Rio at an early age.

It was his first and last present, and Sophie always wore it.

Although it wasn’t like Sophie didn’t have other hair accessories, she couldn’t help but wear that particular one over the others. It helped remind her of her declaration to her friend back then.

“It’s something my friend gifted to me, so I cherish it.”

Sophie put her hand on the hair accessory. Although the hair accessory was quite big when she first wore it during her early years, it was a perfect fit for her right now. Both the blue gem and the pearl were maintained properly, so their beautiful shine hadn’t faded yet.

“The jewel attached to the hair accessory has the same color as my friend’s eyes so I’m quite attached to it, but blue also happens to be Christina onee-sama’s eye color, so it has grown more important to me now. Also, the ring Christina onee-sama gave me also has a blue gem in the shape of a rose, which makes me very happy; it feels like a set.”

“Which gift does Sophie like more?”

It was difficult for Sophie to compare them.

Although Sophie wanted to immediately answer her with “Of course the ring that I got from Christina onee-sama is better,” the first and last present Sophie got from Rio was also precious to her.

“This is something I got from a friend whom I will never know when I might meet again, so it’s hard for me to make the comparison. If this ring was also the last gift I got from Christina onee-sama and I never knew when I could meet you again, I would consider this ring as important as my life. However… I don’t want this ring to become like that.” 

If Christina also became like Rio, whom Sophie would never know when they could meet again… even just imagining it was painful. Sophie wanted to always see Christina’s brilliant smile. Not only was it beautiful, but it also served as a guide for Sophie.

Whenever Sophie stumbled and became anxious, she would imagine how Christina would handle the problem. Just thinking that way, the dark road would become illuminated.

Although Lilina, Celine, and the others were all beautiful and wonderful young ladies, Christina was on a league of her own.

Born and raised to be the queen, Christina’s way of life was already decided from the beginning. She didn’t abandon the future where she would never be free, never revealed the pressure she endured and the effort she made on her face, and never even showed off her talent.

Everyone thought nobody was more suited to be the queen than she was.

Sophie wanted to watch such a respected person forever. If she could be of help, she wanted to do what she could.

“If it were possible, I’d like to look at Christina onee-sama all the time.”

As Sophie spoke out her heartfelt words, Christina’s eyes narrowed in reaction.

“My apologies, I guess I was mean. Since Sophie always cherished that hair accessory, I got a little jealous.” 

“I don’t think there is something for Christina onee-sama to be jealous about.”

“Oh my, you said that jewel had the same color as your friend’s eye color, right?”


“To give something with the same color as their hair or eyes means you treat the other person as precious to you. Especially if that person is of the opposite sex, it is something that is gifted only to their lover or fiancé.”

“Is that so?”

As Sophie said that in puzzlement, Christina stiffened for a few seconds.

“You didn’t know about that?”

“Yes, it’s something that I never had anything to do with all this time, after all. Aah, but I don’t think this is what he meant when he presented it to me. Although that friend in question is indeed a person of the opposite sex, it is something I got during childhood, so I think my friend was also unaware of such meaning.”

“…No, that shouldn’t be…”

Christina murmured quietly. Unusual for her, her expression showed a color of confusion.

“…Hey, Sophie.”


“What did you do when a person of the opposite sex showed their good will to you in the past?”

“Good will from the opposite sex? Christina onee-sama, unlike you, I never got any kind of good will from the people of the opposite sex!”

As Sophie declared so with a very nice smile, Christina looked up to the sky for some reason.

Are there any birds flying up there? Since the greenhouse was glazed, one could see if there were birds up there. Sophie also looked up to see if there were any, but there was nothing there.


Her name was kindly called.

“I am very worried about you.”

At the sudden consideration given by her beloved onee-sama, Sophie couldn’t help but shout “Eeeh?!”

Moreover, Christina also sighed in melancholy.

As Sophie panicked, Christina quietly said,

“I guess I’ll have you give me a ring after all. I want something beautiful that is suitable for my finger. —I’ll need it to keep others in check.”

Although Sophie didn’t understand what the beautiful person meant, she nodded in reply.

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1 year ago

Protagonist denser than blackhole, female (gender bend) version.

1 year ago

I guess Christina at this point knew her fiance feeling toward Sophie, and how she also felt the same.

And realizing how dense Sophie is.

So she decided to push her fiance court Sophie as his concubine.

2 years ago

The density of our protagonist is lovely instead of infuriating to me for some reason.

2 years ago
Reply to  Spirit

it’s nice that it heals you.

2 years ago

Reading this novel heals me

2 years ago
Reply to  anon

that’s great