Refuse Harem

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Chapter 055 – Dear Tenma, I’m Enjoying My Vacation Right Now III

Upon entering the factory, Bart whispered something to Sophie.

It seemed that the mayor of Talis heard about Sophie’s return and was heading here to give his greetings.

“I see… Lilina-sama, I’m terribly sorry, but may I leave for some time? Creto will take over the guiding duty in my stead.”

“You don’t have to be considerate about me. I’m the one who asked you to accompany me despite you being busy after all.”

As Lilina replied with a smile, Sophie apologized once again and left with Bart.

Even though he was left alone with an aristocratic young lady and her maids, Creto guided them around the factory without being nervous. Guiding a normal aristocratic young lady like her was much easier since she wasn’t like Sophie who would ask him difficult questions every time she got curious about something.

Once the tour ended Lilina, who was seriously listening to Creto’s explanation, exclaimed.

“Sophie’s father has amazing foresight, even making such a wonderful facility.”

“No, the one who built this place is Sophie-sama.”


“From the cultivation of ‘amane’, to refining it into sugar, everything was made with the suggestions and efforts of Sophie-sama.”


Lilina’s eyes widened in shock at Creto’s words.

Creto, who didn’t think he said anything strange since it was something that even children at Talis knew about, didn’t notice Lilina’s surprise and guided her to the exit.

After Sophie did everything scheduled today, she and the others returned to the mansion and were greeted by Michal, who had been waiting for them.

“Michal, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine now! Aneue1, may I accompany you tomorrow as well?”

“Of course, if your fever goes away.”

Since her cute little brother caught a fever due to exhaustion from being shaken in the carriage yesterday, he was left at the mansion all day today.

Perhaps he felt lonely. As Sophie embraced Michal, who said that on the verge of tears, Michal gladly buried his face in her warmth.

“Lilina-sama, it’s about time for dinner… Lilina-sama?”

Sophie was curious about Lilina, who seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, and proceeded to call her name once more. Perhaps Lilina was exhausted?

Maybe it would be better to have her rest in her room for a while, so Sophie guided her to the guest room and instructed Sunny to brew tea.

“Lilina-sama, are you alright? It seems you are exhausted from coming along with me today. I’m very sorry for the lack of consideration.”

“Tha-that’s not it! It’s not that, Sophie! I’m just ashamed of myself…”


“After all, Sophie already gathered so many people, built facilities, and made a great contribution to this nation, while I am still desperate to take care of myself. It makes me worried about whether I could properly fulfill my promise with you…”

As she saw Lilina’s trembling figure on the verge of tears, Sophie thought.

Look at this, Bart! Look at this lovely expression of Lilina-sama! If you saw this, you would understand what I meant in my letters then!

However, Bart was unfortunately not allowed to enter the guest room where the aristocratic young lady stayed, so Sophie’s inner monologue was meaningless.

“Sophie is too great of a person to be my friend, and I’ve become well aware of that today…”

“What are you talking about, Lilina-sama. That’s what I always think about you.”

“…But I have nothing I could be proud of.”

As Lilina looked down and closed her eyes, Sophie gently took Lilina’s hand and squeezed it with both hands. Although Lilina’s sad expression was also very cute, Lilina looked the best when she smiled.

That was why Sophie wished for her lovely friend to always smile.

“Lilina-sama can be proud that you are yourself. Didn’t Lilina-sama also tell me before? To be proud of myself. I was very happy about that, to have my first friend at the Girl’s Academy tell me such words.”

Lilina slightly raised her face, but her expression was still dark.

“I was actually very scared. I worried that when Lilina-sama visits me and looks at how I live my life, you might disdain me as a vulgar person…”

“—! There’s no way that I would disdain you! why are you thinking that way?!”

“Because I am helping my father’s work which is something that is normally unthinkable for an aristocratic young lady. I thought it would be natural for you to scorn me… I was actually considering hiding that fact. But I didn’t want to hide it from Lilina-sama.”

Just as Sophie didn’t want to hide things from Christina, she also didn’t hide things from her precious friend. She did think whatever she tried to hide would eventually be found out anyway. Sophie couldn’t allow herself to cloud their heart when they found out her deceit.

“I am well aware participating in business like this makes me a failure as an aristocratic young lady. However, this is something I absolutely need to do and I know I will grow stronger by doing so. Of course, the things I did couldn’t be accomplished by me alone. I managed to achieve what I did because of the cooperation of many people around me. I wanted Lilina-sama to know that.”


Lilina squeezed her grasped hand hard. It was as if she was trying to give her power to Sophie.

“As expected, you are really a friend that is too great for me. Who should I be grateful to that I have such a person to be my friend in my lifetime?”

With both of their hands overlapping over each other’s, Lilina closed her eyes as if to pray for gratitude. As if she was appreciating the greatest joy to meet the person in front of her. After the brief prayer, Lilina opened her eyes and gave Sophie her usual smile. As expected, Lilina looked best when she smiled.

As Sophie was relieved, she began to consider how she could explain the loveliness of her friend to make Bart understand it.

Sophie was getting heated up in explaining such things last night as well, but it didn’t work. Sophie couldn’t convince him even when she used her conversational skill as a former salesperson. It was her miscalculation since she could just make him understand by showing Lilina without any need for words.

Sophie felt a tinge of fear towards the man whose heart didn’t move at all despite seeing how lovely Lilina was. Even though it was her past life self instead, he would likely kneel in appreciation.

So much so that Sophie couldn’t help but say that “Does your preference lie somewhere in between?”

For Sophie, Bart was Bart. She didn’t mind his preference.

However, she was just disappointed to have never learned about it despite the long years they spent together.

While Sophie was regretting her incompetence, Bart couldn’t understand what the young lady in front of him meant to say, and a thought ran from the bottom of his heart.

What exactly is our ojou-sama learning in the Girl’s Academy?

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1 year ago

Lilina: “…But I have nothing I could be proud of.”
Sophie’s thoughts, probably: “booba”

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yea, that crystallization of motherhood

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I wonder if there’s going to be a yuri development

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once we returned to the plot of chapter one, there would be no women appeared on screen outside sunny occasionally

1 year ago

What exactly is our ojou-sama learning in the Girl’s Academy?

– how to appreciate young ladies

Thank you for the chapter!!

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also learn to respect breasts despite their sizes

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And get a fetish on a bully girl?

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on being bullied by girl, not bullying one