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Chapter 056 – Dear Tenma, I’m Enjoying My Vacation Right Now IV

Sophie was having a chat while enjoying dessert and tea with Lilina, who had become more energetic after dinner. Lilina would return to the royal capital tomorrow, so they chose to enjoy a slightly longer night.

Perhaps because Michal was resting all day today, he wasn’t sleepy at all and was very happy listening to Lilina’s story.

Perhaps Lilina also found that talking with young Michal, who listened with a smile, was worth her time, so she mainly talked about what Sophie did at the academy.

“Sophie’s figure when she rides a horse is especially wonderful and she has many fans! If anyone heard that Sophie would participate in horse riding, many people would come to see it.”


Sophie was panicked by the unexpected compliment.

“Lilina-sama, you don’t have to be considerate of me. I am sure everyone came to see Christina onee-sama instead of me.”

“Not really. I am sure they all came to see Sophie. Your gallant figure when you saved me back then is famous for looking similar to Nicole-sama, after all. It is natural that everyone wishes to see it at least once!”

“…Gallant figure?”


Bart and Creto, who were standing behind them, muttered at the same time.

They acted like servants would and didn’t interrupt the conversation between young ladies.

However, as Lilina explained Sophie’s exploit in the Girl’s Academy, the atmosphere behind them gradually changed into something suspicious.

Although Lilina didn’t notice at all, Sophie understood what that meant.

…This is not good… I think the flag for Bart’s sermon has been raised!

Sure enough, Sophie’s night was later spent receiving sermons instead of the daily work report.

Although Creto didn’t participate in the sermon itself, he asked, “Who is Nicole-sama?”

As Sophie was exhausted by Bart’s sermon, she just said, “It’s Leoleo’s lover,” which is not exactly explanatory.

Then Creto tilted his head as he muttered, “Leoleo?” this time.

Sophie couldn’t help but think that it was the result of Lilina-sama’s education regarding how to read between the lines that she unintentionally said that.

The next morning, Lilina returned to the capital while feeling sad at the moment of farewell.

As Sophie looked forward to seeing her again once she returned to the academy, she began to work at full speed. She gave her greetings to various places and had a tasting party at the union. She also held a dinner party for the employee she had no time to greet.

The vacation passed quickly and the day to return to the academy had come. Sophie enjoyed her time with everyone during the vacation after a while, and she was looking forward to the next vacation. As Sophie returned to the academy, she enjoyed conversations with her classmates regarding how they spent their vacation.

Then Sophie proceeded to give her greetings to the onee-samas and revealed Talis’ new snacks. Lana seemed very delighted with the chocolate that Lilina gave her and proceeded to the snack festival.

But the thing that Lana was most pleased with was the ring for the pledge of sisterhood that Lilina gave to her.

Sophie already saw it during the vacation. The ring Lilina gave Lana was a golden ring adorned with a jewel of Lilina’s eye color engraved into a flower shape with small jewels scattered in the center and the petals of the flower, which made it look very cute.

Lana squinted her eyes over and over and was fascinated with the ring that fit wonderfully on her little finger. Lilina was relieved to know that Lana was delighted by it, and both of them smiled at each other.

As Sophie was pleased by the beautiful scene, she also presented Christina with a ring.

The ring was designed before the holiday and was made by a famous craftsman in a hurry, but as expected of the person who was known as a master artisan, he produced wonderful results just like the design.

Since the ring would be worn on a little finger, it couldn’t be too big. However, everyone seemed to praise the ring at a glance. Sophie wanted the ring to make Christina’s beautiful finger shine.

“May happiness and blessings come to Christina onee-sama. And along with an everlasting vow of longing, I offer you my heart. Please accept this ring.”

The “little sister” said her piece and put the finger on Christina’s pale finger.

The ring presented by Sophie had a red and gold band with a single blooming rose in the center of the ring. Its petals were colorful with beautiful crimson rubies and shining diamonds. Celine, who sat next to Christina, exclaimed in admiration at the ring, whose detailed work could be seen from a distance.

However, Christina looked at the ring and said in a slightly disappointed tone,

“It’s very beautiful. But it’s not the color of Sophie’s eyes.”

“Yes, I think that Christina onee-sama looks better in a gorgeous crimson. However, inside the ring…” [T/N: inside as in the inner rim, the part that touches the finger.]


Christina was curious about Sophie’s embarrassed expression, and she removed the ring and turned it over.

“Oh my…”

The inside of the ring was carved with leaves, with each little leaf embedded with emerald green stones: the color of Sophie’s eyes.

“To think that you put your own color in a place that others couldn’t see. That’s a wonderful idea!”

Lana’s eyes shone as she praised the ring.

But soon after, she added, “Leold also put his own color on Nicole in a place where others couldn’t see!” That thing which involved reading between the lines. Lilina, who heard that, seemed to imagine it and said in agreement, “That’s wonderful!” with a flushed expression. They were sisters who got along well with each other as usual.

Christina looked at the ring dearly for a while then proceeded to wear the ring on her little finger and gently spoke as the ring shone on her pale finger.

As Sophie was fascinated by her appearance that could be made into a beautiful picture, Christina smiled at Sophie.

“It’s a wonderful thing. Thank you, Sophie. I’ll cherish this.”

Sophie replied to the words that slowly permeated her heart with a smile.

But inside her mind,

Aaah, craftsman-san who desperately made the ring without properly celebrating the New Year, thank you very muuuuuuuch!!

She offered her deepest gratitude to the craftsman.

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