Refuse Harem

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Chapter 057 – Dear Tenma, Yet Another Fortune Came My Way

Tenma, I gave a ring to a woman for the first time the other day.

I, who had no girlfriend in my previous life, gave a ring to a beautiful woman in this life.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Aah, how can I possibly convey my happiness of giving a ring to Christina onee-sama, who is a crystallization of beauty? Perhaps a lifetime’s worth of Bon festivals and New Years1 combined wouldn’t be enough to convey it.

Speaking of rings, is Tenma already married?

You were so handsome to the point I felt indignant about it, so I was sure you would get married to a beautiful woman.

Tch, I feel jealous…!

But that is okay! Perhaps I might be more furious if I was born as a man in this lifetime, but I am a woman in this lifetime, so I won’t be envious!

On the contrary, because I was born a woman, I was granted the chance to give a ring to a beautiful woman like Christina onee-sama, so I am really grateful.

This fortune is comparable to “the blessing known as good fortune which allowed me to touch the blessing of fertility.”

Both of them were amazing fortunes for me, and it is hard for me to rank them.

Which is better in Tenma’s opinion?

Is it a shallow act to try to rank them?

Uh-n, this is worrying.

Oops, no good. That isn’t the only thing I wanted to say.

It seems that there will be a flower festival at “The Queen’s Rose” soon. Even though it is called a flower festival, we aren’t spreading real flowers, apparently.

It seems that the students of the Girl’s Academy are to submit works they have made and a judge will evaluate them. The work could be anything; some made poetry or a story, some gave pressed flowers, and some also submitted elaborate embroidery.

Lilina-sama was very enthusiastic about this and said she wanted to make a chronology of achievements that women in the Orlando Kingdom had made so far.

I am wondering what I should submit. I did think I had to submit something that wouldn’t make me ashamed of being Christina onee-sama’s “little sister.”

………I actually had an idea of what to submit. But, I was hesitant to actually go through with it.

After all, the “Sewerage Plan in Orlando Kingdom” is a totally unbecoming dream for an aristocratic young lady, right?

It is a dream I absolutely want to achieve, though.

The plan itself is almost complete. However, I doubt many people would understand what it is even if they read it.

I feel that sewage treatment using the sludge method is something totally out of place in this world.

However, it will be possible if the principle is the same in this world. If it could be done, then my… Tasuku’s effort could be realized.

Tenma, what would you say about this?

Perhaps you would say something like “Just do it quickly if you want to do it” or something similar?

Even though you usually hated troublesome things, you were quick to take action once you decided, so I am sure that is the thing you would say. I am quite jealous of that since I took a long time before taking action.

Let’s see… since it came to this, I won’t do that in my current life!

Christina onee-sama also said that the judges prefer free thinking that isn’t bound to reality, so I will write to them about this dream of mine!

Tenma, just look forward to the results!

Almost five months had passed since Sophie enrolled at the academy.

The season was soon to be spring. Although the wind felt cold as usual, if people looked outside, they could see small buds of flowers all over.

And on a certain day after school, a neat and tidy lady held a textbook with her both hands and came to Sophie.

“Um, Sophie-sama… there’s something I didn’t understand in today’s class… so.”

Her cheeks flushed, and she shyly lifted her textbook as if trying to hide it.

“I-I wonder if you can teach me…”

To the young lady who was desperately trying to convey her words despite her tiny voice, Sophie smiled at her.

“If you don’t mind, let’s study together.” 

“—! Thank you very much!”

Behind the young lady who raised her joyful voice, another young lady raised her voice.

“That’s not fair! Sophie-sama, there’s also something I don’t understand from today’s class!”

“Me, me too!”

Several young ladies rushed to Sophie with a textbook in their hands as if competing to get ahead. Although Sophie was surprised that she was suddenly surrounded by several people, Sophie didn’t show it in her expression and replied with the same smile as before.

“Since it is like this, let us all study together.”

Everyone could feel the dignity in her lovely voice, and the young ladies around her had their cheeks flushed red.

For them, the young lady of the baron family, Sophie Linier, was the “little sister” of the young lady of the duke family, Christina Wellin, but Sophie was also an impeccable girl who was good looking, always scored at the top in her studies, and had outstanding motor skills.

Especially her figure when she rode a horse; it was totally akin to the protagonist Nicole from “The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy.” She was very popular.

Although Sophie was initially scorned because she was chosen to be Christina’s “little sister” despite being the young lady of a baron family, everyone was now desperate to have Sophie remember their name.

Even without the fact that Sophie was Christina’s “little sister,” the strength of Sophie’s character had fascinated the weak young ladies, and even during the times Sophie was harassed, her complexion didn’t change and her figure of walking straightforwardly despite the situation was eye-catching.

Even as the harassment continued, the young ladies were first to give up in front of Sophie’s mental fortitude, and the number of people who harassed her gradually decreased.

Although the sensible classmates and the young ladies of higher years didn’t help her in that situation and left Sophie to deal with it alone, they were actually worried Sophie might drop out soon, but the result Sophie showed overwhelmed their expectations.

Sophie never got angry regardless of the situation and didn’t lose her elegance as an aristocratic young lady.

Even though she was criticized by Lilina Zellbell in public, she always smiled and greeted her, and before they knew it, Lilina began to yearn for Sophie instead.

She was able to win with only a smile. That wonderful attitude as a young lady convinced everyone that this was the reason Christina didn’t help Sophie, then everyone praised both Christina and Sophie, and people began to say “as expected of the ‘little sister’ of that Christina Wellin.” 

However, the person in question didn’t notice the generous praise of the young ladies and just thought.

When everyone gossiped about me, their sullen expressions were cute, but their flushed expression when they embarrassingly ask me to teach them is also cute! Aah, but I wonder if I can see their puffed cheek expression one more time?!

Even though it had been almost five months since Sophie first enrolled, her thoughts were still disappointing.

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