Refuse Harem

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Chapter 058 – Dear Tenma, Yet Another Fortune Came My Way II

“Sophie, it seems that the results have been posted! Let’s go see them together!”

At lunchtime, Sophie tilted her head to Lilina, who visited in a hurry.

“Is there an exam that was posted recently?”

“It’s about the results of the flower festival! Did you forget about it?”

“Aah, now I think about it, that’s right.”

Certainly, the results of the recently submitted works for the flower festival were about to be revealed.

So that’s the reason everyone was fidgeting today.

Sophie had spent her days with fluffy feelings, but none of that was related to the flower festival, so she didn’t notice.

Sophie’s priorities in the academy were: Christina onee-sama at the top, the precious Lilina, and the cute onee-samas, so she was ashamed to forget about the flower festival work she submitted.

On top of that, the thing I submitted is the “Sewerage Plan in Orlando Kingdom” so I doubt I will get a winning award.

Not only was the thing she submitted unfitting of an aristocratic young lady, but it also lacked dream, hope, and beauty.

Even though she made that to realize her dream, hopes, and reality, it was definitely not something that was necessary for aristocratic young ladies. Even though it was a flower festival, considering the “flower” she submitted, the judges were probably having a hard time dealing with it.

Although Sophie wrote to Tenma to tell him to look forward to it, she had no expectations, given what she submitted.

“I’m terribly sorry. I just forgot since I have no confidence in the ‘flower’ I submitted.”

“Really, Sophie has been too humble recently!”

“No… I’m not being humble, I really-“

“Let’s go and see the result!”

Sophie’s arm was entwined and pulled along.

Since Sophie got to feel Lilina’s chest, she was happy, she really was, but even though she was happy1, she wished Lilina would not do that.

Sophie failed to suppress her emotion today as well, and she felt fluffy.

Indeed, even if Sophie’s name wasn’t included among the posted results, there would be no problem with that.

The problem was that Lilina, who looked at Sophie with total belief that Sophie would win the top prize, was shocked and surprised to see her own name in the results and proceeded to embrace Sophie, which made Sophie experience the second coming of “the blessing known as good fortune which allowed her to touch the blessing of fertility.”

Sophie, who was distracted by the softness, as usual, attempted to help Lilina, who was pushed by the waves of the students who came to see the results, but slipped in a fabulous fashion and fell flat on her face instead.

Sophie truly believed that this was the punishment from God to her.

But, but! I didn’t take any initiative to touch it on my own! I really didn’t, God!!

Worried about Sophie, who hit her head on the ground, Lilina apologized as she cried and the surroundings became noisier, but for Sophie, it was a time of brilliant happiness like the light of the spring sun.

Until this time today⁠—

That day suddenly came.

It was a usual day.

Sophie took classes in the morning and had lunch with Lilina, but something happened the moment before the afternoon class began.

Just as Sophie was about to return to her class for the afternoon lesson, she was stopped by Christina’s maid. Since that meant Christina was looking for her, Sophie hurriedly went along.

Sophie was neither guided to the garden where they usually held their tea parties nor the greenhouse. Instead, it was Christina’s room. The maid knocked on the door and got permission to enter. For some reason, Sophie could feel the nervousness of Christina’s maid.

It was the first time Sophie had ever entered Christina’s room. That was why it was natural for Sophie to get nervous. However, Sophie didn’t understand why the maid was also nervous about that.

Sophie suddenly looked at the corridor. She could feel something strange there. She felt many presences for some reason. They were erasing their presence as if protecting something.

Are they maids? No, this feels too capable for a maid… Perhaps they are Christina onee-sama’s escorts?

However, at “The Queen’s Rose”, it was hard for men to enter even if they were escorts.

Instructors and gatekeepers were exceptions, but personal escorts weren’t allowed to enter. Even if a parent or sibling wanted to visit, they had to inform them beforehand, and the time and place of meeting were decided in advance.

As Sophie wondered about that, the maid opened the door and entered.

Perhaps as expected of the young lady of the duke family, Christina’s room was several times wider than Sophie’s, with two additional doors leading elsewhere. Perhaps the door on the end led to the bedroom? In the room Sophie entered, tables and chairs were lined up. This made Sophie strangely confused.

Is this room really Christina onee-sama’s room?

Sophie thought that for some reason. Although the furnishings placed here were luxurious, they weren’t things that Christina usually liked. The strange feeling was getting stronger.

However, Sophie’s beloved “elder sister” was certainly there.

Christina was sitting on a chair and gave Sophie her usual smile.

She wore a beautiful blue dress with gold and silver embroidery, and her shiny golden hair shimmered brilliantly today as well.

“Sophie, I’m sorry to suddenly call you here like this.”

Christina’s tone was the same as usual. Be it her kind smile, her noble behavior, or her graceful actions. The ring presented by Sophie was shining on Christina’s little finger.

“No, if Christina onee-sama needs me, this Sophie will happily go even to the depths of hell.”

Christina smiled at her “little sister” who spoke like a brave knight.

Christina gave her permission to sit down, but Sophie didn’t feel like sitting for some reason and hesitated.

In the situation where Sophie couldn’t dispel the discomfort she felt, she needed to be able to protect Christina if something went wrong. Rather than sitting, she preferred to stand since it would allow her to take action quicker should the situation call for it.

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Alicia Putri
Alicia Putri
4 months ago

She is still a man after all. Her instinct to protect remain strong