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Chapter 059 – Dear Tenma, Yet Another Fortune Came My Way III

Perhaps it was because she noticed Sophie’s hesitation that Christina didn’t force her to sit and continued the conversation.

“Sophie, I’m sorry about the flower festival.”

She apologized again. However, there was nothing for her to apologize about for the flower festival.

Sophie didn’t understand why Christina apologized and stared blankly at her. Then Christina explained she was one of the judges for the flower festival.

“There’s nothing for you to apologize for! I will just do my best to submit something that could catch the interest of the judges next time.”

On the contrary, Sophie was glad there were no cheating accusations against her. By the next flower festival, Christina would no longer be in the academy. Sophie did feel lonely and painful at the thought of Christina’s graduation, but it wasn’t like it was a lifelong parting. With that in mind, Sophie thought she could do her best even after Christina’s graduation.

Since Christina wouldn’t be included among the judges next year, there would be nothing that would make Sophie be under suspicion of cheating. Sophie would submit a wonderful “flower” fitting for aristocratic young ladies, earn the crown, and report that to Christina.

To Sophie, who responded energetically, Christina’s eyebrows, which had the same color as her hair, frowned as she seemed to be troubled.

“No, Sophie. The ‘flower’ you submitted is a wonderful one without a doubt. That’s why I passed it to a certain person.”

“A certain person, you say?”

Although Sophie was confident about her plan, she wondered if there was anyone out there who would be happy to receive such a thing.

“Err, you passed that thing elsewhere? Won’t the receiver be troubled to get that?”

“…Sophie, you are really a mysterious child. I never thought I’d see anything like that at the flower festival. Although the name of the person who submitted the flower was hidden during the judging period, I immediately realized it belonged to you as soon as I read it. You are the only person that comes to my mind who would possibly submit such an innovative idea for the betterment of the nation and is trying to actually accomplish it among the aristocratic young ladies.”

“Christina onee-sama…”

Sophie was impressed by Christina, who read and actually understood the sewerage system that Sophie made by incorporating her past life experience.

Although it would be normal for people in this world to doubt her idea would be good enough to be a proper sewage treatment, Christina didn’t throw it away as an unrealistic endeavor. Sophie was very happy about that.

“I am honored that you say that.”

“…Because of that, I passed that ‘flower’ to my fiancé.”

“Christina onee-sama’s fiancé…?”

Christina’s fiancé was the prince of this nation. The thought made Sophie swallow her saliva.

“His Highness was very impressed. But not just His Highness, even the person who is praised as the rare genius of this generation, also praised your ‘flower’.”

“The rare genius… of this generation?”

“Yes. It is the person who currently serves as the director of the Institute of Medical Science in the Orlando Kingdom, Lorenzo Forsell-sama.”


Sophie heard of that name before.

He was the second son of a marquis family. His exceptional brain and handsomeness were among the best.

He was the person who was known as the “Longing Prince” by the young ladies in “The Queen’s Rose”.

“Such a person…”

According to Christina, after the first prince read Sophie’s “flower,” he immediately sent it to Lorenzo Forsell. He wanted to confirm whether the principle discussed was possible to apply. It seemed the reply also came back fast.

“Lorenzo Forsell-sama advised His Highness that the plan should be done immediately.”


Her plan was recognized. Sophie had an urge to rejoice.

She wasn’t pleased because she was recognized as a person. She was happy that the principle of her sewerage system was understood and recognized.

That sewerage planning wasn’t something that Sophie could realize easily no matter how much she wanted to do it. It was a national-level project. It wasn’t something that an individual could manage alone. Sophie was always thinking of how to actually make it work. 

However, her words as a woman with the pedigree of a daughter of a baron family definitely wouldn’t be able to reach the upper echelon of the nation. Yet, it happened now, with the help of Christina.

“They will… actually make a move?”

“His Highness has every intention.”

Sophie closed her eyes. The feelings of joy she couldn’t express in words filled her heart.

However, she couldn’t show such childlike joy in front of Christina.

Instead, Sophie slowly opened her eyes and thanked the beautiful person in front of her with lady-like gratitude.

“Thank you very much, Christina onee-sama. I feel one of my worries about the Orlando Kingdom is about to be resolved. That thing that sounded like nothing but a dream can finally take shape, and I am honored to be helped by Christina onee-sama. I don’t know how to express this supreme joy with just words.”

If the first prince and the director of the Institute of Medical Science, who both could be considered the highest authorities in this nation, would realize her plan, there was no way Sophie would complain about it.

If it was possible, Sophie wished to be included in realizing such a plan, but she knew full well that she, as a woman, couldn’t be granted such an opportunity.

That was why Sophie smiled.

The thing she wanted to realize was the establishment of the sewerage system, not that she needed to do it personally.

“I will entrust the plan to everyone involved. I sincerely hope that the plan will be successful.”

“Oh, what are you talking about, Sophie?”

“…Eh? Isn’t it about the realization of that plan?”

“Yes, it’s about the realization of that plan. With your help, that is.”


“It’s the plan you made, so who else but you to serve as the chief executive to realize it?”

“Eh… eh?”

Sophie didn’t want to leak such stupid sounds in front of Christina, but Sophie couldn’t form proper words because she didn’t understand what Christina meant.

I am to be… the chief executive? Me? Why?

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