Refuse Harem

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Chapter 060 – Dear Tenma, Yet Another Fortune Came My Way IV

Sophie did indeed draft the plan herself. She also had the desire to take part in the operation. But despite that, she lacked the authority and power to go through with it.

This plan would cost a lot of labor and money. In such a national-scale project, there was no way for a young lady of a baron family to take part.

There’s no way Christina onee-sama isn’t aware of that…

There was no way her wise onee-sama would make a statement that would lead to the failure of the plan. Perhaps she meant that as a joke?

“Uhm, Christina onee-sama…”

“As for the details, I’d like you to talk about it directly to my fiancé⁠—Your Highness.”

…Your Highness?

Just as Sophie blinked in confusion because she didn’t understand why the words “Your Highness” were mentioned there, the door of the back room opened. A young man entered beyond the door. 

The person who appeared there was a young man with similar golden hair and sky-colored eyes to Christina’s. He also had a well formed face. Just with him taking one step forward, he exuded some sort of aura that was different yet similar to Christina’s, and as both of them stood next to each other, they looked like a pair of dolls.

Sophie was dumbfounded as she saw the person who came in.


She was familiar with the face of the young man.

Indeed, it was the exact same face as that of her old friend.

While he was arrogant, he was also a boy who was willing to listen to another’s words, and he seemed pained and reluctant to part with Sophie to the point he offered her to come along with him as his bride.


As he walked toward Christina, she stood up as if it was the obvious thing to do, and he proceeded to sit in the seat Christina just vacated.

“Sophie, this person is the first prince of the Orlando Kingdom and my fiancé, Ferio Rex-sama.”


The first prince? Rio is?

Sophie did surmise that Rio had a superior pedigree compared to hers, but she never thought he was actually a prince.

Sophie couldn’t keep up with reality and blinked her eyes.

“Long time no see, Sophie.”

Her name was called. The voice belonged to that of an adult compared to what she heard back then, but the gentleness in his eyes was the same.

He was indeed Rio, Sophie’s childhood friend.

“You are the fiancé of Christina onee-sama…?”


The words that Sophie muttered were very disrespectful to be said to a prince.

However, he didn’t look offended. On the contrary, he looked away awkwardly. This kind of attitude was similar to his attitude back then.

So he is Rio after all… Rio is the first prince?

He was the first heir of this nation.

Also, he was the fiancé of Christina.

“⁠—That’s a lie, right! Christina onee-sama’s fiancé should be more… more like! It’s more… like something, you know!”

Sophie forgot her façade and made a statement she herself couldn’t understand. The great despair made Sophie forget the other party was a member of the royal family.

“…What do you mean more like something? Do you have complaints about me being her fiancé?”

The other party also said something that was unlike a prince.

“Rather, I have nothing but complaints! It’s Christina onee-sama’s fiancé, you know! Only the person who can make Christina onee-sama happy is eligible for that position!”

“…What the hell are you talking about?”

Even as Ferio asked her, Sophie didn’t answer as if she was enduring the feelings she had no way to vent. Left with no choice, Rio asked his fiancée next to him.

“Christina, what is she talking about?”

“Kuh… To think you talk casually to Christina onee-sama!!”

Sophie glared at Ferio in indignation.

“My status is greater, so it just can’t be helped, you know?”

Ferio, who didn’t understand why he had to be glared at like that, glanced at his own fiancée for help.

“Oh my, Sophie. You shouldn’t talk to His Highness like that.”

“I-I’m terribly sorry.”

In response to Christina’s words, Sophie reluctantly apologized. It was completely different from her attitude to Ferio earlier.

“I’m very sorry, Your Highness. She has been rude to you. Sophie just loves me that much, after all.”

“…Oi, I feel nothing but malice in your words there.”

Ferio held his head due to the unexpected attack from his fiancée.

As he muttered that the talk wouldn’t progress this way, he ordered Christina.

“Christina, leave us alone for a while.”

“Yes. Please excuse me.”

Christina lightly lifted her dress, gracefully bowed, and left the room. Sophie looked at Christina’s leaving figure like a puppy abandoned by her owner.

It was as if a pitiful whining could be heard in the background.

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1 year ago

lol finally they meet again

Livon Saffron
1 year ago

Lmao not her protecting her elder sister from that rude but confused bish

2 years ago

Lmao, Sophie roasted him just like that even after knowing that he’s a prince, lol

Thanks for the translation!

2 years ago
Reply to  Freigus

his image as childhood friend is stronger than as prince ro sophie

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