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Chapter 070 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier – The Meeting and Despair of Ferio Rex IV

“Why did I end up telling Sophie’s story to you…!”

“Your Highness, you were very tired at that time after all.”

Indeed, Ferio was tired back then. He was busy with his duties as the first prince and couldn’t even take a proper break from his work. So much so that he didn’t have time to talk to his fiancée. However, meeting with his future wife was one of his important responsibilities. Because he had already refused her so many times before, he had to meet her on that particular day, despite him being exhausted to the point he might faint at any moment.

However, as he chatted with Christina while drinking the tea she served, which she claimed to be effective for fatigue, the flow of the conversation progressed into a story about Sophie for some reason.

“…You didn’t mix something weird into that tea you brought that time, did you?”

As Ferio shot her a suspicious gaze, Christina blatantly acted surprised.

“Oh my, I only served you a tea that worked well for fatigue at that time. It’s not something suspicious.”

“In the past, there was a man who warned me to always be cautious of everything prepared for me, even if it came from the woman who would become my wife. I really regret that I didn’t listen to his words right now.”

“That’s a good policy to have.”

Even as Ferio said such blatant sarcasm, Christina didn’t care.

Ferio was aware the situation was dangerous, for if things developed according to the plan of his fiancée in front of him, only death awaited him.

“I really don’t want to. Only her I will absolutely refuse!”

“Oh my, Your Highness. Don’t say something so childish.”

“There should be tons of concubine candidates out there, right!”

“Your Highness, that girl will surely accomplish great things as the first woman in history who was granted a purple star. Someday, she will become a person who is remembered by her name, Sophie Linier, instead of her status as the purple star in later generations. If you took such a person as a concubine, it would show the generosity and tolerance of the royal family to the public, helping raise women’s status within the kingdom. It is a very meaningful action. Moreover, I would prefer if the concubine is Sophie. If she ends up as Your Highness’ concubine, then I can be with her forever.”

“So it’s just for your sake in the end?!”

Even when Ferio’s voice turned rough and pointed that out, Christina merely kept her smile without replying.

“Don’t choose concubines for such a reason! Are you aware you are being selfish right now?”

“I’ve learned about what kind of person Sophie is and gave up on doing that once. However, I couldn’t help but reenact the plan the moment I learned that she intended to become a nun.”

There were two main reasons why aristocratic women became nuns in the Orlando Kingdom.

It was either to escape from the violence and abuse of their marriage partner or to send the daughter the parents couldn’t prepare a dowry for and were thus unable to marry them out. Payment required to send a daughter to the monastery was far cheaper than a marriage dowry, after all.

In this nation, although it was considered an act of honor to donate to a church or monastery, sending one’s daughter there wasn’t.

“It was beyond my tolerance to live on when I thought it would no longer be possible to meet her, my ‘little sister’, anymore in this lifetime.”

“That fool, she even told you about that nun matter…”

Ferio wanted to scold Sophie to choose the person she talked to about certain matters more carefully, but perhaps for Sophie, Christina was considered a good person to tell them to.

Looking at how Ferio hated the idea, Christina tilted her head in wonder instead.

“Isn’t that girl your first love? What are you so dissatisfied about?”

From Ferio’s perspective, he wondered why Christina didn’t mind that fact at all instead. No, he actually knew why. He was aware of the reason, he just pretended not to for the sake of not pursuing this topic any longer.

It wasn’t funny for him. He couldn’t tell the woman who hated him for being Christina’s fiancé to be his own concubine even as a joke.

Perhaps Christina felt Ferio’s horror, so she gently said,

“It’s alright, Your Highness. It’s not necessary for Your Highness to make Sophie fall for you. I will persuade her in your stead. Leave this matter to me.”

“How is it okay?! Aren’t you just fooled by how she pretends to be cute?! She’s not that cute of a woman!”

“Sophie is always my cute ‘little sister’ in front of me.”

That’s only in front of you! But Ferio was too exhausted to shout that, and instead, he cursed his own bad luck with women.

Now that it came to this, he absolutely had to send Sophie to “The King’s Sword” and to just hope she’d end up with a suitable man there.

But alas, Ferio couldn’t imagine the figure of that troublesome and eccentric girl even flirting with a man, and Ferio collapsed on the table in despair.

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Alwindar Lee
Alwindar Lee
1 year ago

I dunno why but I have a feeling that Christina is the reincarnation of Tenma

1 year ago

Thanks for the chappy!

Problems romance characters never had to think of before