Refuse Harem

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Chapter 071 – Dear Tenma, My Friend Became My Enemy

Tenma, please don’t be surprised to hear this.

It turns out the fiancé of my beloved Christina onee-sama is Rio, my first friend from my childhood days!

Rio, no, that Ferio, is actually the first prince of this nation!

So that’s why he wasn’t willing to talk about his identity.

Really, how many times have I had the thought to strangle the neck of that friend of mine out of hatred?

I don’t hate Ferio as a person, you see. However, I don’t approve of him being the fiancé of Christina onee-sama. Yes, even if I am to be called a mother-in-law, I will still not approve of him.

Aah, now I understand Lilina-sama’s feeling when she said she won’t approve of me being Christina onee-sama’s “little sister”! It is beyond the matter of being convinced! It’s impossible to approve to begin with!

After all, that man is the one who told me he loved me during our childhood.

Like hell I can entrust my beloved Christina onee-sama to a man who fell for me, who is far inferior to her. Nay, there’s no way I will allow it to happen!

In the first place, Ferio is weird for even considering asking me to be his bride as a form of a love confession.

That kind of remark is more of flattery, not a confession of love.

Perhaps he just didn’t know it because he was raised by the royal family, but to think he didn’t know how to confess his love like a gentleman; I found that so pitiful, so I told him about it directly when we parted.

When I said that, Ferio had an expression like swallowing a bitter fruit and insisted that there was no way the words he said were meant as flattery.

This is why I hate young masters who are ignorant about the world. I’ve been to many nations, so there’s no way I’m wrong.

The remark of asking another to be one’s bride is more of flattery to make a woman happy. It’s a common flattery that many people say, no matter the nationality.

As I explained that to him, Ferio had a weird expression and asked “…you, are there other people who’ve asked you to be their bride other than me?” To which I replied with a nod, which made his expression become even weirder.

When he asked the number of people who said that to me and I answered it, he said “What’s with that number… Why did you never understand despite being told that many times? So the maiden within you really is dead.” Isn’t that weird?!

I don’t understand why the man who misunderstood a common flattery as a love confession had to say such an insult to me!

A confession of love is supposed to begin with kneeling, taking the woman’s hand, and professing their love to the woman while looking straight into her eyes.

If the woman accepts, the man is supposed to kiss the back of her hand. Isn’t that supposed to be a love confession?!

Even Lilina-sama told me that’s the case!

Well, Lilina-sama was talking about the things between the lines, though.

Well, I was indeed a man who was never involved with any love confessions in my past life. But even I wouldn’t treat love confessions or proposals as a joke, nor say those things with such arrogance.

Rather, that fool Ferio even told me to go to “The King’s Sword” to handle the sewerage plan.

Basically, he’s telling a girl to enroll in a boy’s academy!

What’s with that? There’s no such story even among the stories in “The Queen’s Rose.” Perhaps there was a manga with such a plot in my past life, but reality and fiction are different.

Really, what would he do if my cute self was surrounded by men and ended up behaving like a man!

—But Tenma, I decided to go.

To be honest, I am a little anxious about it.

After all, there’ll be nothing but men, so it means that. None of them will have a bosom… what horror.

I might end up disgusted with living surrounded by only men and touch my own chest to remind myself of Lilina-sama then I end up muttering things like “I guess my stomach feels softer?” That would mark my end as a young lady!

Just thinking about it makes me feel gloomy. Even though I am already in my dream paradise…!

But Tenma, my dream isn’t this paradise alone.

Indeed, my dream for a better future is also part of it.

I don’t want to leave the dream unfulfilled and have my life end just like my past life.

Besides, by being granted a purple star and achieving the task, it will allow me to fulfill the promises I made, be it the promises with Ferio, Christina onee-sama, or Lilina-sama. Of course, that won’t fulfill everything, but I think some of the promises can be fulfilled.

That’s why I will walk forward without losing!

On the day of Sophie’s departure, there were four young ladies waiting in the room.

They were Christina, Celine, Lana, and Lilina.

At this time, only these four people were aware Sophie was going to “The King’s Sword.”

Lilina was biting her lips to keep her tears from spilling.

With them staying at the girl’s academy while Sophie was sent to “The King’s Sword,” that meant they couldn’t easily spend time together like this.

They could meet during a long vacation, but it was doubtful that Sophie would have any free time.

“Sophie, don’t forget to write letters. We will still be friends even if we are apart, right?”

“Of course we will.”

“Even if we are apart, I will always think of you. Please don’t forget that.”

To think I have to separate from my teary-eyed friend who says such cute things, thought Sophie as she was filled with hatred for Ferio. However, if Sophie could achieve the task successfully, that meant she would fulfill her promise with Lilina.

“Me too, I will always think of Lilina-sama as well…”

As Sophie wondered how to convey her feelings to her beloved goddess of fertility, Lilina said it to her first.

“You can leave the matter of transcribing stories to me. If ‘The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy’ has a new chapter, I will make sure to transcribe and send it to you!”

“Tha, thank you very much…”

They would be very happy, especially Sunny, Viscountess Harris, and Sophie’s mother. 

“I will make sure to send ‘It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds’ as well so rest assured.”

“Please do so!!”

Sophie involuntarily squeezed Lilina’s hand as she begged.

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2 months ago

poor sophie, no more booba paradise…
she never really had a maiden in her heart, huh…

8 months ago

MC really have lost h(er)is maiden hearts huh?
Doesn’t even understands what love mean is hard

1 year ago

Thank you! I’m anticipating to see their reaction to Sophie

1 year ago
Reply to  anon

well, you can look forward to future chaps then!

1 year ago

Thank you for the awesome chapters!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

thx for the comment!