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Chapter 073 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~Christina Wellin’s Strategies and Sighs~

From an early age, the daughter of the duke family, Christina Wellin, had always asked for a love story when she met her fiancé.

She didn’t mind even if it was a fictional story, she just wished to be told a wonderful story.

It might have been possible if it was a woman, but a man could hardly make any fictional story. Despite understanding that, Christina still asked for one from Ferio Rex, who was her fiancé and the first successor to the throne of the nation.

Ferio always frowned uncomfortably at Christina’s words. Wrinkles appeared between his eyebrows as he said, “Don’t ask for the impossible.”

“Why do you want to hear such a story?”

“It’s because I’m curious about Your Highness.”

As she answered with a smile, Ferio replied with an expression that said, “That’s definitely a lie…” as he drank his tea.

What Christina just said was definitely not a lie. However, if asked whether her request was because of love, then the answer was no.

Her cute snooping attempt that outwardly seemed like jealousy was nothing but curiosity.

Indeed, curiosity.

She was curious whether her fiancé had a person he loved.

Despite his identity as a member of the royal family, if he ended up having feelings for a girl who was unqualified to be a part of the royal family and fell for that girl–that was the thing she wished to know.

For any other normal aristocratic young lady, they would become jealous if they learned their fiancé had a person they loved in the past and would come to hate that girl.

And perhaps it would be better if she could feel jealous, but unfortunately, Christina seemed to lack such emotion.

From the moment Christina was born, she was obliged to become a queen. She was born to be a queen, educated to be a queen, and that was the only meaning and worth of her life.

Perhaps that was why she didn’t know what love was.

Political marriages didn’t require love.

Things that weren’t necessary were abandoned by Christina.

However, she was curious about the love that overflowed in the world.

She was curious why people sought something that lacked form?

Weren’t things like jealousy, hatred, and inner wickedness exposed just for an uplifting feeling known as love?

Christina wished to learn about that strange thing.

However, even if she was curious about that, practically every aristocrat was in a political marriage. Especially for the houses with high pedigrees, there was practically no marriage done out of love. Even if they actually had a mistress, it was basic procedure for an aristocrat to not make that public.

Every day, Christina wondered whether there was an exciting love story somewhere.

If the fiancé in front of her had such a person, perhaps her boring days would shine a little. Such was her thought.

However, the fact her fiancé was always busy with his duties made it obvious he had no time for love. His daily schedule, which allowed little time to catch his breath, was way more packed than Christina’s, who was also being educated to be a queen. There was no way he was in an environment that allowed him to fall in love, and he had no time to do so.

However, Christina instinctively knew that her fiancé was actually lying.

For Christina, who could easily discover a person’s lies, her fiancé’s attempt to lie was no different than that of a baby. Even though he could fluently weave lies in front of his vassals, for some reason, he couldn’t make a simple lie in front of a certain woman.

Christina enjoyed the fact that her fiancé was hiding something. She knew that if she kept waiting patiently, she would hear about it someday.

And that time came unexpectedly early.

From her fiancé’s perspective, he probably stumbled upon a bad time. In a short period of time, he had to handle several public affairs as the first prince, participating in a banquet as a member of a royal family and receiving foreign guests on top of his daily studies. As he had to focus on everything at once, his physical and mental strengths were exhausted.

On the promised day for the tea ceremony, he clearly appeared to be exhausted and was absentminded even as he sat on the chair.

By being considerate to her fiancé, Christina also thought it was a chance.

The tea she brewed then was something with a relaxing effect and definitely nothing suspicious. However, humans would talk about things they didn’t need to when they were not careful.

As Christina spoke with a slower and gentler tone than usual, she took advantage of his accumulated fatigue and invited her fiancé to fall asleep.1

As the exhaustion and drowsiness hit him, her fiancé’s sense of judgment weakened and he told her the story of “his first love.”

It was the story of the girl that this person, the boy who desperately strove to be a king, fell for.

It seemed that because he met her, he became determined to be a king.

It wasn’t for the sake of being in a relationship with the girl he loved, but because he was inspired by her words, he came to accept his own role and decided to be a king.

It was his fragile love for her, as he was afraid to take her hand.

What a wonderful thing!

Christina was thrilled for the first time in a long time.

She wanted to know, in any way she could, about that girl.

As a result of her secret investigation, she was led to a certain girl.

Sophie Linier.

She was a young lady of a baron family.

Indeed, she lacked the pedigree to make the love blossom.

However, Christina came to learn that the girl was a peculiar young lady. That girl educated orphans, created fields, grew crops, and made sugar from them. To achieve her goal, the girl went to another nation and looked for better material.

The wealth of the Linier family had been increasing year by year, and now it grew into a famous, wealthy merchant group to the point that no commoner didn’t know its name.

In the report that she investigated not just once but multiple times, Christina’s curiosity shifted from “her fiancé‘s first love” to everything that related to “the girl named Sophie Linier.”

The information she came to learn from the investigation was unlike the things she hardly heard from her fiancé, who tried his best to not mention the girl; it made Christina feel like she was reading a story centered around this girl.

Before she knew it, getting information about the girl and things that she was involved with became one of Christina’s pleasures.

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