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Chapter 075 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~Christina Wellin’s Strategies and Sighs~ III

Even as Christina was busy grading the “flowers” with girly and ladylike content one after another, she could only think about Sophie.

Christina was thinking about how to convince Sophie to agree to be a concubine of the first prince, which wasn’t worth anything to Sophie, and how to make people not oppose Sophie for receiving such a position.1

While her mind was thinking about such things, she picked up a “flower” and read it. The “flower” began with these sentences:

“Currently, the population of the Orlando Kingdom continues to grow. Does our nation possess sewage technology that could withstand the increase in population?

Even now, on the outskirts of the castle, the filth is dumped on the streets, and the sewage is simply drained into the river without being taken care of properly, such is our current situation. If this situation persists for a long time, people will continue to drink the water of polluted rivers, and the poor hygiene will lead to infectious diseases spreading, which would be hard for the nation to combat. 

As for the nobles’ side of the city, which prefers beautiful things, things are certainly taken care of properly, and there seems to be no major problem at a glance. However, the current situation of our nation is that if people take one step out of the noble side of town, they would feel the stagnant odor and air that covers the city. Can we really call such a nation truly beautiful?

Therefore, as the first step to improve that, I hereby propose the sewerage plan in the Orlando Kingdom.”

“This is…”

Water was precious, not only for the Orlando Kingdom, but also for neighboring nations. Although aristocrats could easily buy it with money, commoners couldn’t afford to buy it for their every need. One would likely get sick if one didn’t buy proper drinking water. However, the poor-quality ones were sold at low prices, so those who lacked money had no choice but to buy those instead.

Christina read the written text then exhaled quietly.

“Purifying the sewage through the use of microorganisms…?”

Was such a principle possible to realize?

However, the principles and the mechanisms were described in detail. The equipment of the facility was also written in detail, so it wasn’t merely a product of delusion or random guessing.

“This… must be written by Sophie.”

There was no need to investigate who was the one who submitted this “flower.”

Sophie Linier was the only person who would submit such a thing to the flower festival.

Christina raised her face and closed her eyes.

Aah, as expected, that girl really is a wonder.

As she read it to the end, it was hard to believe this was actually written by a girl.

Even those people who received a silver star couldn’t write this thing.


Why am I crying?

She muttered as her tears fell to her hand.

Was she happy to see a woman who thought this much about the nation? Or was it…

She might fly away.

Her cute “little sister” wasn’t a normal girl after all.

If this “flower” was brought to its rightful place, her cute “little sister” would leave her hand and fly toward the wider world.

Christina had a high status in this nation, as a daughter of a duke family and the next queen. Just earlier, Christina wondered how she could bring Sophie up to a similar height to hers, but what about now?

She felt it was her who might get left behind, and she felt lonely because of that.

Christina let her tears flow as she worried.

However, Christina couldn’t ignore Sophie’s overflowing feelings she put into the “flower” and Christina decided to show it to her fiancé.

Christina’s fiancé was surprised to see Christina, who was supposed to be in the girl’s academy, visit the royal palace even though it wasn’t a long vacation at the moment.

But when he read the “flower” presented to him, he gave pure praise.

And to confirm whether the things written there were possible, he immediately visited Lorenzo Forsell and asked his opinion. Considering Lorenzo’s personality, they thought he would only give a letter as a response, but he actually visited the royal palace and directly advised her fiancé.

This was a task that should be done as soon as possible, he said.

“I think this is a wonderful discovery. I wonder what kind of person wrote this? I really wanted to meet him.”2

Lorenzo revealed a joyful expression that was never seen before in social circles, which made her fiancé happy and was soon convinced.

“I see! It shouldn’t be wrong since you are the one who said that. Christina, who is the person who wrote this? Is it a person working for the duke’s family?”

“No, that’s…

She’ll fly away.

Away from her hand, and go far away.

Her fingers trembled before she knew it.

However, when she touched the ring she received from Sophie, her trembling stopped naturally.

…No, I didn’t do this so she’ll go away. It’ll be the stepping stone so she’ll stay next to me.

As she thought that, she no longer hesitated.

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10 months ago

I wonder if they have magic… The civilization technology level is at about medieval (more or less) era, righr? Can they handle/use microorganisms?

8 months ago
Reply to  Lvuer

Magic? Microorganism that dissolve stuff happen naturally and pretty easy to do if you know how, heck a modern country just put clam inside their water reservoir to purify it. Her plan is probably using one of those simple methods.