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Chapter 076 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~Christina Wellin’s Strategies and Sighs~ IV

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“This was presented at the Flower Festival in ‘The Queen’s Rose.’”


Her fiancé’s expression twisted in confusion. 

It came from “The Queen’s Rose.” In other words,

“The person who wrote this is a woman?”

Lorenzo asked as he was filled with curiosity.

“Yes. That’s indeed the case.”

“No way… a woman wrote this?”

Her fiancé raised his voice in doubt.

Anyone would be surprised. Considering how descriptive the document was, nobody would think it was actually written by a woman, much less a girl.

Christina wondered what kind of face her fiancé would show once he heard that girl’s name.

When Sophie first enrolled, Christina thought she would be filled with excitement when she revealed that Sophie was actually enrolling there to him

But right now, Christina felt no such feeling. Instead, she felt her chest tighten because she had no choice but to reveal the precious treasure she has kept hidden.

Even so, Christina spoke that name.

“This is written by the daughter of a baron family, Sophie Linier.”

“…What did you say?”

His blue eyes trembled. It was rare for him, who could fluently string lies to his vassals, to forget even the existence of Lorenzo who stood beside him, and to become unable to suppress his emotion.

“Why is she… why do you…”

Know about Sophie Linier?

Her fiancé, who had no idea Sophie enrolled in the girls’ academy, was surprised to hear that the plan that was acknowledged even by the genius of the generation was actually written by his first love, and the fact that Christina spoke of her connection with Sophie naturally shocked him.

“Lorenzo-sama, who do you think is the most suitable person to be in charge of carrying out this plan?”

Christina ignored her fiancé who was still in shock and asked Lorenzo.

Even with her status as a daughter of the duke family, Christina was aware she wasn’t supposed to directly ask Lorenzo, the bearer of five silver stars, about such matters. Even so, she had to ask about it.

Lorenzo didn’t seem offended by Christina’s question and replied.

“Of course, it would be the person who created this plan.”

“Even though this person is just a daughter of an aristocrat, of a baron family, at that?”

“Wellin-dono, I don’t care about such trivial things. Rather, we should be happy about this. If the person who wrote this is actually a person from another nation, I would have advised kidnapping this person and having them work in this nation. That’s how much the talent the person who wrote this has.”

Lorenzo didn’t say flattery or compliment things that people didn’t have. He would only praise what he acknowledged.

This meant that the person who wrote this was acknowledged as a genius by the kingdom’s resident genius.

This generation’s genius and the next queen turned their eyes toward the first successor of the throne.

Her fiancé who desperately hid his confusion in his eyes was a wise person. He should understand what the gaze of the two meant to convey. His lips trembled. He understood he had to make preparations to carry out the plan. 

However, this meant he would force a tremendous amount of danger on his first love.

…It’s okay. She, my “little sister,” is stronger than anyone else.

Christina also held the same fear as her fiancé.

However, Christina believed in Sophie Linier, more than anyone else.

Just like Sophie believed in her.

She closed her eyes and tightened her heart.

As she opened her eyes slowly, her eyes that had Sophie’s beloved color of sky shone sharply.

She turned her strong gaze toward her fiancé, waiting for him to open his mouth.

When did the gears first begin to move?

Was it at this moment?

Or was it from the moment he met her?

Or was it even earlier than that…

As she worried about the gears that couldn’t be stopped anymore, Christina thought about her beloved “little sister” —

After seeing Sophie off, Christina returned to her room to hide her melancholy. However, Celine and Lana soon came to visit her.

The two people were trying to be considerate so Christina didn’t feel depressed. Although she was pleased with their efforts, she suddenly asked a question that came to her mind.

“Since when did the model of Leold’s character become Gerald-sama?”

“Oh my, it isn’t? When we mentioned a knight with blond hair and blue eyes, doesn’t everyone imagine Gerald-sama?”

Celine casually said that which made Christina wonder.

Certainly, Gerald Forsius of the Count family was a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes. Having the status of paladin, he became a knight among knights that any woman longed for. There was also the fact that he was an expressionless person, which made it hard for others to read his emotions; this was similar to Leold.

Celine and Lana were aware that Christina was the author of “The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy,” but Christina didn’t tell them who her characters were modeled after.

Well, nobody would imagine that the character was modeled after the royal family.

Even if the author was anonymous, using the royal family as a model was too scary for anyone to even think of doing so.

Christina took careful considerations to make the character appear completely different from her fiancé that she’d used as a model so people wouldn’t know.

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