Refuse Harem

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 081 – Dear Tenma, I am Currently in MukaPun State!

Tenma, I’m being MukaPun right now.

It’s a mukamuka punpun1, if you don’t get it.

…No good. I thought I would feel better if I tried to sound cute, but it was just a waste of effort.

Tenma, does the fact that I want to harass the escort because they happen to be a handsome dude make me disqualified as a person? But don’t you think it just can’t be helped?

He has a good face, a good physique, and a good family pedigree. I can’t help but think he is trying to pick a fight with unpopular men.

Eh, you say that I am a woman now?

Even women can have an antipathy toward popular men!

Well, sorry for my needy heart!

Excuse me. I was a little distraught there. What a thing to do, I wonder if I don’t look like a young lady anymore… Kuh, this is also Geragera’s fault.

Even though I already spoke sarcastically to him that much, he didn’t seem to be affected at all.

Even yesterday, he was stuck behind me all the time, and to be honest, I was about to become neurotic because of that.

Even though he’s an escort, I didn’t feel like I was being protected at all. On the contrary, not only do I feel exhausted being together with him, but I also need to plaster a smile on my face even though I don’t want to; I constantly feel like my face is going to cramp.

To think he manages to get on my nerves this much even though only two days have passed, what a scary man, Geragera is!

Aaaaah, I’d really like to attach a beautiful boy like Nicole to him!

If that happens, my beloved Lana onee-sama and other people with a similar interest in the girls’ academy would be happy, and I wouldn’t need to be tortured by this feeling that I prefer to throw away in the trash can.

Indeed, I think all those handsome dudes should be sentenced to entering that “between the lines” stuff!

Why does Leoleo have Nicole, but Geragera doesn’t have such a person?

I will look for one now and sentence them to be entered between the lines. Look forward to it, Tenma!

After she finished writing the letter to Tenma the next morning–since she couldn’t do it yesterday because she was tired and fell asleep–she immediately went down to the first floor.

Sophie had been basically active every early morning since she came to “The King’s Sword.” Since there was a kitchen she could use freely here, unlike when she was at “The Queen’s Rose,” she could prepare her own breakfast and lunch.

“For now, this is the only thing I am grateful about here.”

She muttered that while quickly cooking her breakfast and preparing her lunch box.

While she was doing that, Sunny came into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Sophie-sama.”

As Sunny gave her morning greeting to Sophie with a lovely smile and Sophie replied with a similar smile, Sunny immediately helped with the cooking.

She was the only servant in this building, along with only one paladin guarding the door. It was clearly too much of a burden for Sunny alone, no matter how one thought about it, but Ferio had no intention of letting new people get attached to Sophie, of which Sunny agreed, and reasoned that the light chores could be outsourced. Based on that, Sophie decided to take charge of making meals when she could do so.

Since Sunny was aware that cooking was Sophie’s hobby, Sunny wouldn’t tell Sophie that such a thing was unladylike. Instead, she came to help Sophie just like what she was doing at the moment.

After making breakfast and lunch, she ate the breakfast with Sunny, then they proceeded to Sophie’s room to change Sophie’s clothes. It was easy for Sophie to dress herself, unless it was an elaborate dress, but while Sunny let Sophie prepare meals, she didn’t let Sophie dress herself. 

It seemed dressing Sophie up was a blissful moment for Sunny. If Sophie took that away, Sunny would have a very sad face. Indeed, if Sophie did everything on her own, it would deprive Sunny of her servant work, so Sophie obediently let Sunny dress her.

After Sunny finished helping Sophie change her clothes, she left the room for a moment, but then returned some time later.

“Sophie-sama, today’s escort is here.”

Sophie tilted her head at the word “today’s escort.”

Did that word mean the escort for today wasn’t Gerald but someone else?

However, perhaps because Gerald, who looked similar to Leold, who Sunny liked, didn’t come, Sunny seemed a little restless, which was rare for her.

“Sunny, is something wrong?”

When Sophie asked, Sunny exclaimed, “No, nothing!” It was definitely weirder than usual.

Perhaps the escort for today was a better man than Gerald?

When it came to a person whose handsomeness was comparable to Gerald, only Lorenzo Forsell, the director of the Institute of Medical Science, came to Sophie’s mind, but there was no way such a person would serve as an escort, and her appointment to meet with him again was still a few days away.

“For this morning, a person named Luca-sama came.”

“Luca-sama? Now that I think about it, there was a person with that name during the time for the first introductions.”

Sophie didn’t listen to the self-introductions after Gerald’s, but there was certainly such a name there. As they hurried to the hall, there was a boy with a cute face standing straight and waiting for her.

“Good morning, Sophie-sama. I will serve as your escort for today. I might be young, but I’m looking forward to working with you.”

He was taller than Sophie, but looking at Luca, who didn’t seem to be older than her, he had big, crisp green eyes and beautiful black hair.

Uwah… his appearance looks just like Nicole…

At the first glance at Luca, Sophie finally understood why Sunny was so fidgety earlier. Nicole was Sunny’s favorite character in that story.

Sophie barely managed to stop her astonishment from escaping her mouth as she saw the boy who looked just like Nicole from “The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy.” And as Sophie looked closely, she certainly felt that this person was present at the greetings on the first day. Because of her state on that day, Sophie failed to recognize this cute boy who looked similar to Nicole.

Perhaps this is the person who is the model for Nicole?

It seemed to be the case when she looked at him.

His short hair made him very similar to Nicole.

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Hmm? Am I remembering something wrong? I could have sworn Christina said she based Nicole off the information she got about Sophie who she hadn’t met yet and said she would have made Nicole a girl if she did meet Sophie sooner.

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