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Chapter 082 – Dear Tenma, I am Currently in MukaPun State! II

Sophie’s favorite book wasn’t “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy,” which she had a hard time telling if it was depicting a friendship or a romance between men, but “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds,” which depicted the tale of beautiful girls. So to be honest, she had no interest in both Leold and Nicole. However, the cute boy in front of her looked so similar to Nicole’s description that Sophie decided she would return early later and write a letter to Lana about it.

“Err… My deepest apologies, but are you worried that I might lack strength?”

“Heh? No, that’s not it! I’m sorry, I was dumbfounded there. I didn’t get lost in my thoughts because of such a worry, so please take care of me from now on.”

Sophie hurriedly apologized to Luca, who seemed to misunderstand that her silence meant her dissatisfaction with him.

When Sophie raised the hem of her dress and greeted him like a lady, he finally smiled with a relieved expression.

“Luca-sama, you were present when I first came to this academy, right? I was actually so nervous back then that I hardly remembered anything at all… I’m terribly sorry for that, but can you please introduce yourself once again?”

“Not at all! Me1 too, ah, I mean, I also deeply apologize about that!”

Perhaps finally noticing that he said “boku” to refer to himself all this time, Luca covered his own mouth and had a gloomy expression due to his blunder.

He did use “watashi” to refer to himself in his last greetings, but perhaps he normally said “boku” instead.

“I don’t mind, so just speak the way you are comfortable with.”

“No, there’s no way I can do that!”

“If you do, it would help me to be less nervous.”

As Sophie asked him with a slow and amiable voice, Luca’s cheeks flushed red.

“Tha-thank you very much… Sophie-sama is a kind person.”

Luca, who said she was a kind person just because of what she told him, looked more delicate and ephemeral.

“I’m Luca Forsell. I’m not that experienced, but I’ve received two copper stars. As you can see, I’m a young person, so you might be worried, but I swear on this sword to protect you from the bottom of my heart.”

Sophie was surprised by the fact that the boy who actually had two copper stars put a knee to the ground and gave a deep, knightly bow.

Certainly, there was a completely different scale when it came to the number of stars for black stars and copper stars. Regardless of the number of stars that copper stars had, they were not comparable to a single black star. However, the number of stars one could earn in this academy was three stars at most. It was amazing for him to already earn two stars at his age.

Because the copper stars mostly consisted of commoners, their stars were completely based on their performance. Even if said person was an aristocrat, they couldn’t earn any star if they lacked the skill to back it up.

Then Sophie suddenly noticed. The fact he had a surname meant Luca was an aristocrat. It was rare for an aristocrat to enroll in the copper star faculty, though around 80% of them consisted of commoners.


Luca Forsell… Wait, isn’t Forsell…

Recently, Sophie got acquainted with a high-rank aristocrat with the same surname. Indeed, there was such a person who was there to greet her when Sophie first came to this academy. The person who first greeted her among them had the same surname as Luca. 

“Err, are you perhaps Lorenzo Forsell-sama’s…?”

Sibling? Before Sophie finished her sentence, Luca answered with a smile.

“Lorenzo Forsell is my elder brother.”

Sophie was surprised to know that Luca was of a marquis family, but she was more surprised to know that such a person actually enrolled in the copper star faculty.

And it seemed that question was apparent on her face, as Luca hurriedly corrected his words.

“Ah, but I’m the son of a concubine, so actually, it is presumptuous of me to call him elder brother and to call myself a Forsell. Therefore, please consider me as a commoner instead.”

No, that’s impossible… rather, you managed to earn two stars despite your delicate circumstances, so how strong are you?

Regardless of how inferior they were to black stars, it was still hard for a copper star to earn their additional stars.

For a copper star to earn an additional star, it was necessary for them to win the annual Copper Star Martial Arts Competition, which was only held once a year. It didn’t need to be said, but such a result wasn’t something that could be bought with money. It was only achievable through a serious competition. It wasn’t an easy task to stand on the top of about two hundred copper star students, and it was common for copper star students to be forced to graduate at 18 years old before ever earning a star. The only other method to earn a star was to achieve a great contribution, but it was something that was hard to accomplish when they were still students at the academy.

His physique looks like a normal boy, but is he really that strong?

“Um, how old are you, Luca-sama?”

“I’m 14 years old now. I enrolled in the academy when I was 10 years old.”

Unlike “The Queen’s Rose,” whose admission was set at 14 years old, any boy could enroll in “The King’s Sword” as long they were between the ages of 10 to 18. Also, those who already earned three stars were allowed to graduate at any time. “The King’s Sword” had a completely different system than “The Queen’s Rose.”

He managed to earn two stars within four years. Does that mean he managed to win the competition twice?

Even if he was a person of the Forsell family, he couldn’t earn copper stars with money.

Nicole, the character of “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy” was smart, but he was weak with the sword. Whenever he was in danger during the story, Leold would come to rescue him most of the time.

Since he is that strong, he doesn’t need Leoleo. I guess there’s a reason why he was selected as an escort…

She was impressed, but she couldn’t help but wonder why he enrolled in the copper star.

“I’m impressed that you have already received two stars despite the fact that you’re the same age as me. But if it’s Luca-sama, wouldn’t it be possible for you to enroll in the black star instead?”

Even if he was the son of a concubine, since he still possessed the family’s surname, it should be possible for him to enroll in the black star.

“Not at all! Unlike my elder brother, I’m not smart, and I didn’t have an acceptable personality to enroll in the black star. Someone like me… Ah, no, I didn’t mean that a copper star doesn’t need an acceptable personality either!”

The boy hurriedly corrected his words, making a smile appear on Sophie’s face.

This boy is a serious person.

Many sons of aristocrats were unconsciously influenced by their father’s greatness through their surnames, but perhaps due to Luca’s birth, he was desperate to not bother his father and brother.

His purity reminded her of Tasuku a little bit.

Until that day when Tasuku was abandoned, he was also desperate to not be abandoned by his mother.

“Err, that’s, you, please just think of me as a commoner and just call me Luca.”



“You know, I like you.”


“Let’s do our best!”

When Sophie asked for a handshake with that momentum, Luca shook her hand, although still confused.

However, even after the handshake, his head was still filled with question marks, and he was looking at Sophie and his hand alternatively.

As for Sophie, she could tell right away that Luca’s hand that she shook was the hand of a knight.

Although she was more used to white and soft fingers, the fingers and palm that she touched were hard and the skin was thick. If she looked closely, she could see there were muscles apparent on his lean arms. That was the proof of his effort.

Okay, my feelings rose a little. As expected, seeing a person who works hard also makes me motivated.

Sophie smiled and asked about today’s schedule, all while inwardly thanking Luca for reminding her of the motivation she lost ever since she arrived at “The King’s Sword.”

“I was shown the lessons of the black stars yesterday, but I wanted to see the gold stars’ today. I want to give priority to getting used to life in ‘The King’s Sword.’ Will you accompany me for that?”

“Yes, of course I will.”

“Thank you. Let’s go then.”

When Sophie urged him with rough words, Luca seemed a little less nervous and replied with a smile.

Unlike Gerald, Luca was a charming, cute boy and would surely look like a beautiful girl if dressed up properly.

For Sophie, she preferred Luca’s cute face compared to Gerald’s handsome face.

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1 year ago

Even after getting into the boys school, Sophie doesn’t get discouraged and imagines dressing up cute boys as girls. Such a strong dedication to the yuri plot!

Thanks for the translation!