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Chapter 091 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ The Puzzlement of Luca Forsell II~

“How was she today?”


When asked, Luca was at a loss for words for a moment.

“She seemed energetic… Err.”

To be honest, the young lady named Sophie Linier was way too intense for Luca, who practically had no experience with women, so Luca didn’t know how to explain it.

Especially since Luca knew it would be bad if he mentioned the incident with the gold stars in the dining hall earlier, he couldn’t help but choose his words more carefully.

Normally, he would report everything to Lorenzo.

There was nothing wrong with telling Lorenzo the series of events; even with him learning such information, this elder brother of Luca’s wouldn’t let any of that information slip out of his mouth by accident afterward.

Even so, Luca couldn’t say it.

It was the command of the Purple Star-sama after all…

It was the first time Luca made such an excuse in his heart.

“Sophie-sama seemed to be confused at first by the fact she would be using ‘The King’s Sword’ as her base. She was filled with so much worry on the first day that she hardly remembered the people who introduced themselves during that time.”

There was no way Luca could honestly say that Sophie actually didn’t have any motivation to do it, so he instead tried to make it sound milder, which made Lorenzo stare at Luca.

Then Lorenzo replied,

“Well, it seems Sophie-sama already found out about you.”

The wise elder brother noticed immediately that Luca was deliberately being careful with his words in his report.

Lorenzo put his long finger on his mouth, and as Luca understood that his elder brother noticed faster than expected, he hurriedly proceeded to apologize.

“I’m terribly sorry for my incompetence! …Sophie-sama immediately noticed that I volunteered to be an escort at elder brother’s order.”

“Well, it is something that could be noticed immediately the moment you said your surname after all. So, did she tell you not to act like an informer?”

“No… It’s just, err…”

“What is it?”

“…She asked me to refrain from reporting any of her conduct that was unfitting for a young lady. She didn’t forbid me from reporting anything else.”

As Luca said that, Lorenzo squinted his eyes as if he didn’t understand what he was talking about then let out a small laugh.

“I don’t understand why the person who proposed such a plan still insists on acting like a young lady now…”

The atmosphere that resembled a hard jewel softened a little.

It had been a while since Luca last saw his brother’s laughing face. Lorenzo did show a thin smile quite often, but he hardly let out his laughter.

“So, what about the information that is unrelated to her conduct that is unfitting of a young lady?”

“Y-yes. Currently, Sophie-sama is planning to attend classes of the black star, gold star, silver star, and copper star for one day each in order to learn about ‘The King’s Sword.’ …However, people have a hard time accepting a woman as the purple star, so the atmosphere around the academy isn’t that good. Because it is I who escorted her today, there was even an incident where she got slandered from behind, only for the culprit to escape.”

Lorenzo’s earlier smile disappeared as if it was never there and he frowned.

“How did Sophie-sama react to that?”

“Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to be bothered about it at all. Rather than her enduring it, it was more like she really didn’t care about it… Even though she knew that I wouldn’t be able to serve well as a deterrent, she instead asked me to be her escort tomorrow as well.”

At those words, Lorenzo showed a smile of satisfaction.

“It seems she found you likable. If it was a normal young lady instead, they would prefer Gerald Forsius to be their escort.”

“It might be just my imagination, but… Sophie-sama seems to have the impression that the people of the black star are unfavorable.”

Far from being captivated by Gerald Forsius’ handsomeness or Keith Dudley, who had already earned one black star, Luca could sense that Sophie’s words felt a bit prickly when talking to them. Luca thought it was just his imagination, since Sophie was kind to everyone else, so Luca was quite curious about that.

“Perhaps she noticed it, that the people of the black star are the ones who couldn’t accept Sophie-sama the most.”


The slander of the man that escaped earlier resounded in Luca’s mind.

[“She merely seduced his highness, and she became a purple star?”]

Did the people of the black star truly look at Sophie that way?

Even though that girl was a person who was acknowledged by Lorenzo Forsell, the bearer of five silver stars?

Or perhaps those people thought even that evaluation was false information that was spread on purpose?

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