Refuse Harem

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Chapter 092 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ The Puzzlement of Luca Forsell III~

“The black stars have always been a group of people with high pride… Well, there was one exception though.”

Lorenzo murmured his soliloquy.

It was the first time Lorenzo had ever mentioned anything about his time in “The King’s Sword.” Although Luca was curious who the exception that his elder brother was talking about was, he was well aware that he wasn’t in a position to question his half-brother.

“Some trouble occurred with the gold star students, but it has been taken care of. Alan Aubin-sama came as a lecturer for today and he seems to find Sophie-sama very favorable.”

There shouldn’t be any gold star students who would dare to turn Alan Aubin, the Golden Lion, into their enemy.

“I see… Luca, please report to me what Alan-dono was talking about with Sophie-sama when he first came in contact with her.”

“Yes. Well… According to Alan Aubin-sama, Sophie-sama contributed greatly to the development of the city of Talis and she was famous among foreign merchants, but is that really true?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

Luca was passed several densely written documents. As Luca looked at the contents, he realized they were records about Sophie Linier.

It was mentioned that she gave wisdom to the merchant in the town of Talis and brought about better food culture compared to the royal capital. She was the one who first noticed “amane,” which became the main raw material for sugar, and succeeded in refining it. And by improving the varieties of agricultural products, the taste and yield of the harvests afterward improved dramatically. The sugar and spices she produced were traded at high prices to other nations.

But the thing that caught Luca’s attention the most was the depiction of her childhood.

It stated that Sophie Linier likely had come into contact with the first prince during her childhood and the two were quite friendly.

“Those people of the black star who didn’t understand her evaluation as a person are a bunch of fools. To think they quickly picked a fight with a woman who will possibly become the concubine of the first prince.”

“The concubine of the first prince…”

Reading the description from the document and having it explained directly by his elder brother held a completely different weight.

“What’s wrong?”


Luca didn’t understand why, but he felt a little heavy inside.

Even if Luca was entrusted to be the escort of the bearer of the purple star, the difference in their statuses was great to begin with. Even so, he felt a bit depressed for some reason.

[“You know, I like you.”]

Those were the words said by the girl, the bearer of the purple star, who had the same eye and hair color as Luca.

To be honest, Luca still didn’t understand the meaning of that phrase she suddenly said even now.

However, her eyes when she said that looked like they were staring at a comrade-in-arms, which made Luca feel hot inside his chest.

If that was her tactic, that meant Luca foolishly fell for her spell in an instant.

For Luca, Lorenzo Forsell was the only supreme person. That was how it was supposed to be. He became the meaning of Luca’s life.

Ever since Luca was taken into the Forsell family at the age of six, he had been devoting himself to swordsmanship. Just like most commoners, Luca was an illiterate person who couldn’t read or write back then. The thing that stood out from every other child like that was his talent in swordsmanship. Until the day Luca was recommended to enroll in “The King’s Sword” by his elder brother, Luca devoted himself to swordsmanship.

Lorenzo told him to enroll in the black star, but Luca couldn’t afford to choose that since he didn’t think he was worthy to represent Forsell’s family name in the black star. However, having a member of the Forsell family enroll in the copper star was also abnormal.

Luca couldn’t be an aristocrat, yet he also couldn’t be a commoner.

Neither could become his place to belong.

Regardless of where he went, all he could do was swing his sword.

That was why he desperately put all his effort into it, enduring the ordeal even as he had to clench his teeth and vomit blood. Losing his consciousness under the scorching sun was a daily occurrence.

Immediately after enrolling, Luca made his name known through his exceptional talent.

It was said that if he was only compared in swordsmanship, then his skill was enough to match that of Gerald Forsius.

But even with that, Luca still couldn’t find his place in the copper star faculty.

The stronger he became, the more something seemed to pull further away.

However, what he needed to do was to be recognized by his elder brother, not to find the place he could belong.

That’s why I only need to act as I always have…

As he always had…

Since Luca still lacked experience and education, he had no choice but to do as he was told.

Instead of trying to find out what the heavy feeling in his chest was, Luca chose to look straight at what he needed to do.

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1 year ago

i miss all the goddess in the queen’s rose :’)

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Nooooooooooo (T⌓T)

1 year ago

For Luca, Lorenzo Forsell was the only supreme person. That was how it was supposed to be. He became the meaning of Luca’s life.

He makes it sound like BL
Well this novel is kinda like a half BL, with the MC having memories of being a man

Thank you for the awesome translation!!

1 year ago

I kinda feel bad for him, his feelings will never be reciprocated. We’re gonna read more passages of guys like him in the future

1 year ago

No wonder they call witch

1 year ago

Luca, she really mean comrades in arm. Don’t fall into that hole!