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Chapter 093 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ The Contemplation of Lorenzo Forsell ~

As he listened to the sound of the door closing and the footsteps of Luca leaving, Lorenzo began to think.

There were many surprising points in Luca’s report. However,

“Alan-dono, huh… it is quite painful to be robbed of a head start.”

Lorenzo didn’t expect that an extremely busy personage like Alan would contact Sophie this early.

The connections of the gold star were wider and faster compared to other stars. Before Lorenzo learned the name of Sophie Linier, such a name was already famous among the group of people consisting of the bearers of four gold stars or more.

Although Lorenzo was the first person to greet Sophie Linier when she arrived at “The King’s Sword,” it was clear that the girl who he saw as a genius wasn’t in a good state back then.

Considering what she needed to face, it was an obvious reaction. It seemed Lorenzo was too naïve for procrastinating on speaking again with the girl. It made him wonder why he showed such naivety, even though he usually didn’t do so.

Moreover, according to what he heard today, Sophie’s personality was certainly quite bold.

Even though she looked timid on the first day, just a few days later, she became a girl who didn’t flinch at the black star’s malicious intent and didn’t seem to be afraid of the Golden Lion. The change was so extreme that Lorenzo couldn’t help but laugh as if he got fooled by her. Perhaps the reason she could adapt quickly was because she was the daughter of a merchant?

“The fact she also has the talent for a gold star is also problematic…”

It would be a problem for Lorenzo if she was taken over by the gold star.

Sophie’s proposal, which was likely unable to be understood by the people of the black star since they lacked the necessary knowledge, was unlike the empty theories proposed by most researchers and would greatly affect people’s life. Details like materials, chemicals, and locations used to build the facility were written there. It was also mentioned that things could still be improved, but the material was selected based on the understanding of the logistic situation in the Orlando Kingdom, which showed her talent as a gold star.

The people of the gold star had strong territorial consciousness and alertness beneath their gentle expressions.

However, unlike the people of the silver star, once a person was acknowledged as one of them, their companionship was also strong.

The inclusion of Sophie into the gold star was not welcome news to the silver star faculty.

The silver star faculty was severely lacking in membership to begin with. Having a talented candidate be taken away by the gold star was nothing but a problem for them.

If the girl who possessed talent as both a gold star and a silver star were acquired by one side, Alan would know the news before it happened, and it would affect the color that she would get.

Any bearer of five stars would understand if they read it. That genius of the current times would cause a rift if she ended up swayed by one side.

For Lorenzo, based on such consideration, the fact the first prince granted her the purple star was a wise decision.

When the first prince declared Sophie was to be granted the purple star, Lorenzo wasn’t particularly surprised. Even when this matter was consulted with the king, it was deemed appropriate and the matter was approved.

However, even if the girl herself was the bearer of the purple star, considering her father, Edgar Linier, was a bearer of the gold star, there was still a chance that she would be taken away by the gold star faculty.

Lorenzo did ask Luca to inform him if he saw Alan make any movements in “The King’s Sword,” but considering how busy Alan was, he presumed it would be rare for him to go to the academy to begin with.

In the meantime, he needed to learn more about the girl named Sophie.

Thanks to her, Lorenzo was able to look forward to their next meeting.

Lorenzo unknowingly smiled as he read the answers to the questions he asked her at their first meeting.


We’re returning to Sophie’s chapter next. (*´▽`*)

I seem to have developed a small habit that makes me write less per chapter, please forgive me for that. ( ;∀;)

There will be more named characters in this men’s hell, so I hope you still accompany me even if you are annoyed by that.

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