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Chapter 094 – Dear Tenma, It Seems I Have Underestimated “The King’s Sword”

No way. To think that…

—To think there is no other woman other than me and Sunny here!!

I searched for them while trying to make sure that Luca wouldn’t notice me, but there was no other woman here at all. There was a female teacher in the boys’ school in my past life, but there is no such thing in “The King’s Sword.” Can you believe that?!

There is no woman I can steal a glance at. I thought there would be at least one in the dining hall but there wasn’t, so I am in despair.

The only things there were the black stars who were monitoring me. They might have intended to escort me without being noticed, but their malicious gazes gave it away.

I couldn’t find the things I was looking for, while the things I didn’t wish to see were very clear to me instead.

Even so, the people of the black star should learn to hide their emotions better.

Their malicious eyes did make me feel uncomfortable, but knowing my very existence caused a greater discomfort to those men, it felt like I managed to get back at them, so my irritation reduced greatly.

Besides, when I compare them to Geragera’s expressionless face, the uncomfortable expressions from the students of the black star look cuter, so it made me feel more open-minded.

Aah, but I’m feeling a bit tired after meeting various people today.1

First of all, there was Luca Forsell, who looks similar to Nicole.

Luca looks very cute and is very polite as well. Even though he was allowed to use the surname of the marquis family, the fact that he doesn’t think of himself as an aristocrat because he is a son of a concubine looked adorable to me, and he was the first man that I found favorable in “The King’s Sword.”

If Geragera and Luca stood together, I am sure both Lana onee-sama and Lilina-sama would be pleased, but leaving Geragera aside, I find it pitiful for Luca to be sentenced to the punishment of being put “between the lines”, so I decided I’ll keep quiet about Luca’s existence to Lana onee-sama for a while.

On the other hand, if it was a boy like Lars Rydholm instead, I would mercilessly sentence him to be put “between the lines”.

As for why I would do such a merciless thing, it is because Lars Rydholm committed blasphemy about my chest!

Tenma, it was the first time in my life that it was pointed out directly to me that my chest is lacking.

Indeed, my chest is small. Rather than small, it is practically non-existent!

But it was the first time someone pointed that out to my face. You normally wouldn’t say that out loud, especially to this kind of lovely and innocent girl!

If it was my former self, I would end up furious, but because of what I learned in “The Queen’s Rose,” I didn’t get angry at all.

It was thanks to the goddess of fertility who advised me about it.

Aah, Lilina-sama, thank you very much!

Thanks to your existence, I have taken a step further to being an elegant lady!

Well then, regarding Lars, he spoke slander, thinking it would only be talked about within his group of friends, only to become pale-faced once he found out that I, the bearer of the purple star, was there and listening to it. If he was going to end up with such an expression, he shouldn’t have said such a thing to begin with, but I could understand his feelings.

He wanted to look sharp in front of his friends. Perhaps he wanted to produce unnecessary masculinity by saying such a thing. However, that kind of masculinity would only make him appear as an inferior man in the eyes of women. I wanted to tell him out loud.

You misunderstand! You mistake that as masculinity and will only be hated by women because of that! Well, something like that.

However, I am the young lady who bears the purple star. I shouldn’t speak roughly. That was why I just slightly reprimanded him a bit and passed him a book.

The title was “The Essential Condition to be a Popular Man!”

The first chapter is about the image of a man that women seek.

The second chapter is about things that make a man unpopular with women.

The third chapter is a collection of cases about how a popular man acted versus an unpopular man.

The fourth chapter is about learning the mystery of popular men.

The fifth chapter is about considering which person is happier, a popular or unpopular man.

By the way, there are twenty-five chapters.

It’s a masterpiece I wrote myself.

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1 year ago

Wtf is she writing?
Thanks for the awesome translation!

1 year ago

a book about how to be a popular man, written by an unpopular man (was) XD

1 year ago

I kinda want to read that book.
Thanks for the chapters!

1 year ago

Actually i maybe too late to say this but it is much more deeper than just a western fantasy if you would dig a bit deeper you can find that at best it is a struggle between spiritual love (i.e represented by tenma) and materlistic love(i.e christina and this world as a whole) or at worst clash between desire and duty as he mentioned that he wants to become nun which shows his great devotion for tenma but opposed to it is christina the manifestation of materalistic side who wants to keep her close to her
It will be interesting to see if the mc would choose his freind tenma or the world as its clear christina would not allow her to become num without fighting but the choice resides in the hands of mc what will he choose abandon the promise to god or devotion to his freind
And as always great chapter thanks!!

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1 year ago

That book probably become a Bible in the boy’s dorm

Mind break
Mind break
1 year ago

The last sentence makes me smile

1 year ago
Reply to  Mind break

Yeah me too, it make me surprise and smile

1 year ago

This chapter is just her narrative???