Refuse Harem

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Chapter 095 – Dear Tenma, It Seems I Have Underestimated “The King’s Sword” II

Actually, I had thought about submitting this masterpiece during the flower festival, but as I kept hesitating, I ended up submitting “Orlando Kingdom Sewerage Plan” and the masterpiece didn’t see the light of day.

The masterpiece was a compilation of knowledge that was comparable to “Orlando Kingdom Sewerage Plan” for me. It was a masterpiece that compiled everything that made a person a gentleman!

Eh, why did I write such a thing, you ask?

Well, “The Essential Condition to be a Popular Woman was something unnecessary to me.

In that case, if I compiled my research on what made a man popular based on what I remembered from my past life and my emotions as a woman in my present life, then wouldn’t it be possible for me to be popular with women!?

…Hm? Then shouldn’t I write “The Essential Condition to be a Woman Popular With Other Women” instead?

U~hn, which do you think would be the correct one, Tenma?

Ah, I should say this beforehand, but I don’t need any retort like “Are you an idiot?” coming from you. Since I still have my memories as a man inside of me, it is normal for me to prefer being surrounded by cute, flower-like women. I will spare no effort to achieve that! After all, women are cute!

Oh my, I somehow seem to have heard someone say that I sound disgusting, but I don’t think that is the case, so it must be just my imagination!

Tenma, I wish for you to read my masterpiece — though you’d likely just snort as you read it.

I wonder if Lars will tell me his impression after reading it?

It is the first time for that book to be read by others, so I want to hear his impressions on it — well, I have no idea if he will actually read it though.

Since Alan-sama kept making remarks that raised my evaluation, Lars’ face turned from pale white to ash color by the end of class. I wonder if that guy was really okay?

Aah, as for Alan Aubin-sama, he is an amazing person who earned five gold stars!

Just having the opportunity to meet Alan-sama made me feel that coming to “The King’s Sword” was worth it.

Because Alan-sama managed to revive the trading routes with the Rusha Kingdom, which had closed due to strained diplomatic relations before, I was able to grow “amane”. And because of that “amane,” I got to meet Creto, so I am very grateful to Alan-sama.

Alan-sama is a very kind, gentlemanly adult… but I feel the people who bear five stars are all quirky in some way.

And just like what I felt with Lorenzo-sama, it felt like he was trying to pry something out of me.

Of course, I could understand his wonder since there was no way a meek and weak young lady like me could possibly think of a sewerage plan if one normally thought about it.

For example, it might be possible they thought the plan wasn’t mine but someone else’s, but it was I who publicized it as an attempt to gain fame. I didn’t think it was strange if others saw me that way. That was why I thought he was trying to draw information from me with that suspicion, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

…Somehow, it felt like a boy who just got a new, interesting toy, and he began to wonder which button to push and what movement it would produce, and he was filled with excitement as he wondered how it worked. Such was what I felt when he looked at me.

To be honest, it makes me feel a little scared of my meeting with Lorenzo-sama in a few days…

However, I need to confront that no matter what.

Tenma, please keep supporting this cute and weak young lady!

The next day, after Sophie asked for Tenma’s support several times, she felt happy as she saw the smiling Luca in the hall.

To think I would feel this happy just by not being greeted by that expressionless man in the morning! I wonder if I can make Luca into my permanent escort instead!

For Sophie, who felt stressed just because Gerald escorted her for two days, Luca who appeared with his cute smile was an angel-like existence.

“Please take care of me for today as well, Luca.”


Looking at Luca, who gave an obedient reply, Sophie made sure to check that her cheeks didn’t become too loose and that she was still smiling like a lady.

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