Refuse Harem

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Chapter 100 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ Lars Rydholm’s Worship II ~

After the introduction, the girl was taken away by Lorenzo and left the room. At that time, the girl’s dress fluttered softly, leaving behind a flowery scent. When she completely disappeared from the room, Lars was finally relieved from the tension.

The person who was the leader of the copper star students was talking to the cute boy with him. “She is indeed a beautiful girl, but I guess as expected of an aristocratic young lady. She seems to be a quiet girl.” Such was the conversation that Lars happened to hear.

Seems to be quiet? …No, that was the expression of a woman hiding her true self.

Lars considered himself an ordinary person, but for some reason, he seemed to be able to glean a little about what kind of a person someone was by looking at their clothes.

For a woman to be able to wear such a beautiful dress without losing out to it meant said woman had a jewel-like gleam on her own.

Even if they were a raw gemstone, they would shine someday.

But Sophie Linier was not a raw gemstone. She was already a polished jewel.

I’m sure she is a precise and calculating person.

She chose a dress with a color that suited her skin all while taking into consideration the color of her hair and eyes. There was also a lot of lace and embroidery on her dress.

Moreover, that design didn’t come from the Rydholm family. Lars never saw such clothes elsewhere despite how particular its design was, which meant it was an original design. There were many aristocratic women who left choosing the clothes they would wear for the day to the stylist, but Lars felt the girl wasn’t one of them.

Lars didn’t know why, but the moment she came in, he felt something chilling coming from her.

Lars was often told by his father that “the first impression you get from a person is often their true nature, so make sure to never ignore it,” but Lars had no idea if what he experienced earlier was that since he was still not a full-fledged adult.

When Lars returned to the classroom with a depressed feeling, his friends gathered around Lars.

“How was the purple star-sama?!”

The first one to speak was Aaron, the eldest son of a count.

His father was in charge of the finances of the royal palace. He would also work at the royal palace upon graduation. Although Aaron’s house had a different pedigree than Lars’, who belonged to the house of a merchant, Aaron was still Lars’ best friend because he was a friendly boy.

When Aaron asked happily, Lars diverted his gaze to the side.



“Well… I feel like I was wrongly invited…”

His gloomy feelings could be felt in his words. Lars’ friends seemed to realize what happened with those words alone. It can’t be helped. We’re just upstarts, after all, such an atmosphere spread among them. 

When Sophie Linier visited the gold stars two days later, she understood what Lars was talking about. Everyone’s expressions were filled with resignation.

Gerald Forsius, the youngest graduate of the black star faculty, would be in charge of escorting the girl, while her escort for the day was Luca Forsell, the younger brother of Lorenzo Forsell. The silver stars would do their utmost to support the girl that Lorenzo approved of.

For her, who was protected by those with high status, pedigree, and abilities, she wouldn’t need any help from the gold star students, who were still living under the protection of their respective parents.

Perhaps that was the reason he ended up talking in that scornful way about that girl after lunch–to clear his frustration.

Everyone didn’t hesitate to join in since they often shared stories about women they didn’t like. He never thought the person who shouldn’t be slandered was actually present and heard their conversation. The expression of Lars and his friends turned pale.

Even Keith Dudley, the bearer of one black star, appeared, and while Lars still didn’t understand what was happening, a book was slammed in Lars’ face.

It was Lars’ first time being treated by a woman in that manner, though he was more confused than angry, and ended up missing the opportunity to apologize while doing so. 

“Sorry, Lars. It’s because we brought up such topics unnecessarily…”

Although Aaron wasn’t the one who brought up the topic of scolding women, he also felt guilty for participating and he had a similarly pale expression to Lars.

Lars felt the need to somehow apologize before school ended for the day, or else the responsibility would fall on the gold stars as a whole.

Although the purple star herself commanded them to forget about the incident, it didn’t mean they didn’t need to apologize.

As Lars resolved himself, the person who came to that day’s class was the living legend for the gold stars, Alan Aubin, the Golden Lion.

They were aware that Alan could be considered a teacher in “The King’s Sword,” but he rarely came, to the point that there was no guarantee he would teach even once a year.

As that said person began to speak about Sophie Linier’s business talent, the gold star students, who had only lived like students, were filled with astonishment.

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