Refuse Harem

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Chapter 103 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ Lars Rydholm’s Worship V ~

Lars involuntarily thought about his position from the perspective of a romance novel.

“The reason that Lars is unable to understand a woman’s heart is because you don’t see it through a different perspective. It should be easy for you if you replace it with another perspective. If you can’t be considerate of a woman’s feelings, what would you think if Margaret-sama’s fiancé happened to be a person like that, Lars?”

“No way…! There’s no way Margaret-sama would marry such a man!!”

As Lars replied with a rough voice, Sophie continued her words in understanding.

“From now on, consider every woman as Margaret-sama.”

“I-I see… I can understand well now.”

Once Lars saw it that way, he realized how rude he was. Although Lars never intended for his bad-talking to be heard by the person in question, since Lars rudely slandered even the purple star, it was proof that the discrimination toward women was ingrained within him. He once again regretted how stupid and shallow he was.

“Anyway, you have to show your agreement and sympathy when you talk with women. Even if you don’t understand what they are talking about, at least give them a smile of agreement. Also, don’t forget to praise them. You shouldn’t praise them randomly though. Instead, you should praise what they are not confident about.”

“However, I once praised my fiancée that she had beautiful yellow eyes, and she only gave a vague smile and didn’t seem to have a good impression.”

The woman Lars complimented was his first fiancée, whose engagement was decided in her childhood. They actually met for the first time when Lars was ten years old, and the woman was four years older than he was.

In addition to the age difference, his first fiancée was a woman who was more mature than his peers. Perhaps he looked like a child in her perspective because of that. She seemed to treat him like she didn’t understand why he was her fiancé.

“You shouldn’t think hard before saying so, but you have to say it smoothly instead. You shouldn’t have a mindset that all you have to do is praise her. Let’s see, you could just exchange glances with a woman and casually say, ‘When I see your eyes, it feels like I see a beautiful sun even on a rainy day, and it makes me happy,’ while smiling then return to the earlier conversation or something?”

“That’s impossible. I can’t say such a thing smoothly!”

As Lars complained about the things that were likely said by an expert person instead, Sophie crossed her arms and thought.

“If the other person is an adult woman, a compliment that came from a person she doesn’t like that much wouldn’t mean anything. There might be some magic that would make whatever words sounded cool for the uselessly handsome man, but those who are not so endowed have no choice but to do trial and error. Try to think of what to praise and consider it as practice.”

Even as Sophie’s words became more random, Lars listened seriously.

But what came after her quiet muttering was despair.

“So it’s all about the face after all…”

“Oh my, Lars doesn’t look that bad. As long as you mean what you say, I think women will happily accept it. You shouldn’t use popular men as a standard. It will only make you annoyed for nothing.”

“I’m happy to hear that. But if not for me being the eldest son of the Rydholm family, I doubt any woman would want to talk to me…”

“What are you talking about? That is how you are in reality, so you talking about ‘what-ifs’ is nothing but a waste of time. If you keep drawing such a line like that, you could never grow into a real man!”


As Lars’ feeling turned subservient again, strict words were thrown at him.

Lars had never been preached by a woman. For him who was spoiled by his mother, maids, and even tutors, he felt more of sweet euphoria than humiliation.

The neat and adorable girl said strict words that didn’t suit her appearance, which was more out of good faith than sarcasm.

For Lars, that was a fortune that was close to grace. As Lars unintentionally felt like praying with gratitude to god, Luca said with a confused tone,

“Uhm… I’m sorry to interrupt you when you are busy, but the class is about to begin. There’s quite a distance to the silver star classroom too.”

The location they were talking in was the gold star’s classroom.

The gold star students were astonished to see Sophie, who was remembered by Alan Aubin, the Golden Lion, whispering in the corner of the classroom with Lars, who caused a problem yesterday.

As Luca, who was standing behind Sophie all this time, said that, Sophie finally noticed, murmured, “Ah, so it’s already that time,” and proceeded to stand up as if she didn’t do anything weird whatsoever.

“Well then Lars, see you again at noon.”

After promising to spend lunch together, Sophie left the class gracefully, which then caused Lars to face questions from his classmates until the teacher came to the classroom.

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