Refuse Harem

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 104 – Dear Tenma, Look at Those Birds Flying Freely in the Sky

I also want to be a bird and fly freely in the sky, whose color is similar to Christina onee-sama’s eyes.

Well, the sky isn’t originally blue, it only looks that way due to the phenomenon known as light scattering, though. However, let’s leave aside the topic that lacked romance such as the fact it was produced by the sun’s rays hitting the molecules, dust, and water droplets in the air and bouncing off in various directions that created such a color.

I just wish to be a free bird and fly to Christina onee-sama’s side.

Aah, I wonder if Christina onee-sama is healthy?

Just because I couldn’t see that beautiful face, my little bird-like chest felt like it was being torn apart in despair.

Tenma, you should be able to understand my sincere love for Christina onee-sama, right?

…Even if I am aware that there’s no way Tenma would understand if the person in question was actually in front of me, it seems the Tenma in my mind has been gradually beautified, so I believe he would understand it. Yes, the Tenma in my mind is kinder, unlike the real Tenma!

Well, I ended up writing a letter to you in my notebook while pretending to listen to the silver star’s lesson because it is quite boring for me.

Luca, who is standing behind me, has an expression as if wondering what language I was writing my notes in, as he tilted his head, and with that, made me sure he couldn’t read what I wrote, so my actions turned bolder and I wrote what I liked.

It seems I am about to run out of patience in just a few days. It’s hard to imagine I am the same Sophie Linier, who was behaving like a proper lady in my days at “The Queen’s Rose.”

However, wouldn’t you think it couldn’t be helped?

After all, the moment I entered the silver star’s classroom, I was greeted by sarcasm, not from the students, but by the instructor there. It wasn’t like I arrived there particularly late anyway.

Even though I could tolerate him for looking at me, a woman who bears the purple star, who is also a student with less life experience than he has, with a gaze of contempt. For an adult, who ought to be able to hide those beneath his smile yet chose to blatantly say his sarcasm upfront, it was an attitude unfitting of a gentleman. For a teacher who ought to teach students to be gentlemanly to actually act that way, it made me feel pitiful of his students.

Actually, for some reason, he was looking at me as if looking at his enemy while saying, “This kind of question should be easy for the purple star-sama who is acknowledged by Lorenzo Forsell-dono, right?” several times now.

“Yes, of course, I understand it. It is just an elementary school level question after all!” was something I wished to shout in retort, but I still have some self-control remaining in me so I was still okay. Therefore, I explained it in an easy-to-understand manner to that instructor, gracefully, as a lady should.

But in my mind,

Don’t you underestimate the brain of an excellent university graduate who managed to earn a full scholarship during my whole history of education in my previous life, you shitty instructor!

Rather, your hostility against me is totally based on your envy for Lorenzo-sama, no matter how I hear it!”

Such was how I wished to shout with a rough voice, which totally sounded not adult-like.

I never met this instructor before, but I could tell that much. The way the silver star students looked at me with worry, and Luca, who had his eyebrows wrinkled behind me, something that was rare for him, were enough clues for me.

Tenma, I would say it just in case, but I definitely didn’t say this because his irritation was decently handsome, which made me envious and angry about that.

Even if I only had mediocre looks in my previous life, it didn’t mean I would feel envious of every person who was handsome. I hope you didn’t misunderstand that.

Indeed, I was just…

“Well then, I would like to ask this question to purple star-sama who was acknowledged by Lorenzo Forsell-dono.”

While Sophie was writing, Professor Vincent called her again. How many times has it happened so far?

“I think our nation has better sewage technology compared to other nations. After all, the sewage is connected to the sewers in the street through porcelain or brick sewage reservoirs. There is no other nation that has such a perfect facility like our nation has. Is there even anything needed to add to this?”

“Oh my… Perfect, you say?”

The girl, who had always smiled elegantly and gave an excellent answer to all the questions given to her, changed her tone at those words.

Her red plump lips twisted, and one could see dangerous light emitted from the depths of her eyes.

Sensing the change in the girl’s atmosphere as she stood, not only the quiet silver star students, but even Professor Vincent felt intimidated.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapters~

Me to Prof Vincent: “I think this might be planned out to test Sophie, but damn now that you ask her that…gg bro lemme grab my popcorn”

Btw I think Lars is my spirit animal now

1 year ago

You dare hit Sophie’s reverse scale? That topic is the whole reason she get dump in all-men school you know?