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Chapter 105 – Dear Tenma, Look at Those Birds Flying Freely in the Sky II

“‘Perfect’ is the word that means there are no shortcomings or deficiencies. Instructor Vincent, you should learn how to use the right words before you teach. Otherwise, these honest students of yours would take your words as truth.”


Vincent immediately tried to denounce Sophie’s ridicule, but she attacked using the following words from her mouth, at least according to Luca.1

“Certainly, our nation’s sewerage and sewage ditches are more facilitated compared to other nations. The sewage ditches also have covered culverts, and their sizes are large enough to take heavy rain into consideration. However, that is all they are capable of. After all, the sewage is drained into the river, and it couldn’t be considered treated at all. And you consider that as excellent sewage technology… How laughable. Moreover, that is only limited to the noble side of the city, while other regions don’t even get to enjoy such a facility in the current situation, how can you consider that as perfect?”

Sophie sneered and continued her words.

“Only by purifying the dirty sewage could we consider the water being treated at all. If unpurified sewage is drained into the river, said river would be polluted and the existing ecosystem would be destroyed. If humans kept drinking water from the polluted river, infectious diseases would spread in a blink of an eye. To think you can’t even understand that.”

When she sighed regretfully, she immediately said with an innocent smile of a girl again.

“Please excuse me. It seems there is nothing I can learn even if I stayed here.”

Not paying attention to the quiet classroom, Sophie curtsied while saying, “Sorry for the disturbance,” pulled the stunned Luca’s arm, and left the classroom.

Am I being too impatient? No, I just don’t feel any need to put up with it.

After all, it wasn’t like the situation would improve even if she endured.

The situation wouldn’t improve if she merely behaved gracefully like she did in the girls’ academy. Regardless of whether the other person was an instructor or not, if she didn’t completely extinguish the spark that fell, it would only set things on fire again.

That was the men’s society.

It was a world where one’s pedigree, stars, title, and results determined everything.

She was still a little girl who was granted a disproportionate amount of honor but hadn’t achieved anything yet. Therefore, she considered being looked down upon by others as something inevitable at the moment.

However, if she kept enduring and laughing all the sneers away all the time, she might become known as a person who could be looked down upon even after she achieved results. If that happened, the value of the “purple star” granted by Ferio would be damaged.

Alright! I will reduce all who tried to bully me to tears from now on!

Her conscience wouldn’t be hurt even if she said slightly harsh remarks toward the person who tried to pick a fight with her. It might be different if the other person was younger than she was, but there was no need to be reserved against those older than she was. Of course, her previous life’s age wasn’t added to her total age. 

A man who gave a piercing remark to this kind of elegant, ephemeral, and weak girl was nothing but a demon.

“Since they are demons, all I need to do is to subjugate them…”

Sophie’s small muttering probably sounded darker than Sophie thought, since it made Luca’s body tremble as he heard it.

However, Luca immediately returned to his senses and apologized.

“I’m terribly sorry, Sophie-sama!”

“What’s wrong, Luca? Why are you apologizing?”

“That’s… Instructor Vincent belonged to the same generation as my elder brother… and he has been hostile to my elder brother since way back, and I think that’s the reason he acted so rude toward Sophie-sama earlier.”

As Sophie expected, it seemed that Vincent’s hostility was directed toward Lorenzo instead of her.

Even if he acted like that, Vincent was a person who earned three silver stars. Such a person could be considered excellent enough, but it was still nothing compared to Lorenzo. No, it was more correct to say it wasn’t even comparable to begin with.

“What a small vessel of a man. Perhaps I should subject him with the punishment between the lines.”

“Between… the lines?”

Luca parroted the words as he had no idea how terrible a punishment that was.

I wonder who should be the partner in his between the lines. Perhaps Lorenzo-sama would be… but that would mean I’m punishing Lorenzo-sama as well. Between the lines… It is a hard thing to do.

Between the lines was a difficult formula for Sophie. Since it was too hard, she couldn’t help but wrinkle her eyebrows as she thought about it. As Luca saw that, he mistook Sophie for feeling very offended by Vincent instead.

“I will tell my elder brother and he’ll deal with it immediately!”

“There’s no need for that. Lorenzo-sama is a very busy person, so I would feel bad if he used his time for such matters. There is also the matter of needing to ask various things regarding the business the next time we meet too.”


“Rather than that, now that we have free time, how about we go to the library instead?”

Sophie decided to forget about the difficulty of between the lines stuff for a while and prioritize immediate enjoyment instead.

She heard that the library of “The King’s Sword” had a large collection of books, so she definitely wanted to go there. Gerald had shown her where it was when he guided her on the first day, but she hadn’t been inside yet.

Sophie’s eyes shone in expectation of how many books were in the library, and Luca gave a troubled smile as he agreed.

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