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Chapter 110 – Dear Tenma, Look at Those Birds Flying Freely in the Sky VII

Did that silver-haired handsome dude lock the door?

“Sophie-sama, so you’re over here!”

The man who seemed to be the youngest among the librarians ran toward them. Looking at his relieved expression when he saw Sophie, it seemed he also went around searching for Sophie.

According to them, despite the interior being designed in a way so people could easily be found, they couldn’t find Sophie, so everyone began to get worried and searched around. Apparently, Sophie had caused a lot of trouble.

“I’m sorry. The door was open, so I went inside the book storeroom. I also brought this book from there, so I’d like to return it.”

When Sophie took out the “God’s Mountain, God’s Tree” that she brought in her bag, the librarian received it with an expression of wonder.

“This is certainly a book from the book storeroom. But the book storeroom is supposed to be locked… was it open earlier?”

“Yes, and it seems the person inside locked the door now.”

“…The person inside, is it? There is no way to lock the door from inside though?”


When the librarian said so with a troubled expression, Sophie was confused.

She couldn’t help but stare at the door and grabbed at the handle again, but the door didn’t open after all.

“The key is managed by the director and it can only be opened using that key. The director has been away since morning because he is working in another building and never came here today. I also checked the door of the book storeroom yesterday and it was indeed locked.”

The librarian didn’t seem to be lying. As proof of that, he tilted his head in wonder many times.

…No way, was that person really a ghost after all?

Was he a ghost that had such a bad attitude and speech tone? Or maybe he was some sort of evil spirit?

But if he was actually a human, that would mean he was locked inside.

“…Is there really nobody inside?”

“I will go and borrow the key from the director.”

When Sophie muttered worriedly, the librarian moved immediately.

As they saw off the running librarian, who they had no chance to stop, Sophie talked to Luca.

“Luca, do you think ghosts exist?”

“I wonder? Whether it is a human or a ghost, it would be strange. Even my elder brother had told me that the book storeroom wouldn’t be open if the director wasn’t present back in his days as a student as well, so I’ve always thought the room would be locked.”

“I see…”

After waiting for a while, the librarian returned with the key. The door was opened and the three entered the room, but they couldn’t find anyone else in the book storeroom.

There was no figure of the silver-haired handsome dude even at the table where Sophie talked to him, only the light shining through the window.

Did I just see an illusion?

Can an illusion be that vivid?

Filled with doubts, Sophie left the library.

The book “God’s Mountain, God’s Tree” she brought from the book storeroom was not a book that was originally permitted to be borrowed by common students, but since it was the purple star who asked, she was permitted to do so.

However, every time Sophie looked at that book, it seemed she was always reminded of the silver-haired handsome dude that she couldn’t focus on reading it.

“A ghost… is it?”

When Sophie went and told Lars about the incident earlier when they met at the dining room, Lars’ expression went stiff as his mouth twitched. Apparently, he was bad with this kind of topic.

“Sophie-sama, could you tell me about how that person looked? Perhaps he’s not actually a ghost but a student here instead.”


Luca said so with an expression of a knight, but Sophie felt bad to have him do that much for her. Although Sophie was interested in the existence of the ghost, she wasn’t that interested in the silver-haired handsome dude that much.

“It’s not like he did anything to me, so forget it. Luca can also forget about it.”


“Rather than that, let’s go to eat. Different dishes have been prepared… by my maid. Lars is also permitted to eat it and tell me your impression about it.”

They sat on the chairs in the corner of the large dining room, and Sophie took out the lunch out of her basket. There was cake salé, meat-stuffed bell peppers, and a thick omelet.

Sophie made quite a lot to prevent Luca from being hindered from his growth so he wouldn’t be like Nicole, so there should be enough for Lars to eat as well.

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