Refuse Harem

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Chapter 113 – Dear Tenma, I Want to Vent My Stress

Tenma, I’m feeling stressed right now. 

Luca is a nice and gentle boy, Lars is also an honest boy despite the fact he called me flat-chested before, and I was also happy to know that he understood “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds” that I loved. 

He even wrote his impressions about my masterpiece The Essential Condition to be a Popular Man!”

But I’m still a pretty girl after all.

Staying in a male society for an extended period of time has filled me with stress.

What should I do if my hair begins to fall out because I got so stressed in this men’s hell?

Should I start developing a hair tonic?

Since Christina onee-sama praised my hair as beautiful, I definitely have to maintain this black hair no matter what.

In my previous life, I passed away before reaching the age where I would need to worry about hair loss, so I spent my days without learning anything about hair tonic, and I’ve begun to regret it now.

For the time being, I guess I should begin to look for a book depicting such a thing.

Hopefully, there is a book about hair loss in the library of “The King’s Sword.”

⸻Ah, I recalled something as I spoke about the library.

Tenma, do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

I saw a ghost today.

It was a ghost with a uselessly handsome face like an archangel.

It was a very rude man’s ghost with silver hair and beautiful amethyst-like eyes.

Sophie’s right hand holding the quill pen stopped there.

“Ghost… huh.”

Even though Sophie referred to that person as a ghost, she didn’t actually think that man was a ghost.

There was no way a ghost could feel that real. He was a living human.

Considering the length of his hair, he should either be a black star or a copper star, though…

But even as she rifled through her memories, she couldn’t recall seeing such a man among the black stars.

Although there was a possibility the man actually skipped class when Sophie came to visit the black stars like he did today, the number of black stars in the class matched the number of black star students Sophie learned beforehand. Not only the black stars, but the same could also be said for the gold stars and the silver stars.

That would leave the copper star as a remaining candidate, but…

“If he’s a copper star, perhaps I will meet him tomorrow?”

Even as Sophie muttered so, she doubted it would actually happen.

His bearing made it hard to imagine he belonged to the copper star. But it also didn’t match the black star. Sophie couldn’t see the man as a person who aimed to be a knight. The atmosphere he had was very unlike people who aimed to do so.

His silver hair, amethyst eyes, and handsome face oozed elegance and made it seem more like he was a man who was used to commanding others. He was a man that one would naturally consider to be a high-ranking aristocrat, but the length of his hair was no different than that of a commoner. However, it was hard to consider him to be a commoner. 

“It is my first time seeing such a rude person who wouldn’t introduce themselves in front of this beautiful lady.”

There was one who introduced himself with a fake name though.

As Sophie remembered Ferio, she suddenly noticed something.

“Silver hair and amethyst eyes…”

It was a rare combination, but there were two famous people within Orlando Kingdom who possessed them.

The first one was the queen of this nation. Sophie had heard that the queen had dazzling silver hair and amethyst-colored eyes that would charm people.

And the other person was the son of said queen—

“The second prince…?”

Sophie’s head was still muddled since she was thinking about Tenma earlier, but those two were people who immediately come to mind if one saw silver hair and amethyst eyes.

Sophie felt her spine go cold at the possibility the other party might actually be part of the royal family.

Ferio might be part of the royal family and the first successor to the throne, but since Sophie had known him since childhood, it was hard to feel afraid of Ferio, but the same couldn’t be said for the second prince.

“If he really is the second prince, I guess it’s normal for him to have access to the storeroom key, right…?”

However, was there any need for the second prince to go through all the trouble to actually visit the library of “The King’s Sword”?

Sophie had heard the royal palace had a larger collection of books. Sophie couldn’t sense any presence of an escort back in the book storeroom. There was no way the second prince could go to that place without any escort and without any librarian noticing him. Sophie also didn’t think those librarians were ordered to keep silent about the presence of the second prince who traveled without an escort, considering the librarian’s behavior.

“Besides, his hair is short.”

His short hair that didn’t even reach his shoulders was the standard hair length for commoners.

When Sophie met with the grown-up Ferio, his hair had grown all the way to his waist. At the same time, Sophie had heard the second prince’s hair was long and beautiful.

As for the hair of the man she met today, she didn’t get any weird feelings from him that would cause her to think he was covering his hair with a wig.

“That couldn’t be it… right?”

Because of that rude, imitation ghost of a man, Sophie had a hard time sleeping that night.

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