Refuse Harem

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Chapter 115 – Dear Tenma, I Want to Vent My Stress III

“If it goes by that logic, then the only people who don’t prepare their own meals would be trained in that aspect, and most of those people happen to be commoners.”

Aaron thought again about Sophie’s opinion.

“In the first place, do you need such logic for your daily meals? You should think of meals from the premise of the nutrition they bring and the bliss they give to people who eat them.”

“That’s certainly true. Exactly because of such a thought, Orlando Kingdom also put effort into importing goods from various nations, which made ingredients from those places available on the local market.”

In the olden days, people had thought that being an aristocrat and gentleman was about eating simple meals rather than luxurious ones, but that wasn’t the case in present days. Serving luxurious and tasty meals at the banquets they held was considered a form of prestige for the family.

“What you should think about isn’t the reason to maintain the status quo, but whether it is okay to maintain it to begin with. I think what a gold star needs the most is the desire and effort to keep seeking something better.”

“However, wouldn’t making objections toward things that the academy has to offer be considered criticism toward the royal government?”

One of the students raised the fact that they were at an academy managed by the royal government. Sophie nodded strongly to that student’s words.

“It would indeed be bad if the academy interpreted our opinion that way. However, try to recall the first sentence you learn as a gold star.”

Those who enrolled in the gold star faculty would take a special class first, and there was a sentence they would teach first. At the beginning of their textbook, such a sentence was written:

[“Excessive curiosity might destroy you. But should you do it without fear, the star will shine.”]

When Lars first heard it, he thought it was only words of sarcasm that were said by those with capabilities. He wondered why those words were mentioned by Sophie at this time.

“It meant, in case of an emergency, you could make use of that lesson as an excuse as much as you like!”

When the beautiful girl revealed a fearless smile as she said that, the gold star students felt their livers go cold.

No, that’s definitely not what it’s meant to be used for.

They wanted to make such a retort, but there wasn’t a strong enough person among them who could object to the purple star.

“In some cases, it is indeed important to pretend not to see, speak, or hear of what actually happened. However, the gold stars contributed the greatest amount of funding to this academy. Because of that, the academy should at least tolerate that much objection. As for people who will take the desire for improvement of daily meals to make them better and tastier as criticism…”

They seemed to hear “I’ll crush them” in a whisper, but it must have been just their imagination.

Every one of the gold star students decided to think that way as if they agreed to it beforehand. Indeed, there was no way the pretty girl in front of them would actually say such a terrible thing.

But that pretty girl’s words didn’t stop there.

“I am certainly a bearer of the purple star. It’s not like I paid a huge amount of money to buy stars or donate to the academy like some gold stars did. However, I do have a little brother. I’m sure my little brother will enroll as a gold star in ‘The King’s Sword.’ I intend to invest a lot of money in preparation for that time.”

The Linier family was a wealthy merchant family. Although they handled different businesses than Lars’ family, everyone could predict the considerable amount of money that would be paid to the academy when the son of that family enrolled there.

As they vaguely imagined the girl’s little brother would likely be a cute boy,

“There’s no way I will let my cute little brother eat such dishes!!”

The girl emotionally said this out of her personal goal.

Although Aaron leaked “Eeh~…” because he was at a loss for words to comment, both Lars and Luca who stood behind Sophie were convinced.

Aah, there’s no way her little brother who grew up eating the same dishes she brought could stomach the academy dishes, they thought.

“And so, let’s proceed with the discussion immediately!”

Toward the girl who revealed such a smile, the gold star students could do nothing but reply with tense expressions.

“Yesterday’s discussion was really exciting and fun. By the end of it, they began to discuss their opinions as well.”

Sophie nodded in satisfaction.

First of all, those with a family-run food service industry took the lead in discussing what the ratio that should be calculated from the operating expenses should be. The material cost was calculated from the meal contents actually provided at the dining hall, as well as the amount of labor and utility costs.

Along the way, they began to realize what they calculated wasn’t just an empty theory about the cost, so they decided to actually collect the data from the actual market and made the following meeting based on that, such was how yesterday’s discussion ended.

Just like how Sophie said it was a wonderful discussion, Lars was also felt it was a very satisfying time, but for Luca, the third party who happened to be present, all he saw was how Sophie made use of her talking skills to involve the gold star students and dragged them around, but Luca wasn’t courageous enough to actually say that.

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