Refuse Harem

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Chapter 126 – Dear Tenma, I Want to Vent My Stress XIV

In Sophie’s mind, the improvement of taste was completely prioritized over the dignity of her title.

It was difficult to do so during her time in “The Queen’s Rose,” but she should be able to contact Bart and others quickly now that she was in the royal capital. She thought it would be easy to interact due to the lack of time difference, but then she tilted her head.

Even so, I haven’t gotten any contact from their side at all. I wonder if Ferio explained things to Father properly? He said he would do the explanation so I waited without doing anything, but if he explained it badly, I will be the one who will suffer the anger from Bart, won’t I?

She would need Bart’s and the others’ help for the task she had to do, especially Eric’s.

Eric, who accompanied and researched things together with Sophie since his younger days, was acting more in accordance with Sophie’s thoughts more than anyone else.

She wanted to introduce Eric to Lorenzo, but the next meeting with Lorenzo would take place in a few days. It would be too late to contact Eric and bring him with her then.

Oh well. It is ladylike to act gracefully under any circumstances. I shouldn’t be panicked just because things didn’t go as I expected.

A dignified lady shouldn’t show a panicked expression.

Sophie moved her lips mesmerizingly and smiled at Lars, who frowned out of worry at her.

“Everyone of the gold star will help me, right? It should be okay since everyone is helping me. It will be taken care of before you know it.”

The girl casually talked about things that would otherwise be difficult. Since she said so, Lars felt his chest racing since he felt she would truly accomplish it.


Marcus burst out snickers as he couldn’t hold it down after looking at the two interactions. He tried to endure at first, but he ended up laughing loudly when he could no longer do so.

“What’s wrong, Marcus? Did you eat a weird mushroom?”

“You’re just too interesting…! Are you sure you are an aristocratic woman?”

Seeing Marcus laughing hard, Sophie puffed her cheeks as she said, “What a rude thing to say to a proper aristocratic young lady!”

People other than Lars, who was unconscious earlier, thought, “Would a normal young lady shoot down a bird using a bow and arrow, dismantle it, and cook a delicious meal out of it?” but they didn’t let it escape their mouths. Everyone was focused on eating their meals. They didn’t want their precious meals to be taken away because they said something that shouldn’t be said.

Even during that time, Marcus was still laughing while holding onto his stomach.

“Hah~ it’s been a while since I laughed this hard. Last time I did was when Luca beat down that fool a few years ago. Ah, it was really funny.”

Although his mouth was still smirking, the laughter eased while his eyes still had tears from laughing too much, then Marcus looked straight into Sophie’s eyes and opened his mouth.

“There aren’t many things that commoners like us could help you with, but if you need us, the copper star’s help, we’ll cooperate with you fully. —I give you my word.”

Even as he was laughing, his eyes were serious.

Moreover, Marcus even did the knight’s greetings, which made not only Sophie, but even Luca widen their eyes.

Most copper stars were commoners and didn’t have good feelings toward aristocrats. Regardless of if the aristocrat was a woman.

Even though Marcus said it with a light tone, he wasn’t a person who would make such a promise lightly. The fact that Marcus actually did the knight’s greetings was a show of his loyalty.

“You said it yourself, okay? I won’t let you take it back. There are tons of things you can help me with, and despite how I look, I can be pretty rough on working as a person.”

“No, that’s exactly how you look.”

“What do you mean by that?!”

Sophie’s voice became rough at Marcus’ blunt response. The moment she pouted in protest, Conrad thoughtlessly said from the side.

“Ojou! I’ll also help, so please let me eat delicious food again! I’ll make sure to call ojou a teacher with respect!”

“Teacher? What kind of teacher do you mean?”

Not only was Conrad’s tone light, unlike Marcus’, but there were also tons of things to retort with.

As Sophie was reminded of a dog, seeing how Conrad showed his teeth when he smiled, Conrad said, “By that, of course…”

“It’s the teacher of making mea…!”

Before Conrad finished his words, he was punched in the face by Sasha beside him and silenced.

Sophie kept insisting during the cooking that, “I didn’t cook at all. A lady wouldn’t cook after all,” so one would normally understand what she meant. Apparently, it was Sasha’s duty to stop Conrad from acting too casually most of the time.

It was a violent way to stop him, but it seemed that it was something that happened all the time within the copper star, and Marcus merely smiled as his shoulders shook.

The reason he didn’t laugh loudly was because he didn’t want Sophie to keep insisting that, “I didn’t cook, I do science.”

As Sophie was perplexed, the one who complained was surprisingly Lars.

“Wait a minute! I tell you, the entirety of the gold stars have already established ‘the club to worship Sophie Linier-sama as a goddess,” and decided to work to help Sophie-sama!”

Sophie’s eyes turned into dots at Lars’ declaration that seemed to point at Conrad.

When did such a thing get decided?

“Then we copper stars would establish ‘the society that respects Sophie Linier-jou as a teacher’!”

Conrad, who didn’t respond at all when his face got smacked, declared happily.

“Conrad, even though you are an idiot, it’s amazing you know difficult words like ‘respect’ and ‘teacher’, isn’t it?”

At Marcus’ question, Sophie wanted to say that that part wasn’t the thing he ought to question.

“Eh, it’s because Doni-san often says, ‘respect me as your teacher,’ doesn’t he?”

“…Ah, you’re right. Sorry, ojou-san. I kept forgetting it since it happens all the time, but we are a group of idiots here.”

Since they said it while laughing, Sophie thought it was just a joke so she responded perfunctorily to let it flow.

She never thought that both the gold stars and the copper stars were serious and truly made such groups—


That marks the end of the copper star’s arc. (*´ω`)

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