Refuse Harem

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Chapter 127 – Dear Tenma, All Was Due to Stress

I think that an environment with only men is stressful for a pretty girl after all.

No, it’s not like I hate everyone here.

It’s just, having to live in an environment with nothing but men, it makes me long for the sweet scent in the air. Even though I know it isn’t possible, I can’t help but wish for it regardless.

I recall how Christina onee-sama smiled gracefully like a rose as her dress and hair fluttered about from the mischievous wind as the sunlight shone upon them.

“Wind feels strong today.”

Her compassionate blue eyes narrowed as her red lips formed a beautiful arc.

Since I have witnessed such a beautiful world, I am having a hard time right now.

How to say it, it is that.

It feels like moving from a beautiful flower garden to a dense forest, I suppose?

Flowers and trees have different colors, shapes, and heights.

Unlike flowers, trees are large both horizontally and vertically, so it feels oppressive. Something like that?

What do you think of my analogy? Is it too vague for you?

Haah… At times like this, Lilina-sama would surely express her feelings eloquently. It seems I can’t express it in such a poetic and delicate manner yet.

I wish I could be like Lilina-sama, who could express her words that contained waves of subtle emotions while sounding both beautiful and ephemeral.

The fact the things she expressed were often about Leoleo and Nicole made me have a hard time following due to my lack of proficiency in regard to between the lines, though.

……Err, what were we talking about again?

Ah right, it’s about stress! That’s right, anyway, stress is somewhat piling up within me at the moment.

Even yesterday, I acted too freely to relieve my stress that my Tasuku self was slipping out.

Specifically, I sprinted on a horse, ran up a mountain, shot down a bird, and dismantled it. Yes, I made it into delicious yakitori. Of course, I didn’t forget to offer a prayer with utmost gratitude for receiving its life.

Simply said, those were actions that would disqualify me as a lady, right?

When I did something similar in the past, even Bart couldn’t help but take a step back.

No, even I understand that much, you know!

I knew it, but that freeing feeling of the mountain scenery made it so I just couldn’t help but do it…

Perhaps I was more exhausted than I expected?

Or perhaps because the atmosphere of the copper stars reminded me of Bart and the others that it made me too relaxed and act out like that?

……Well, nothing will change even if I regret things now, so it’s all good!

It’s not something that would be effective against Lorenzo-sama or Alan-sama, but the other parties are cute students, so I could just deceive them through excuses! If I counted my past life as well, the 39 years’ worth of experience isn’t there for nothing!

No good, I need to make sure that Luca won’t blab. As expected, it is a bad thing to be told on to Lorenzo-sama. It would be troublesome if I became known as a weird lady among the aristocratic society.

If that happens, it might reach Christina onee-sama and Lilina-sama. I have to stop that at all costs!! 

—Ah, that’s right, Tenma.

Don’t you think you appear too often in my dreams recently?

Even though you never appeared until now, you keep appearing as soon as I entered “The King’s Sword.” What the heck is that?

Moreover, all of them are the student version of you. To be honest, although I wish to see Suzuka nee-san’s appearance in her student uniform, I haven’t the slightest interest in your appearance in a blazer, especially as women around scream in delight when they see you. It pisses me off.

After writing that much, her hand stopped suddenly.

“That’s right. The dreams started to appear ever since I came to ‘The King’s Sword’.”

“The King’s Sword” was an academy.

Moreover, there was nothing but men, so it was a boys’ school, so to speak. 

Sophie also went to a boys’ school in her previous life. If she were to categorize it roughly, perhaps it was because the environment was similar to back then, so it reminded her of the school life of her previous life that she could never return to except in the form of the dreams she had.

Since she came to “The King’s Sword,” perhaps she acted unlike a lady because her memories of her previous life’s school life affected her and made her act like Tasuku instead.

Thinking so far, she folded her arms.

No, Tasuku wasn’t a person who acted like that.

If she had to say, he was an introverted man who wouldn’t talk to anyone but Tenma in the school and spent most of his time reading books.

Thanks to accompanying Suzuka, Tasuku got to learn aikido, judo, and other self-defense skills so his motor skills weren’t bad, but Tasuku definitely wasn’t a person who would actively take part in outdoor activities.

She tried to use her memories of her previous life as an excuse, but it seemed that it wasn’t possible.

“Previous life’s memory, huh…”

As she muttered, she started writing with the quill she had. The things she wrote on the white paper were the chronology of Nakamura Tasuku in her previous life.

“After I was abandoned by my mother in the mountains, I was brought to the orphanage soon after.”

She spoke with Tasuku’s tone without her knowing, but she didn’t notice that as she kept writing the chronology.

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